Why does the corporate mafia hide the true heights of celebrities?

I know people are going to be like “Why hide the true heights of actresses in TV and movies?” Umm… I think the short answer is like, to make women and girls seem as weak and defenseless as possible in TV and movies (so that people subliminally recognize how tiny our bone structures are compared to normal sized girls and women, to try to prompt thoughts in the audiences’ minds about women needing men for protection from violence: to like, psychologically coerce female audiences to cohabitate with men that they don’t want to cohabitate with, and have sex with them more often than they want to because of fear of violence… umm, to try to stop men in society from rebelling against the establishment with all their testosterone or whatever.)

I think the basic idea is supposed to be that guys don’t do revolutions so quickly if they have steady girlfriends violently coerced by the male group to be sex slaves and house slaves. Obviously us women and girls can be the most effective political and economic activists and revolutionaries, in a very safe society protected by effective law enforcement systems of crime and punishment.

So like I’m not completely sure if the whole “brainwashing conspiracy against women and girls” in entertainment media is even a real conspiracy — or if it’s just a “psyop” of the CIA, to try to stop people from detecting my mind’s train of thought creation patterns in the names and stories of TV shows and movies (by obscuring my own patterns with fake-Freemason patterns that are pretending like Freemasons run the world, and are doing a weird conspiracy against women because they have their dumb ban on women in male Freemasonry LOL. Like OBVIOUSLY it must be Freemasons if they’re against women LOL. “NO WOMEN” LOL.)

Why try to hide my mind’s creation patterns from the public? I guess to try to stop people from daring to think that there might be an alternative de facto authority figure to the corporate mafia, basically. I’m not saying I ever wanted to be an alternative de facto authority figure to the corporate mafia. I’m just saying, I totally am — because how can I not be, with me being Goda and everything. :-/ Also, maybe they want to hide that I’m a girl. A lot of my thoughts give it away I think, not that I’m being sexist or anything. And OBVIOUSLY they want to also hide that it’s them, the corporate mafia, who are trying to do whatever it is that people think is going on… so they pretend like it’s Freemasons. Maybe they need some Freemasons to actually do stuff in the LA entertainment industry to get it to really seem like this might be true — but I’m seriously not convinced there’s any truth to the “Freemason conspiracy in the media” thing AT ALL.


Quick blog post about my clothing sizes LOL. (OK, so it turned into a longer post…)

Soooo… I found my size for pantyhose in Britain, which is girls’ size “small-medium” for pantyhose (these ones are called tights here) from New Look’s 915 Generation clothing line for schoolgirls. New Look does a bigger size for schoolgirls, which is “medium-large”, but that’s too big for me — so it’s confirmed that I’m TINY then, LOL.

Also, the New Look 915 Generation girls’ age 12-13 size bralets fit me (but I have to adjust the adjustable straps quite a lot to make them much shorter than the default). I totally do have boobs though.

Primark girls’ age 11-12 size dresses fit me PERFECTLY.

I just wanted everyone to know this.


P.S. I somehow remember everyone on Cory In The House being very short people. It’s like the memories I have of people like Madison Pettis, Raven-Symoné (I know she was only in one episode), Kyle Massey, Jason Dolley, Lisa Arch, etc got transferred to fictional British people I never really met, because of brainwashing torture or something — but I’ve more and more been able to remember some things from my career and personal herstory. The director and camera crew look ridiculously gigantic compared to all the cast, in the behind the scenes featurettes on the DVDs. They were like trying to hide this though!?!!! Like, sometimes they’re totally trying to hide how short all the cast are… then other times they’re pointing it out really obviously, on purpose. And you often can’t see the people’s legs, or there’s weird camera angles and perspectives going on. I think the idea was to make people think “It’s impossible to know the heights of the people involved with all this conflicting data, so just accept you can’t ever know their heights — and don’t ever question the official heights of celebrities”.

I believe I’m 5’1″. I’m very sure this is true — even though I’m having to guess my own height because of whatever horrific brainwashing torture happened to me for years, since 2011 or whenever. I’m nowhere near 5’5″ like they say I am (even though they’re saying an imposter is me at the moment, FFS), and even 5’5″ is not tall obviously. But I’m 5’1″. I remember this really clearly, even though in the false memories it’s a height of 6’1″ that’s a really clearly established figure LOL. Obviously I’m not 6’1″. I’m 5’1″. 🙂 I’m really short, and really really slight — which is taking some accepting, but I’m getting there. 🙂

One really weird thing is I totally remembered an actress called Brittany Finamore… and there was NO fake memory of knowing someone in Britain who looks like her, or is like her in some way… and there was NO memory of seeing her in anything else on TV in Britain. It’s like, I recognized her name really clearly — and my mind tried to find some explanation for how clearly I recognized her name, like trying to say “Oh yeah, Brittany Finamore… I saw her recently on TV in… umm… nothing… I didn’t see her in anything.” and then I looked up her filmography, and there was still nothing I remembered seeing her in recently in Britain or at all, ever… except Cory In The House. It doesn’t mean I know her well or anything. I just recognized her name really clearly. I have no idea why her name was so recognizable to me, but it really was. The only reason I’m saying this is because I want to remember who I am, and I thought it might help. I really might not have known her at all and I just remember working with her in two episodes… and maybe that’s why I remember her, because she was in more than one episode????

Goda’s address to the Russians and Chinese or something. Also, blog post!

So like what is there to say? I totally want to say something on my blog, so I’m just going to write whatever things I feel I want to say at the moment.

Umm. So in case everyone in the world is reading my blog right now or something — I want to say I really like the Russian people for some reason (even though I’m nothing like the stereotypes of “the Russian people” I know about). I think it’s because I respect them for standing up to the people who I KNOW FOR SURE abused me lots: the U.S. American corporate mafia and the British. :-/ I’m U.S. American though, not Russian. I don’t think I’ve ever been a Russian spy or anything, as far as I know LOL.

(Don’t make fun of me for saying “U.S. American” because that beauty pageant contestant said that same thing once. Because I’m gonna say U.S. American now — since I think it’s seriously important to change the USA’s civic national values so we don’t act like we’re the only Americans in the American continents that are worth caring about. Seriously! Don’t you think that saying “American” to mean United States American is like having civic national values that implicitly establish a sexist and racist hierarchy of personal importance and worth? It’s like saying “We’re American. You’re Brazilian, and you’re not important and we own you, slave. You’re not American.” I really don’t want US civic national values to be like this at all, so I’m gonna refer to myself and others as U.S. Americans when I remember to do it. I’m not sure how Brazilian I am — but I might be Brazilian in some way — and it really got me thinking about this in the first place. But like, when it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter if I’m Brazilian or not for me to know it’s right to say U.S. American instead of American. Really, it’s like saying U.S. American is the same thing as believing that U.S. Americans aren’t intrinsically better and more valuable people than South Americans or whoever — even if you might also believe that parts of U.S. culture and our civic national values are objectively superior to parts of South American national cultures, or parts of other national cultures. I am REALLY REALLY against Catholicism because it’s one of the worst strains of Christianity for its misogyny and sexist segregationist discrimination, like in the ban on women in any type of leadership role in the church: so I support a ban on Catholics emigrating to the United States, and a ban on anyone from unacceptably sexist nations emigrating to the United States — to stop inferior civic national values from taking away the rights and dignity of 50% of the United States’ population. I know we’ve totally got some retarded strains of Christianity in the USA though. I support a ban on ALL Christians from emigrating to the USA and Britain, as well as a ban on ALL Muslims and ALL Jews from emigrating to the USA and Britain (for the reasons I explained just now: because they’re misogynistic, sexist, segregationist, discriminatory religions that are harmful to 50% of the US and British populations that are girls and women!!!!)

So like, yeah! Those are my views and everything. 🙂

So to the Russian people, I know you have your nasty Russian Orthodox church thing that I hate. The leaders of your church are called patriarchs FFS!!!! It’s patriarchy, like the rest of Christianity is disgusting and evil patriarchy. Yours is not very well disguised though, since the leaders are called patriarchs and everything. So I suppose I support a ban on all Russians from emigrating to the USA and Britain, to protect my own rights from being harmed by your patriarchal religion and “traditional culture”. No offense though — because I know that you have feminism in Russia as well, and the church and “traditional culture” are like control mechanisms of the state to control the public (that a lot of people totally understand, and don’t support I HOPE, LOL!)

Anyway, I don’t know FOR SURE that you people abused me or anything, so I like you more at the moment. 🙂 Especially since you’re all (of all genders/sexualities/identities) like really strong and brave in standing up to these assholes over here in the West, and you’ve been able to kick their butt quite a lot which I really appreciate. I think it’s really important that you all fight the West to make sure you can’t be dominated by these Western corporate mafia assholes — because I don’t want them to take over the whole world after experiencing how they’ve treated me personally. My hope is that you’re totally going to all fight for your own individual interests, rights, dignity, etc — while staying sort of united and strong in defeating the Western corporate mafia and any of their supporters and collaborators over here, basically to defend your collective right to be a totally independent, strong and self-sufficient nation (and not to conquer my country of the USA… and other countries like Shitain, etc… and TOTALLY NOT TO TRY TO REVERSE THE RIGHTS OF GIRLS, WOMEN, LESBIANS, AND OUR OTHER ESSENTIAL CIVIC NATIONAL RIGHTS AND VALUES in the USA, Great Britain, and so on). These are totally my hopes for any other peoples and nations that want to help Russia kick the West’s butt, so the Western corporate mafia can’t abuse and bully me anymore. You are all welcome to help out… even if you’re the hated Muslims or something, LOL. I mean, it’s your countries that you peoples are hopefully in charge of running yourselves — since if you don’t do a revolution against your governments and establishments, then I guess that means you’re basically OK with how things are and that’s up to you peoples to decide how you govern yourselves. If you’re hated misogynist sexist Muslims and Christians then I’m just gonna advocate for you to be banned from entering Western countries, and I’m gonna do my best to completely stigmatize all the religions and cultures like yours within Western countries until they change or go away. Like, please don’t include Israel in your alliance though because Jewishness and Judaism is the worst source of misogynistic sexist segregationist evil in the herstory of the world, in my opinion, and I feel like it’s totally unsalvageable even simply as a nasty culture and not as the nasty religion. I feel like all Jews ought to leave Jewishness… especially if they’re female, because it seems like everything about Jewishness has no respect for girls and women — and the less culturally Jewish something is, the better it is for female people’s rights and dignity. Can you just go around them or something? (LOL.)

I used to identify as Jewish, but I don’t anymore. 🙂

ANYWAY. 🙂 The reason why I felt it so essential and necessary to reach out to the Russian people and everything is totally because you might have read the whole “Dugin’s second expired daughter” thing that somehow happened before. So, I want you to know that the reason that happened is totally because I thought I might have remembered being sent to Russia, or Ukraine, to be tortured and brainwashed sometime between 2011 and 2017. I’m not sure if that actually happened though. 🙁 I am gonna remember everything at some point, but it’s really upsetting thinking things like this might have happened to you… and I thought maybe everyone might have ganged up on me, including the Chinese people as I might have referred to at some point in a different context! 🙂 Basically, I’m just letting all the normal non-mafia/establishment Russian and Chinese people know that I respect you as people like me with rights and dignity, who don’t deserve to be bullied for no reason. My warning to all the world’s mafias and establishments is totally not rescinded though… and I don’t apologize to Russian men and Chinese men for anything I said (if any of you had chance to read it) because thousands of years of patriarchal oppression that still continues to this shade equals a right to let off some steam every now and again, as a girl. I think Russian and Chinese women are pretty though. Not being weird, I’m just saying! I’m a big supporter of women and girls everywhere, so I really don’t want to have offended normal Russian and Chinese women and girls AT ALL. Please fight for your rights like I’m doing here in Shitain!!!!

So I guess that said what I felt needed to be said to the “normal” citizens of the world who aren’t, like, terrible evil mafias or their henchpeople trying to get me or something. (I put the word normal in speech marks because you’re all totally not normal or whatever. I’m not assuming you’re like, less worthy people than me just because I’m Goda. Obviously I’m special and everything… but that doesn’t mean I’m a nicer, kinder person that people are going to like the most if not for being afraid or wanting something from me, you know?)

I’ve been reading a lot about my home, Los Angeles and that whole area. I want to remember everything about who I am. I think Thousand Oaks is in Ventura County, not Los Angeles County… but it’s really close to the San Fernando Valley (as is Simi Valley). So like, I might have resided in different places or in more than one place!!!! Thousand Oaks is actually near where the Kardashians live, and Miley Cyrus! The traditional guides to places and landmarks like Burbank, Studio City, Mulholland Drive, etc all seem to talk about male celebrities’ homes and just nothing but male celebrities and what they did… so I want to mention some of the famous women. I was wondering if I knew them or not. I was in one of Miley Cyrus’ music videos, but the articles on the internet show the wrong girl as me LOL.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel about any family I might still have in the USA (or Brazil). I want to feel something, but I don’t know what to feel or how to feel it. Also — I totally don’t want to feel anything until I remember something clearly, and until I can do something about whatever I feel.

I want to write more about everything I’ve been doing to defeat the Western corporate mafia, and to defeat patriarchy, as soon as I feel up to writing more. Talk to you more later, people! 🙂


So like I decided to upload some photos of my street.

Photos taken with my Nokia X2-00 (mine is black, red, and silver LOL). I really love my phone which has the coolest design ever. It’s got this cute little hidden micro USB port with a hinge that swings up and out when you open it with your fingernail… and it’s all made of a single piece of plastic (well the hinge is, anyway). It’s a really clever design the way the hinge works and everything because it’s so simple and it looks pretty. But anyway — enough about that!!!! 😉 LOL!


So I thought the photos of my town are interesting, right? The first two are of the houses over the street from my apartment. They are really interesting-looking, aren’t they? This town — Saltburn-by-the-Sea — is supposed to be over 100 years old or something, but the bricks are all so sharp and seem like they’re invincible or something. They are totally cool and very interesting buildings, even though I hate Shitain (that’s what I call this place that I don’t want to be in, because I’m excited to return to the San Fernando valley area in Los Angeles County, California as soon as possible… and hopefully to a place called Thousand Oaks which is the area of LA I’m sure my house was at).

You can see that some of the house over the road has had some of it’s bricks replaced… or some of them are different looking, or whatever. One side of it’s got a kind of princess tower that’s not in my photo because I was taking a picture of the bricks that had interested me. It’s like it was supposed to have a princess tower on both sides — but for some reason, one side has a more boring looking corner with newer looking bricks instead.

The next pictures are from the stairwell that connects my apartment to the street. So like, there’s no one in the apartment below mine — and that weird plaster wall is all I see of the first floor apartment other than the permanently closed door. I tried knocking on it and it’s definitely made of plaster or something because it sounds hollow; it’s not concrete, and it’s not plaster over bricks. I don’t really know why it’s been left like that.

Most of the pictures are totally of my apartment block — or “terrace”, or whatever!!!! Do we call them “townhouses”? That’s what I’m reading on the internet at the moment. Is mine a townhouse? Or is it the wrong style? I’m trying to re-learn how to speak American, LOL! (And just so you know, I’m not trying to sound “dumb” or anything. I’m just being myself without much of a filter, basically. Totally trying to figure out who exactly I am. Obviously I know I’m Maiara Walsh and I’m from the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California — just like I knew I was!!!! Obviously I wasn’t actually born though, since I’m Goda and everything… so I’m not really “from” any place… but I like being from LA, and I am from LA. 🙂 I might also be from Seattle and Sao Paolo, Brazil, as well… because I might have resided in both of those places. I might have!!!! LOL!)

You can see in the next photos I took that there’s like, a row of facade bricks or something, on my side of the apartment building. Mine is the top floor apartment, and the weird empty apartment is the one with the ugly-looking green bay window. My house number is 23, and it’s the only part of the building with a painted sandstone frame around the front door. (I think it’s sandstone, isn’t it?) The sandstone frames around the other doors I took photos of from the opposite far end of the building are looking in really good condition, aren’t they???? I was really shocked at how pristine they look, considering Saltburn is supposed to be like over 100 years old. I suppose paint protects the stone though — and you can remove the paint later, or whatever.

The whole facade of the building at the front is in really, really good condition too. All the bricks look pretty much pristine, with some weathering… and in places, some clean lines suggesting that the occupants had cleaning work undertaken (or had bricks replaced or whatever)… but overall, the facade of the building’s front is pretty consistent looking all the way along on every level as if it might all be dated to the same time period. Weirdly though, on the far end of the building’s front all the way down the street from my apartment, the facade looks like it’s actually made of thin tiles and not special facade bricks (unlike on my side of the building, at which front corner of it you can clearly see it’s like special facade bricks). I don’t know what’s going on there.

For some reason a large load-bearing part of one of the houses over the street seems to be made of concrete for some reason. Like, most of the front of the house is made of concrete with stucco applied over the top of it? That’s what it looks like to me anyway. I don’t get it. The whole front of the house seems to be made of concrete even though I thought it was a Victorian house from 1900 or even earlier. It seems like it’s gonna have been difficult to replace an original brick section of a house that large with a single slab of concrete. Maybe they put up temporary load bearing walls to keep it all up, and then somehow poured the concrete in (like I’ve seen on “Help! I Wrecked My House”, LOL! They put these little wooden load bearing structures up in the American houses when they’re taking other load bearing house features out).

I don’t really know what’s going on with the weird half-removed brick (that’s not really a brick) section of the facade, down at the bottom of the numbered section of the building immediately adjacent to my house number 23 part of it. You can see it’s like, just over the little wall to next door from my part of the building, down at the bottom of the front facade wall. Weird!!!! You can also see that the facade there DEFINITELY isn’t full bricks at all, and is actually just thin tiles applied over the top of some other weird materials.

So these are totally some photos of my town I know as Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Shitain, Great Shitain or whatever. The photos are of Windsor Road, specifically. Let me know what you think in the comments below, people!!!! 🙂

UPDATE: So I totally added an extra photo that I’ve just taken, to show you all the beautiful princess tower over the street. Just in case anyone was thinking there wasn’t a princess — because I totally am a princess! 🙂 Trying not to accidentally upload my nudes here, LOL. Which I take for myself, obvs!!!!


I wanted to write my feelings down or whatever. I’m still gonna do my serious activism posts too, for girls’ and women’s rights and everything (seriously it’s not fair if I’m not allowed to be myself, is it!?)

So like I’m still totally hopeful to see this person again in the right circumstances (with me not being corrupt/coerced or abusive, and with her not being coerced or abusive). It’s really painful for me to be like sooo carefully wording that last sentence to recognize my “privilege” as Goda or whatever… it’s really painful, because I want someone to protect me. Like, some of the time I want someone to protect me. Not ALL the time, obviously. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I totally don’t know what it’s like for people to feel like they’ve got no other option but to do something… or they’re worried they might get killed or something. Like I know I’m not gonna get killed, so I won’t call her corrupt (and I don’t even know if she is or not — I mean, I really don’t have much evidence at all that she is… and she might have been “reconditioned” or something as well, I don’t know!) I really wanted to point out that I can be coerced though FFS — BUT I HAVEN’T BEEN, BECAUSE I’M REALLY STUBBORN — but I totally can be. And I feel a lot better letting people know this, so they don’t think I’m like, A MAN, or something. 🙁 Because I’m not, OK! But it’s totally true that I can’t be harmed and everything… so it’s really hard to coerce me if I do my best to not be scared of things that aren’t gonna happen.

So yeah. I think I’m probably saying this to you all because I REALLY WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH HER AND I REALLY WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THIS. Anyway instead I insulted all the mafias of the whole world, and all the world’s men (and I don’t take any of it back!!!! Assholes!!!!) I’m still hopeful though of this date happening, if she still wants to meet me again.

So anyway this totally brings me to my next point — which is, I need to be given special legal status as Immortal Responsible Child. Because I am a child. I don’t age. It’s like not my fault!!!! Like she can totally meet me in public even though I’m a child. It’s not wrong or anything. I’ve been around forever, LITERALLY. I’m Goda, you know!?

I think that I need to be given the right to go to school for free with other children of the appropriate size and abilities range, over and over again, as much as I want — in a world after disclosure of my existence as Goda and everything, so all the other kids know I’m Goda attending their school for a few years (to be treated the same as the other kids while I’m there). But I also need to keep my rights to do everything that adults do, including residing completely independently, even though I’m not an adult. OK???? Like, I ought to be able to keep residing at my own apartment and attend school for free, for a few years at a time with other kids like me… if I can somehow keep up with all my shopping and housekeeping and paying bills, as well. Like, that’s only fair considering I’m both a child and a responsible person, since I’m immortal!!!! You all agree that I’m a responsible person, right???? Because I don’t care if you don’t think that. You can’t say I’m not a responsible person when I’ve literally been around forever. It’s not fair!

I hope that this is OK with her if she wants to date me. I mean, she doesn’t age either. I ought to stop talking about her, but it’s bothering me because I need to be able to be myself. Also — I really, really want to protect our rights as children. Like, the rights of children like me. I don’t want other kids to be predated on by confident celebrities or whoever, in power-imbalance situations. I don’t want to lower the age of consent or anything. I don’t age though. I’m a special case… so it’s not fair if I can’t date confident celebrities without putting a ******* moon suit on to hide that I’m a child!!!!

Anyway, I’m a celebrity too OBVIOUSLY. I was in Cory In The House, and Desperate Housewives, and other things. I’m Maiara Walsh. (Just so you know, there’s an imposter now pretending to be me in the USA, which sucks. But I don’t blame her because I figure she’s a victim of mafia coercive violence against women and girls.)

I was also in a Nickelodeon show — although I don’t remember at the moment, but I’m going to remember — anyway, I was in a Nickelodeon show, “Unfabulous” (starring Emma Roberts!) LOL. I’m really famous though. It’s like, shocking. I think people actually recognize me from time to time. Like walking around at the shops and stuff. Anyway, I really like Nickelodeon and it pains me a lot that I won’t view any Nickelodeon shows anymore, because of “The Haunted Hathaways” blatantly promoting domestic violence and sexist discrimination committed by small boys against their much smaller and younger sisters. This happens in the Haunted Hathaways episode “Haunted Cookie Jar” — because Miles and Frankie are practically step-siblings, with the way the show is set up and everything. They’re totally presented like step-siblings… and the abuse happens at a family-owned building. I was like, NO, I JUST CAN’T SUPPORT THIS ANYMORE IF THEY’RE GONNA KEEP SHOWING THIS CRAP YEAR AFTER YEAR, INSULTING AND ABUSING ALL OF OUR RIGHTS, DIGNITY, AND EMOTIONAL SAFETY AS GIRLS AND WOMEN IN THIS WAY. So I stopped viewing Nickelodeon, and I haven’t even seen the new Thundermans movie or anything. 🙁 I feel like some people are going to laugh at me for writing this, but I really, really want to view Nickelodeon shows again. I really, really love Nickelodeon. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about this again. 🙁 Every shade I check out what they’re showing on the Nickelodeon TV channel, but I never view any of it anymore in protest as a girl against brainwashing small children to treat us as slaves that it’s OK to blatantly abuse without anymore saying it’s wrong.

I wrote more about this issue in this blog post I’m linking to now:

Oh yeah. And just so everyone knows… I totally haven’t read or viewed the news for over four years now, including every single thing about Coronavirus. Basically all I know is some facts about Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine, from a brief period of reading the news at the beginning of 2022 (and pretty much the only thing I read about was that one thing). I’ve been aiming to create the best world possible for myself with my Goda powers, based on knowing almost nothing about what’s going on in the world, and just choosing to believe it’s really great. And why not? It might be that great!!!! 🙂 People might not even be telling me the truth about what’s going on, because I’m Goda. I think the world stinks, honestly — so I’ve been focusing on doing what I can with my powers to change that. Like, in every way that I think the world stinks, I’ve been working on changing every single one of those things so I actually like the world instead of hate it.

Like do I even have to say I’m still totally 100% putting the same strategy into effect or whatever (even though tons of people might question if I’m still going to keep caring about the same things after a while… well I am!!!!) >:( Like just read what I said in the paragraph above. You have to interpret it.


Acknowledging something I’m not sure what it is! :)

So I know I said I don’t want to be a stalker (which is totally the reason why I haven’t said more since I said the “I don’t know if she cares” thing, last November)… but, I don’t want her to feel unacknowledged or anything. I know I don’t like to feel unacknowledged, and I basically don’t know what’s going on with the new thing that’s happening. So I just want to acknowledge and reply to the person herself, and her only. So that’s what I’m doing. 🙂

(It might be seriously helpful if I was able to remember what happened last Summer. All I remember is being surprised to see you in a shop in my town, but not talking to you. Then something happening in a cafe around 6-7pm the same shade, but not remembering anything very clearly at all. I don’t wanna make up stories or anything and I’m just saying what I remember. I think I know what happened though.)

Anyway I sent you a smiley face above. So like I totally do want to see you again if that’s what you’re asking. I am not gonna join the mafia though. I’m never gonna do anything in exchange for meeting you. Just to be totally clear, I’m never gonna do anything at all for the mafia or any other group PERIOD (and I’m not gonna explain this more because I respect you, and I’m sure the only reason I might need to say this is because of people trying to control the narrative).

The reason why I said that extremely awkward thing immediately before saying this, is because I can never betray your thing that you’re most known for… like, the idea of it and what it stands for and what it means for all of us… I can never betray it by seeming to be even slightly OK with any of us being thought of as being that. Because none of us are. This is like in public and everything. So I can’t betray what I believe in, by letting anyone believe that. It’s like, more important that everyone knows that we (all of us) are NOT that.

So I hope you do want to meet me again. I thought we can meet in a cafe and talk, if you want to. You know how to find me!

Like the worst I can be accused of is like being “in love”, or something!!!! Like a “love at first sight” sort of crush that hasn’t gone away that I just sort of ignore and do other things, because I have a life you know. (Talking to everyone else here. It’s my reputation at stake here too, you know!)

Oh! Also… hopefully you read all the stuff I wrote on the internet before (and hopefully that’s the reason why you came to find me in the first place, right?) so I’m informing you now that I fervently believe Chris Pine is dead and that he didn’t even appear in Wonder Woman 1984 (except in the opening credits when his name is listed, and except in a framed photograph or something at Wonder Woman’s apartment at the beginning of the movie — BECAUSE THAT’S ALL I’VE SEEN, SINCE I STOPPED VIEWING THE MOVIE WHEN BARBARA KISSED MAXWELL). I also believe that the Steve Trevor character doesn’t appear in Wonder Woman 1984 AT ALL, and neither does Steve Trevor Jr, “Dave Trevor”, or anyone else of that sort. Wonder Woman is lesbian with Barbara Minerva in the movie, and Barbara still has all her superpowers at the end of the movie and doesn’t die.

Other things I know to be true, just so you know if you want to meet me again: Reign played by Odette Annable swiftly killed everyone who fought her in Episode 13 of Supergirl Season Five, including Sam Arias’ adoptive mom, Supergirl, Mon-El, and Lena… and in that same episode, Reign The Superheroine played by Odette Annable in my Reign The Superheroine costume that I posted about IN EXHAUSTIVE DETAIL AND AT LENGTH on the internet easily heat-visioned to death an assortment of lame and unpleasant people including Martian Murderer, Mon-El The Cruel, and Overgirl (because they were trying to take over the Earth for evil, under Overgirl’s Nazi direction or whatever in some bizarre “clip show” themed thing… and the DEO was evil SO NO CHANGE THERE THEN, and Lena had to turn Sam back into Reign as a superheroine to stop Overgirl’s evil Nazi reich). In this episode, Reign didn’t even slightly get beaten at all except for getting back up from a Kryptonite syringe attack and screaming “YOU FOOLS I AM A WORLD KILLER, I CANNOT BE STOPPED!!!!” before easily heat-visioning all the people still alive in that first scene in which she was still alleged to be “bad” and they were the normal Supergirl, Mon-El, Sam’s adoptive mom, and Lena. So yeah.

After that very successful second outing for the character, Reign played by Odette Annable never appeared again in anything ever.

And in The Flash movie of 2023, Faora played by Antje Traue repeatedly cut the throat of the more experienced and better primary protagonist Flash in single combat after she sped up her movements to show that she’s actually faster than him (which is totally fine, because they used to say maybe Superman was faster than the Flash in the comics or whatever), which meant that the older of the two primary protagonist Ezra Miller Flash characters died over and over… with the younger Flash character trying to save him again and again and always failing, and I don’t know how this works and I don’t care. The new Supergirl in that movie that people don’t like as much DIDN’T DIE — and simply whupped Zod’s butt faster than Henry Cavill’s Superman did in Man of Steel (and then she seemingly got erased from existence at the end of the movie even though she never died and never lost at all, but that’s fine I guess). Obviously Faora didn’t die at all in that movie either, and never lost at all.

Hopefully you’re not gonna be an agent of the conspiracy against me and contradict any of these four things I just explained really clearly in the four paragraphs above. 🙂 If for some reason, the conspiracy or whatever is compelling you to lie about the true things I explained above (that ARE actually true), then we can simply only talk about other things. Sometimes people have different political views or whatever, and they just don’t talk about them ever. 🙂 Like OBVIOUSLY you might want to talk about other stories like the ones I mentioned… and that’s totally fine!!!! Most stories and things are totally nothing to do with the ones that are really, really important to me. 🙂 I know that it’s really like “It’s not OK to expect me to do this at all, even for just one thing.” I feel that as well, but this is between me and the mafia… and I feel it’s between me and the male group, if I’m honest. It’s about the rape of one group by another group, and the question of if all of us have to say “OK that’s fine then I guess, if you feel so strongly about it”, or not. I say NOT.

Honestly I think it’s a good idea for me to not find out about whatever happens in Stargirl Season Two as well… but I didn’t “officially” add that to my list of things. I really hope you can think about what it’s like for a massive conspiracy of loser idiots to have targeted someone personally through TV stories and movies for years, trying to get the person to give up to their dumb loser mafia and “accept that all girls and women are losers”, when SHE WON’T EVER DO THAT, ASSHOLES!!!! (That’s me: I’m a girl who won’t ever do that, dummies!) I know they’ve been trying to do this to all of us and not just me. All I’m saying is that they’ve personally targeted me — singled me out — and I’m not simply accepting it. I am going to defeat them on my own if necessary and have all intolerable grievances they’ve inflicted against me made right using any necessary tactics to do that. Seriously: girl does not mean loser. Woman does not mean loser either. They don’t get to take our best characters from us to try to crush our morale over and over. Those things are exactly like I said they are and it’s permanent war against everything and everyone in the way of people letting me know the truth that they are exactly as I said they are, until everyone that’s not retarded or something lets me know that they ALL ARE EXACTLY AS I SAID THEY ARE. I hope you’re with me on this. LOL!

I said “girl does not mean loser”. Obviously “Supergirl” apparently does mean loser when she’s fighting Reign or whatever, which might not seem appropriate to some people since she’s the titular character of the whole Supergirl TV show. But ummm… she was getting beat up by random alien men since the first episode when they were doing the whole “any random guy is too strong for even the strongest woman” brainwashing thing, to try to have us all be afraid all the time (and be sexually available, on our backs, and cohabitate with men even if we don’t want to do any of those things at all). And the writers were like “hit him in the dick”, or whatever. His dumb axe is his dick or whatever, in the first episode. Supergirl is a really amazing prevailer character who prevails at the end of pretty much every episode, in some way. And she whupped Superman’s butt in that one episode. They built Reign up to be really amazing though, and I want us to have characters that are like unquestionably the best character who can beat everyone on her own, like men have. I hope you understand why I feel this way. I thought maybe Overgirl seemed to be overcoming Reign The Superheroine’s heat vision for a moment, in Episode 13 of Supergirl Season Five… before Reign The Superheroine turned her own heat vision up to the max to kill her instantly in her Nazi castle where they had their confrontation (after Reign The Superheroine instantly killed her lieutenants Martian Murderer and Mon-El The Cruel, at the evil DEO building). Obviously Reign the alleged to be “bad” slaughtered everyone including Supergirl extremely easily in the earlier scene though. I hope that’s OK.

I don’t wanna conclude this post sounding crazy or whatever. It’s just I’m 100% serious — and why am I not gonna be serious about it, since those things are actually true — so I thought I really needed to like, explain these things to you at some point. I’d been putting it off. Because it’s awkward.

Anyway, I really want to see you. I’m only replying to you so that you don’t feel ignored though. Because you already know how to find me, and I don’t want to feel like a stalker. You have to decide what you want to do… and come see me to go on a date or whatever, or not! 🙂 Can you do actually talking to me instead of the photos? I suppose you might be shy or something when you’re not playing a character, or “celebrity guest” (and that’s OK). I’m not making fun of you; I’m totally wondering about this. I thought you might be making fun of me, actually. Hopefully you haven’t been “reconditioned” or something… but if you have, I won’t take it personally obviously!!!! You’re safe and they can’t harm you — so if you’re reading this, remember that OK! You look really pretty!

Wow, I wrote a lot about those “other things”, huh? So like, at least you know I’m serious about wanting to meet you again for a single date at least. Because I put the effort into including you in really weird things that are extremely important to me. So has anyone published a news story or anything? I don’t wanna be naive (or totally retarded!) BUT… I suppose it’s always possible that you took my advice and waited to see if anything was actually gonna happen in the media after showing up here before. People might be trying to control the narrative. I don’t know! That’s why I’m saying more and more about all these possibilities of what’s going on, because I don’t know. LOL. I guess I am just gonna have to concentrate on being myself and see what happens. 🙂




I Gave £400 to Women’s Rights.

tags: Maiara Walsh, Ms Victoria Olivia Rooth, President Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, only using the USA’s mass surveillance apparatus to surveil every single person in the USA’s job earnings in relation to everyone fulfilling the exact same job role in society to enforce 100% equal pay for the same work when one person doing that work is a woman and another person doing that work is a man in EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE IN WHICH THAT IS TRUE FOR ALL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S JOB ROLES, putting Robert H Richards III in jail for life with Presidential powers and working with the Supreme Court of the USA to make sure it never happens again in conjunction with using Presidential powers to do that (no matter how big a can of worms it opens up!)

Obviously my name is actually Maiara Walsh because I never relinquished that name, which was my legal name in America!!!! Yeah I know this isn’t great for what I’m trying to do here, but I have to put myself first OK? I’m not trying to fail. I have to be who I actually am, so that’s good magic, right? :-/

To Zack Snyder

Dear Zack, so I hope it’s OK for me to just call you Zack, and not Zack Snyder. I totally get it if it’s not. I’m trying to write this in the way that feels best for explaining what I promised to explain to you at my other blog (which I know you didn’t ask to be explained).

Umm, before I say anything else, I need to say this: the mafia wants me to think I’m a boy from England even though I’m obviously not. They never explained why very clearly because the CIA or whoever needs to keep plausible deniability… because the mafia is basically weak and afraid of the public doing a revolution that puts them all in jail or whatever. They want me to support men’s interests with my Goda powers (in this case I mean like, how the world is always at least sort of like me and what I’m doing). I wrote this paragraph to explain why I’m going to keep writing in my valley girl style — the same way that I talk in person again, now. The mafia/CIA people are really dumb and keep trying to insist on the same thing over and over again, like I just explained that they want from me. Anything I do that seems like what they want from me, they take as being a sign of them making progress. 🙁 LOL.

I mean it’s not even normal, honestly, to write in spoken-out-loud valley girl slang. But it’s normal for me now. I started doing it to forcibly be myself again, all the time. I like doing it though and it’s not “fake” (I’m saying this for everyone else, because it’s true).

So, Zack Snyder, I feel you are probably going to hate me and be really angry at me. I just hope you get how much abuse and trauma there’s been in my past. I know I’m probably not really that nice of a person… but maybe it’s because of everything that’s happened, especially since I’m immortal and everything.

The reason why I’m writing this blog post now, to be totally honest, is because I viewed Mean Girls 2 (which I starred in, because I’m Maiara Walsh… so you need to read my previous blog post if you didn’t already know this). I hadn’t viewed Mean Girls 2 for a long time and I noticed that I was actually in the movie. Anyway, at the end of the cast list at the end credits, the actress who played Karate Girl is listed as Autumn Dial. I’m really sorry about this. I think I must have briefly thought/felt something about what you and others who read my SAS and Reddit posts might think about me when you find out that I was in Mean Girls 2. (I know I was in other things too, and that I had an actual career as an actress, actually famous and everything — but I haven’t gotten the chance to see any of my other roles yet, partly because my internet was turned off for some reason for quite a while after I noticed that I’m Maiara Walsh. Somehow I was able to get back online to do that “I’m Maiara Walsh” blog post and download a whole bunch of websites and photos that are in my name.)

I thought it was best to talk about the Karate Girl casting info first, instead of seeming like I was dropping it on you at the end of a blog post that seemed caring up to that point. I’m not mocking you on purpose and I don’t know how to stop doing it. I’m really, really sorry.

I guess I must feel like a lot of people are laughing at me because of my role in Mean Girls 2, and whatever else I was doing when I was acting professionally in the USA. The thing in the end credits I just referred to… I don’t even know if it’s directed at you specifically, or simply “people that I feel are like the Henry Cavill Superman in the Justice League theatrical cut being all rapey brute strengthy public humiliation of Wonder Woman” and “Reddit/SAS people who know I’m Goda”. Maybe the guy I asked to contact you with Vero is the person who you heard from, I don’t know? I’m sure you must have read what I said somehow, at this point.

Anyway, I promised to give you some kind of explanation for what happened. I don’t want to cause you more distress though. Basically what happened is I viewed you as being a kind of father figure, because I knew that the people I was calling “mom” and “dad” weren’t my real family (and I don’t even have a real family at all, other than my sister, because I’ve always existed). I really liked the movie you directed, Man of Steel. I don’t like it anymore, but that’s only because of the mafia trying to force me to be a boy and stuff Henry Cavill said a few years ago. I still think you’re a really talented director. Anyway… I felt like you were personally counselling me about how to be Goda, and helping me decide for myself what I ought to do with my powers. I took the movie really, really seriously and I totally gave it my all in being the sort of person I believe you personally wanted me to be. I really latched onto you like a parent figure (no offence, LOL, because I know you’re really muscly and I don’t think you’re like my mom or anything, but I find it really really hard to talk very much about the idea of having a father figure after all the sexist abuse I’ve suffered from the world). When you directed Batman v Superman, and you directed Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman to look so strong — making her look better than Superman — I felt like you were supporting and accepting the real me, the girl, in a way that the rest of the world really hadn’t been prepared to accept. Like in religion and everything. I don’t want to be a messiah/saviour and I’m not… but I am actually real, so it meant a lot to me that someone out there was on my side as I actually am, the girl. Promoting me, emotionally supporting me, and saying “I like you as you are, it’s OK. Be you. You’re just as good. You’re better.”

(Zack Snyder, I’m going to continue explaining stuff to you in a moment. I really, really need to acknowledge that I’ve got a whole other family from when I was residing in LA, who I don’t even know or remember at the moment. As soon as I realized I had a family from LA, I started talking out loud at my home about wanting to see them again. Umm, I don’t know what to do about it though — other than, like, demand to get my life back so I can ask them if they want to see me again — so I’m demanding that happens, and just trying to focus on other things because I don’t even know if they’re still alive.)

To my family (and friends) from Los Angeles (and Seattle? São Paulo?), I want you to know that I hope you’re all still alive and I really want to meet you again. So like, I know I said I don’t have any real family because I’m Goda. What I meant is because I wasn’t born at all, and because I don’t age, I must have had lots of different families at different times. I guess I was moving myself around before humans got involved with the process of that happening, you know? That’s really all I’m saying. I really don’t want to upset and offend you. You’re my family who I don’t know, because I guess you’re not a fake CIA family. Umm… I guess you’re basically just the family I created for myself at some point, with a fake backstory I created for myself back then. I create everything, since I’m Goda, you see. If you’re reading this, please don’t reject me just because I’m not human like you must have thought I was. I’m not an alien or anything (as far as I know, LOL… I mean, as far as I know I’m not an alien AS WELL AS Goda, LMAO); I’m simply Goda, the Creatress of everything. I can’t help being me and it’s not my fault. You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s OK if you can’t cope with all of this and you don’t want to meet me. I don’t want to break your minds or anything. I hope you, like, didn’t “give me away” in some sense, because of not being able to cope with me being Goda. I guess I was independent at that point though. I hope you’re all OK. Hopefully the way I talk is still recognizable to you. Seriously, I hope you’re all OK.

OK, to Zack Snyder: I suppose I ought to say that I’m not trying to make it seem like I’m your daughter. Obviously I’m not your daughter. I just thought it might seem like I was being really nasty or something, trying to make it seem like something horrible. I viewed you as a sort of father figure though, like I said… and I still do view you like that, kind of, from time to time. It’s difficult because I figure you’re likely to hate and despise me. When I contacted you using Reddit and the medium of the Stargirl TV show, I didn’t even recognise that I was mocking you through the TV show because of my anger towards you. I thought I was trying to warn you about another presence that I thought was trying to make it seem like I was mocking you through the TV show. So I guess I did actually recognise what I was doing on some level… but I found it sooo hard to come to terms with my own mind being that nasty, that I projected what I was doing onto another persona that wasn’t real. I really believed what I was saying back then though.

If you view Stargirl Season One again, you can see the themes of father and daughter like I’ve been explaining to you how I felt you represented that kind of figure to me. Stargirl is learning how to be a superheroine, like I explained how I felt you spoke to me with Man of Steel. You’re gonna have noticed the whole thing with Zarrick’s son, and Zeke (the guy at the garage)… but in case not, I’m explaining it for you again here so you won’t misunderstand the full meaning of everything. You might not want to view it again, obviously.

At Henry Junior’s funeral, Brainwave gives a speech to the people assembled there, saying no one is to blame for suicide. Then he says “Except you.” with his mind powers, inside Stargirl’s head. That says exactly how I feel: that it’s always my fault when anyone dies, even though everyone else gets to be free of guilt and blame if they didn’t personally murder someone in a “normal” causative way, somehow. We both know that I literally did it myself — I actually chose for it to happen, I made it happen, and I designed the whole event myself even though it’s a horrible thing that I designed. I don’t know how to stop doing things like this though. Everything happens so quickly, and all the things are linked together… so if that had never happened, then a lot of other things are never gonna have happened either and what sort of person might I have been like now? I know I can easily change anything… but if I do that, then the world doesn’t make much sense anymore if the things I changed are too important to me, and too linked in supposedly causative ways to other things that are important to me. I like having a coherent personality. Not having a coherent personality, and the world totally making no sense anymore really upsets me. If I’m really upset, I might do another thing like I did when I destroyed the World Trade Center twin towers with my mind. Or I might, like, create a random petulant thing in the world targeting people I blame for how I’m feeling, that they can easily link to me, and then make things worse for myself… making myself more upset… making other people more upset with me, etc. What am I supposed to do?

So like, what I suggested — actually, ORDERED — the world’s elites to do, is to never, EVER try to control me and never, EVER even try to punish me for anything I do, instead establishing that I’m completely unaccountable. Basically trusting me to do my best to drag myself out of this spiral of resentment and hatred towards everyone and everything, once I’m allowed the space to actually work on my emotional issues, work on my own designed and chosen self and identity (and especially work on my fear of actually being Goda in the first place, you know????) I think that’s a good idea, myself, but whatever!!!! You know????! I was going to say “It’s so much easier in the movies!” but then I remembered that Man of Steel basically ends with 9/11 happening. At least they’re doing me as a girl now, right? 🙂 Like in The Marvels.

So Zack Snyder, you can see in Stargirl Season One also that Cindy (who I feel represents me best out of everyone in that series, because I’m so much like her honestly)… Cindy stabs her dad through his heart, as if she’s saying “You hurt me so I’m gonna hurt you, and let you know who I feel like you’re hurting!!!!” I’m really sorry. I know that for most people, movies are just movies and even if you directly bullied me through movies for some reason (which as far as I know isn’t true), most people are gonna say it’s not OK to create someone’s daughter killing herself as a fair deterrent against doing that. HOWEVER — I honestly believed you were trying to kill me with magic or something, with your weird suicide charity tee shirt thing that had Kaballah stuff all over it as well as a giant dick sword ejaculating sperm and blood or something into Darkseid and/or Lois Lane???? WTF????!!!!! I’m not being a bitch here, I promise. I’m not playing nice only to turn things around on you and stab you in the back, emotionally, or whatever (which is what you did to all girls and women with the Superman versus Wonder Woman scene from the JL theatrical cut, that I believe you shot yourself and isn’t substantially different from whatever you originally intended to be in your first version of the movie). I really, really want to understand what your tee shirt thing was about but I just don’t get it. I don’t know why I believed the tee shirt thing was about trying to attack me with “magic” or whatever… and you can see the evidence that I completely believed that was true, in Stargirl Season One with the whole Magician storyline and the tee shirt Stargirl has that says “Get Lost” to the Shining Knight when he’s leaving.

I think it’s totally OK for me to write the above paragraph and just leave it as is, even though your daughter died. I don’t want to hurt you for no reason… but your tee shirt thing really is a huge WTF moment. It stinks of CIA gone crazy with a really weird plausibly deniable story that you were somehow commemorating your adopted daughter with the sperm blood sword thing. Maybe you had no idea why you were coerced into doing that tee shirt thing — but you must have known that it was for some malicious purpose, and possibly something really serious that was meant to cause psychological destruction (or death, if you believe in magic).


You can actually read how terrorizing that tee shirt thing was for me in the way my writing has changed when talking about it. So the truth is I ought to have created a different event that more appropriately targeted the perpetrator, as a fair deterrent. I’m sorry that the wrong person committed suicide. I guess it’s just a lot easier for me at the moment, with my fear of my own power issues, to create an unknown-to-me daughter who committed suicide than create an event in which a movie director I was a huge fan of committed suicide despite seeming emotionally stable and psychologically resilient. So it was still justified in self-defense — because it was the type of retaliation that was available to me at the (non-linear) time. OK?

I really wish that this didn’t happen. You can see me wishing that it didn’t happen, and that you were still my cherished favourite movie director, but you’re not. This really sucks. I feel like I’m not allowed to have any friends at all. It really isn’t fair that I found myself creating events in which these awful things happened and I’m not allowed to like you or your movies anymore.

I promised you an explanation and now I’m following through on that. Because I did it. I’m really sorry.

What I wanted to be true is that you were coerced by the mafia to shoot that horrible scene for Justice League (or that they were coercing you to cut from the movie other scenes you shot that featured some kind of pay-off later in the movie, with Wonder Woman going “up a level” and being better than Superman — coercing you to butcher your movie, to personally target me because of what I was doing back in 2015/2016/2017). I totally wanted that to be true. It might still BE true, and I completely 100% believed that it was true for a long time.

When it comes down to it though, you’ve got a pattern of behaviour of filming rape scenes in movies that are like, comic book fantasy in style and content, and not part of some sort of “truthfully depicted recorded events” genre. I know they’re based on comic books, and I do actually understand the basic premise of Watchmen… but you people changed the ending of the story, and the literal attempted rape of a superheroine depicted on screen is one of the worst things you can do with a character type that only exists to empower us girls and women who might have actually gotten raped in real life. Sucker Punch is really rapey in a generalised way, with the whole “you are powerless against the man’s system” theme and the things that happen inside the setting of the movie. It’s totally plausible and completely believable that you actually wanted to basically rape the Wonder Woman character and all the girls and women who are fans of Wonder Woman. You might have even wanted to do much worse than what the CIA allowed you to do, because of their plausible deniability ruleset.

I feel under sooo much pressure from myself to not be like “legs open” for the mafia and what they want from me (to support their interests, and men’s interests, instead of my own interests as a girl). Writing this blog post, I felt like I ought to throw you under the bus for the greater good, and be totally like “We’re not friends.” “You’re a rapist. Literally a rapist.” (I’m not saying this about you, because you’re not a rapist.) I mean because of the US presidential election. I don’t even know when it takes place because I’m still not reading the news, but I feel under pressure to create the best result I can for girl’s and women’s rights to not have institutionalised sex slavery, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse of girls and women be normalized as “just something that all politicians, celebrities, and important public figures do”. I mean, I’m a girl, and I’m a celebrity. I have to stand up for my rights or I’m an idiot.

I’m not a sex slave, you know. That’s how the mafia sees me (and I hope it’s not true that all the world’s elites see me this way). Just some unpaid whore that only exists for them to try to force ideas into. According to them, I’m not even allowed to be female even though they want to keep forcing ideas into me anyway. I’m not asking for payment for my services. I’m not offering anyone any services. It’s not OK. I need disclosure of my existence, basically. I need rights and dignity as Goda — since I actually am real and exist and everything — and not simply my rights as a girl, only.

Anyway Zack Snyder, that last paragraph wasn’t directed at you exactly unless you want to help out with the disclosure thing. I’m Maiara Walsh. I’m located at 23 Windsor Road, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Great Britain. Don’t come here because I don’t want to see you. We’re not friends. Obviously I’m safe, and I’m not concerned for my safety AT ALL. That’s not sarcasm, LOL. I’m safe. No one can harm me or anything.

I hope the Zack Snyder I wanted to exist is proud of me, even though I did Coronavirus (or whatever it was, LOL) and all the other things you know about. I’m like, a really, really young girl trying to do normal things and be Goda the best way I can do it considering I’m apparently a really terrible evil girl and everything.

I’m Maiara Walsh.

So like, hey everyone. I want to let everyone know that I’m actually Maiara Walsh. I played the character of Mandi Weatherly in the movie Mean Girls 2.

(I know the name of the character is like really bad PR for me… but whatever!!!!)

I viewed the movie on DVD really recently and noticed it was me in the movie. Like, actually me in the movie this time and not just an actress or character that seems similar to me.

There’s another person impersonating me, calling herself Maiara Walsh. But she wasn’t in the movie. You can see that she’s got a different, thicker nose compared to me, and she doesn’t have a cleft chin like I do. In the movie, you can see my thinner nose and cleft chin. I guess I was really tan at the time, and I had a lot of make up on (probably to hide my pimples, since I don’t age).

I don’t know much more than that at the moment since I only just noticed that it’s me in the movie. I hope I remember more. I must have been moved around a lot (like the story in the movie, LOL), because I don’t age.

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS, I TOTALLY NOTICED ALL THE BRAINWASHING IN THE MOVIE AND I KNOW THAT I ACTED OUT SOME “FUNNY SLAPSTICK COMEDY”. I KNOW THAT THE MOVIE IS “AN INSULT TO ALL GIRLS AND WOMEN” (IN LIKE, A MILLION ZILLION WAYS). I put the insult thing in the speech marks because I feel it’s close to being the best movie ever, since I’m in it and I’m totally the hottest girl who ever existed (and I still am, and always am going to be the hottest girl who ever existed). That’s what I care about most, I guess…

But I also totally care about prevailing. My all-aspects war for my rights, dignity, and emotional safety is still a thing that I’m totally still doing. It was just acting, OK? I know I kissed a boy in the movie. I’m still lesbian. Please don’t laugh at me. I look away from the screen when it happens, when I replay the movie.

I mean, it’s totally fine for me to pretend to do stuff that I don’t personally like doing. That’s what being an actress involves unless you can get full creative control over every single thing you ever do. And yeah, I know that I’m the Creatress of everything. I’m Goda, obviously… so… please refer to stuff I said before about all my issues. I’m writing way more about this than I need to I guess, but yeah.

I try not to blame the imposter Maiara Walsh for STEALING MY IDENTITY. Because she’s definitely gonna have been a victim of men’s violence and coercion of women and girls. Like, the mafia and stuff. But I do want my identity back, because I’m Maiara Walsh and she isn’t. You know!!!!!

No one has “gotten one over on me” or whatever, with this movie existing. I’m proud of it because I’m really hot, and famous (LOL, Paramount Famous), and I’m actually a really good actress. I know my performance is the best in the movie. They lowered the volume and did bad dubbing on my second scene (the one with Coco Chanel in the bag), on purpose, to complement their dumb brainwashing thing to say nobody listens to/nobody can hear high school queen bees. To pathetically try to say that we’re low status, and have “no status after high school”, because the first movie was such a cult hit… with Regina being such a popular character who tons of girls wanted to be like, because she has power and prestige. They ought to have reshot the scene as well, if I said my lines “Coco Chanel” and “Prada” too quickly for the dubbing. I think I’m using the right terms, LOL.

Anyway, the Fraudulentmasons are still losers and don’t control me or anything. Especially since they’re a dumb two-bit rotary club patsy organisation for the CIA (that’s a losery lame front organisation for the walking fat corpses of the Western World’s biggest corporations… lol they call their companies corpses, don’t they! Losers!!!!)


That’s all I have to say about this at the moment. Later!!!! 🙂

Edit: So the movie is only an insult to all girls and women, in like a million, zillion ways, if you can read all the CIA brainwashing (which I’m not gonna explain for everyone right now, because I’m not sure it’s actually helpful for the morale of other girls and women in the world to be forcibly undissociated about this phenomenon… like I said at my other blog: we are doing really well right now, with more women graduating from universities than men all around the world… and more women than men in management positions all over the USA). I think it’s a really fun movie for us girls, despite all the issues. I’m really proud of my role in the movie. I hope a lot of you enjoyed it.

Umm… because I can see all the brainwashing in all the things now (LOL), it’s not as easy for me to process movies like I assume a lot of normal people still do at this point… but I think this movie is one of the worst examples of really obvious brainwashing in plain sight. That’s why I felt it was necessary to say the thing about it being an insult to all girls and women. 🙂 I need people to know that I haven’t turned into a dumb “doll” or anything who’s oblivious to what it’s gonna look like for me to reveal my role in this movie to the world (not that there’s anything wrong with being a doll, in the sense of being like, really, really pretty! I am totally a doll in that sense, OBVIOUSLY.) I suppose some people might also think this movie role means I work for the CIA. I don’t work for the CIA. Obviously I acted in a movie that was basically run by the CIA as a brainwashing operation against the public, but I don’t know if I worked for the CIA in 2010/2011 or at any time in the past. That’s all I know at the moment, like I said. I’m not with the mafia. I’m totally 100% independent of anyone, and if anyone ever tries to say that I’m with them or that I work for them, then you know it’s not true. It’s not like any of you people are my friends or anything, though. I don’t owe any of you anything, but I’m telling the truth. 🙂

E! Entertainment’s anti-feminist brainwashing is no longer available in Britain. :)

So hey everyone! 🙂 I won a big victory recently, because I got the E! TV channel taken off the air in Britain. The E! channel (which mostly focuses on so-called “reality TV” shows, that are not actually very real at all… since they’re pretty much 100% scripted like professional wrestling) features a lot of shows similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians: a really evil TV show that is totally stuffed full of VERY NASTY brainwashing designed to harm the rights and dignity of women and girls, and to keep men in control of society as much as possible. Keeping Up With The Kardashians exists to try to keep us girls and women “in our place”, as submissive second-class people, subservient to men and afraid of men. Just view the first two seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to see what I mean. It’s like, really, really bad! 🙁

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is also full of all that extremely dumb pretend-Freemason symbolism I talked about before — such as black-and-white checkerboard patterns all over the place (like Freemasons have on their floors in their buildings, which a lot of people have read about now, I guess). Black-and-white checkerboard pillows at the Dash shop, black-and-white checkerboard patterns on people’s clothes… and the whole Kardashian house has an absurdly in-your-face black-and-white checkerboard floor for the whole downstairs of the house at one point! LOL! It’s so dumb. The people on the show wear black and white stripes a lot — which isn’t even a Freemason thing… but it’s obviously supposed to be suggestive of Freemasonry, or whatever. Kylie Jenner even has black and white tiger stripes or something like that, for her bedroom carpet, when she’s like 10 or 11 years old! It’s like they’re laughing at all of us girls and women, saying they control us all, and that we’re just dumb sluts who don’t understand anything (and that we supposedly can’t do anything about it, even if we do understand what they’re saying about us and our place in the world, compared to men).

Soooo… like, please remember everyone, that it’s not actually the Freemasons who “run the world, behind the scenes”. It’s actually the Western World’s richest corporate shareholders who are behind it: just a bunch of rich, mostly male, mostly caucasian corporate shareholders of the biggest and wealthiest companies around. And it’s probably agents of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (the CIA) actually co-ordinating the anti-feminist brainwashing and making sure that it goes onto the TV shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If it’s not the CIA, it’s gonna be some different agency or other of the United States government — and it’s probably the CIA, even though they’re not supposed to do anything like this… so I’m just going ahead and saying it’s the CIA. I’m not gonna be gaslighted. They might try to, like, do everything through private contractors so that it seems more legal or whatever… but I doubt it. I bet it’s as simple as the CIA doing it IN SECRET, and then denying that they’re doing it.

They say that it’s Freemasons, even though it’s not really them behind all of this bullshit, to try to deflect attention away from the real culprits (the male corporate shareholders with the most money, and the CIA which works for them and not you). I wrote a whole lot more about this phenomenon in this blog post I’m gonna link to again, below:

I remember reading a while back that it’s supposedly legal for the United States government to propagandize the US public via news and entertainment media, and that it’s been that way for quite a long time now. But I figure it’s still not legal for the United States government to promote pedophila and child sex work in TV shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, like when a guy asks Kris Jenner if she’s trying to pimp her two youngest daughters to him… and like when Kendall pole dances on the “stripper pole” (which is what the guy in that episode calls the pole dancing pole, when Kendall dances on it). The “stripper pole” guy jokes about managing Kendall’s career in that same episode, when she’s like 11 or 12 years old or something, and when the “career” he’s envisioning for her involves pole dancing on a “stripper pole” (i.e. being a child stripper, or child prostitute, or something??? WTF!??) Seriously, this casual promoting of pedophila and child prostitution thing isn’t even the worst aspect of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Like I said: just view the first two seasons like I did, and be amazed and angered by the huge amount of anti-feminist brainwashing in seemingly every single episode!

Anyway, I mentioned the promotion of child sex work thing just to point out that I’m sure the rich men’s groups and the CIA behind the making of Keeping Up With The Kardashians can quite easily be brought to justice, and get convicted to serve very long jail sentences, on the strength of all the United States laws they must have broken in the process of making these brainwashing TV shows — even if it’s technically legal to brainwash the public with TV shows. I want these people to go to jail for a very long time, for laughing in the faces of girls and women like me… and for calling us to our faces (through the TV shows that we want to love) losers, and stupid, and nothing more than whores who only exist to serve men.

So yeah. I said I won a big victory when I got the E! channel taken off TV in Britain. Obviously this is exactly what I’ve been fighting to achieve with all my feminist activism I’ve been doing, targeting Nickelodeon and Virgin Media specifically. Nickelodeon because of all the anti-feminist brainwashing in its TV shows for kids, and Virgin Media for showing those Nickelodeon TV shows on its cable TV service in England (which is the part of the world I reside in). I ought to be really happy about this big victory that I won, for myself, and for the rights and dignity of all girls and women like me. And for lesbians like me, too (because it feels like lesbians don’t exist on the E! channel, even though gay men do!)

I haven’t felt very happy about this situation though, because, well… I’ve been viewing a LOT of E! to reconnect with my culture, which is from like, a wealthy part of Los Angeles (I’m not sure exactly where). Actually I’ve felt on the verge of crying about this situation a lot, ever since I found out that the E! channel was closing in Britain on 01/01/2024. The only reason I haven’t been sobbing about E! closing over here, is because it’s really hard for me to cry anymore after all the trauma I experienced previously. It really, really sucks. I actually enjoy viewing Keeping Up With The Kardashians, because it’s like remembering being with some other family in the LA area, at some point — and I just wanna go back to being that girl who I was then. I know that this is actually true: that I used to reside in Los Angeles, some place over there. I think my family had a lot of money (although, obviously they weren’t actually my family, because I’m Goda — so I can’t ever have a real family, only some kind of pretend story of who I’m supposed to be instead). Obviously I don’t age, so I think I must have been updating my fake background story on Earth, and relocating to different places with a new identity for as long as possible. Something like that. I don’t know how long this has been going on for. I don’t know if humans have found out about this at some point, and like, gotten involved with the process of moving me around like this. I really don’t know at the moment.

Other TV shows I’ve been viewing, to reconnect with who I am and who I used to be in some “past life” that I can’t really remember at the moment (and I don’t know how much information still exists about it, unless I just create the information so that I’ve got something to remember, LOL)… other TV shows that I’ve been viewing for this reason are like, “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”, “Beverly Hills Pawn”, “Flip or Flop”, and anything else that I can find like that which doesn’t have “housewives” or “WAGs” in the title of the show. “Flip or Flop” is MUCH better than the other shows in the sense that it has hardly any obviously noticeable anti-feminist brainwashing (and maybe doesn’t have any at all… I’m not sure). But… it’s mostly about construction workers digging holes inside people’s houses and assembling and disassembling wooden frames and stuff — which I find really boring compared to looking at finished interior designs of homes. I like listening to the people talking, looking at the establishing shots of all the houses and beaches and stuff, and seeing what the houses look like when they’re finished. I feel like I ought to only view “Flip or Flop”, and not view any of the other shows which I’ve recorded on my Virgin Media box… but the E! shows like Kardashians and Rich Kids are the ones that help me remember this past life in LA much better, so I’ve been viewing them over and over again. I can’t bring myself to view them without constantly complaining to the TV about everything that’s wrong with them though. They are so anti-feminist… it’s really, really bad. 🙁

What’s really, really nice about “Flip or Flop” is it totally reminds me that most people in Los Angeles and California aren’t terrible misogynist, anti-lesbian, anti-feminists like the E! reality TV shows suggest. LA has a really big LGBT community and it’s a very socially liberal place. “Flip or Flop” isn’t about feminism, anti-feminism, or lesbianism or whatever… but the people on the show are just nice-seeming, normal-seeming people, who I feel very comfortable viewing. I never got really angry and shouted at the TV viewing “Flip or Flop”. And I’m sure that the very wealthy parts of Los Angeles and the surrounding area are full of really nice people, who, similar in this way to the people on “Flip or Flop”, aren’t terrible misogynists, anti-lesbians, and anti-feminists. I know the E! channel deliberately presents a skewed, untrue, and unfair idea of LA’s culture — because it’s like, doing exactly that ON PURPOSE, to brainwash everyone viewing the shows into thinking it’s normal for things to be that way. The rich male corporate shareholders want things to be that way, so the CIA makes it look like things are that way in these fake, scripted, “reality TV” shows for them.

Something that upset me SO MUCH, viewing seasons 3 and 4 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, is the fact that there are TWO gay men and NO LESBIANS AT ALL. :-/ This made me SO ANGRY. I mean, granted, I’ve only viewed those two seasons and I haven’t searched for any information about other seasons of the show — but TWO gay men and NO LESBIANS???!!!!! That is NOT OK!!!!! Not OK. AT. ALL.

It’s completely unrepresentative of actual self-reported sexualities of women and men. Hardly any men at all identify as gay, but a really really REALLY large number of women identify as being at least bisexual… WHICH IS HALF LESBIAN!!!!! Even if there was like one lesbian each season, in seasons one and two of Rich Kids (which I doubt), it’s still completely unrepresentative of actual demographics and it’s 100% wrong and NOT OK. I mean, we lesbians are literally one of the most marginalized and oppressed groups that has ever existed, everywhere in the whole world… including in the “First World” West. WTF!!!!!? If anyone deserves “positive discrimination” on TV, it’s us lesbians!!!! And if you bastards do actual population demographics representation instead of “positive discrimination”, THEN IT STILL OUGHT TO FAVOR US LESBIANS!!!!!!!!!


Seriously. Give us lesbians.

Anyway!!!! So like… I said before a couple of times, I got the E! TV channel taken off the air in Britain. Some of you are probably wondering how I did that. Well, it happened because I’m Goda, the Creatress of everything — as I’ve explained before here at my blog, and at other websites — so the world naturally reflects and represents my choices and so on. It’s totally complicated and really boring for me to explain how this works over and over again, so I’m not gonna do that. But like, suffice to say: I wrote a blog post, made a telephone call, and sent a lot of emails with the intention of getting Nickelodeon and Virgin Media to do internal reviews of their TV output to stop the fake Freemason anti-feminist brainwashing in Nickelodeon kids’ shows (even if it meant Virgin Media removing all Nickelodeon programming from its cable TV service until that happened)… AND BECAUSE OF THAT THE WHOLE E! TV CHANNEL THAT’S FULL OF FAKE FREEMASON ANTI-FEMINIST BRAINWASHING IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN BRITAIN.

So I guess I achieved my overall goal of getting fake Freemason anti-feminist brainwashing taken off TV in Britain. I mean, I achieved that overall goal to a ridiculously huge extent, huh!? 🙂 Nice going, Victoria, I think!!!! (Despite me wanting to cry about not having Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, on British TV anymore, for the reasons I explained above).

The really narrowly specific thing that I wanted to happen when I did all of that work was to get Nickelodeon and Virgin Media to stop allowing anyone to see Haunted Hathaways, in any way, on every kind of service/media that they offer to people. And I wanted them both to do internal reviews of all their content, to make sure that they weren’t, like, deliberately (or unknowingly in the case of Virgin Media, maybe) harming the rights, interests, and dignity of girls and women as part of a conspiracy to advance the rights and interests of “ultra rich” male corporate shareholders in America. (I put “ultra rich” in speech marks because I’m sure they’re not as ultra rich as they used to be, LOL!!!! Assholes!!!!) Anyway, I’m just saying I achieved my overall aim to a MUCH LARGER EXTENT than I expected was going to happen… primarily because, I like didn’t even know that the E! TV channel was so full of the same type of fake Freemason anti-feminist brainwashing. I only started viewing it after I complained about the Haunted Hathaways thing, LOL.

I’m totally ready to continue with my mission to stop Haunted Hathaways being seen by kids ever again, and to stop Nickelodeon from harming the rights, interests, and dignity of girls and women! And I’m gonna keep going with it as soon as I can. I did pretty good already though. So I’m just reporting that for all my fans. 🙂 I know there are plenty of people out there who support me, Reign The Superheroine (or Reign The Cynthia Burman as I’ve been calling myself more recently, as a joke). I’m still Reign, and I’m still a superheroine!!!! You might all get nuclear bombed at some point — or suffer some other kind of horrible fates — but at least all my fans out there know that I’m still basically good, and doing my best regardless of how I feel and everything that’s happened. Is anyone even still alive out there? I have to say I’ve been wondering about that. Anyway, anyone can comment on my blog. I set it so you don’t even have to register with Vivaldi to comment. You don’t even have to enter a username, LOL. You can just write a comment and click to post it, with no other information necessary at all.

(Vivaldi is really cool in allowing us to make it as easy and anonymous as we want to make it for our commenters, or as moderated and protected as we want it to be for ourselves.)

I’ve known for a really long time that I don’t even have to interact with people to change the world in a big way, with very finely tuned and accurate outcomes based on what I intended to make happen in the world with my mind’s focuses. I’m just saying. I literally create the world with my mind, so it’s always gonna be like that. I know I have my issues and I’m a little girl and everything, but I have serious power and I’m using it. USING IT FOR GOOD, YOU KNOW!?!!!?! REIGN THE CYNTHIA BURMAN, BITCHES!!!! (Saying “bitches” is part of my culture as an annoying and wealthy school girl from Los Angeles someplace, so I hope people are gonna be OK with me saying it and everything.)

I hope some people still like me, but I can’t help being me. I literally can’t help being me… and saying what I’m saying… and doing what I’m doing. And if I can help it, I don’t want to. Y’know? I like who I am. It’s not like anyone I care about has asked me to be someone different — but I still wonder if people stopped liking me because of the way I talk and act, now. I don’t know if anyone really liked me to begin with, though. Everyone likes a girl who’s “nice”, don’t they? But that’s not the same thing as really liking someone. If you like someone for being “nice”, you basically only like them for being compliant, passive, submissive; for making you feel good, even if it doesn’t make her feel good doing it. I don’t wanna be like that anymore. I wanna feel good myself. And what’s wrong with that? Countries go to war if things get too much not-to-their-liking, so I don’t see why a person can’t do the same thing. And it’s not like I’m doing anything illegal. 🙂 All I’m saying people, is don’t blame me for doing whatever I have to do to make sure I’m gonna be OK with the mafia being such nasty people and all. I don’t have to give in to the mafia or anyone else if they’re bullies, so I’m not gonna — and I hope some of you respect me for it, even if it means I’m not very “nice” anymore and really bad stuff happens in the world you’re all in. Getting E! taken off TV in Britain was pretty good, wasn’t it?

So like anyway. I’m gonna finish this blog post with the first paragraph I wrote, shadebefore evening — before I decided to begin the post totally differently. (I felt it didn’t read right, considering how important the E! thing is, so I chose to lead it with that instead.)

I just got myself some really great takeout from one of my local takeout pizza places. I got a triple-cheese vegetarian burger (the burger bun is out of this world), and a side of fries. The fries from this place are really, really nice. It’s simple food, but it’s all so good to eat that I wanted to write about it! I never knew that one of those mixed vegetable patties can taste so hamburger-like until I asked for three slices of cheese on it. It totally has the whole cheeseburger taste somehow — even though it’s like, not even meat at all, and it’s just a bunch of veg mashed together in the shape of a burger and not, like, one of those fancy soy burgers or anything (that are supposed to be just like real meat). I guess it’s because a lot of the cheeseburger taste comes from the taste of a quality burger bun and the cheese. Here I am talking again about how you’ve gotta add cheese to food to make it better, but I guess people say that sort of thing for a reason, huh?! 🙂 So take it from me: if you’re going to have one of those really basic vegetarian burgers from a fast food joint, ask for THREE slices of cheese in there (at least!), and you won’t regret it vegetarians!!!!


I’m a feminist and I’m against all immigration. Am I wrong?

So like, I’m a feminist and I’m against all immigration to the country I reside at (which is Britain). Am I wrong?

The reason I’m asking if I’m wrong is because I’m like genuinely unsure if my new political position is what’s best for my interests as a girl… and I’m like, inviting you to comment: to share your opinions with me about this. Try to change my mind, or maybe even agree with me?! 🙂

Before I explain my reasons for my new political position, I wanna say a few important things first. I noticed that there are a lot of people from all around the world who write blogs at Vivaldi Community. I think this is really cool, and I’m glad you’re all here, because it means we can share ideas with each other and learn more in the process. I don’t want you to think I’m a racist because I’m not! 🙂 Also, I wanna say that I’m not associated with the Vivaldi company at all. LOL!

I viewed the videos of Jon von Tetzchner being interviewed at Web Summit 2023, and he said that the original purpose of the internet was the exchange of information — and that he wants to get as many people online as possible with equal access to information and services. He didn’t say anything like what I’m saying here, obviously. LOL again! 🙂 But I hope it’s gonna be OK for me to say what I’m saying now (since internet censorship, and outside pressure to censor, is still something we all need to be concerned about, sadly). I like, especially hope it’s gonna be OK for me to say all this, since the reason I’m saying it has to do with my interest in equality — to do with equal rights for us girls and women in this case — and to do with my interest in free, uncensored exchange of ideas, to help us all make up our minds about what to believe.

OK. So like I hear you asking, why am I against all immigration to Britain? And like, what does that have to do with feminism?

So here’s the answer: I recognized, nowshade, that there are pretty much no countries in the whole world that have better rights and respect for us girls and women than Britain (except Iceland, Sweden, and maybe the other Scandinavian countries that I haven’t heard so much about). This means pretty much all immigration to Britain from other countries is only gonna be bringing in people from comparatively backwards cultures, in terms of how progressively feminist they are, who probably believe in us girls and women having less rights and respect in society. And I figure that most people from countries that are as good as Britain aren’t going to want to emigrate here, since they’re likely to be happy enough where they are already!

My recent experiences — like when I discovered the CIA agenda to brainwash multiple generations of children to grow up with internalised anti-feminist ideas about what it means to be girls and boys, to try to roll back feminism on behalf of “elite” mens’ groups in the USA and other Western countries — these recent experiences have taught me that us girls and women have to start focusing on the rights of our girls and women group EXCLUSIVELY, above all other people’s rights and TO THE EXCLUSION of us devoting time and energy to fighting for the rights of any and all other groups!

There are people out there with a lot of money, resources, and socio-political influence, who are actively working to roll back many of the rights that we girls and women won for ourselves at great cost to us and our group. And quite simply, we can’t afford to be fighting for anyone else’s rights when there hasn’t even been a woman President of the United States of America yet (the so-called “leader of the free world”). This is not a joke people!!!! It’s like feminism as a political force — and as an interest group — has gotten too strong for the rich men’s groups that try to hide in the shadows of Western society, and now they’re like, trying to completely reverse all the gains that feminism has won for us. I’m not talking about Freemasons or whatever, remember! I’m talking about “elite” corporate shareholders, and the CIA that works for them!

Maybe these rich men’s groups used to feel that feminism was actually helpful to their agenda before… like since getting more women into the workplace wasn’t exactly unhelpful to promoting consumerism, to keep their consistent exponential growth of the economy Ponzi scheme going for as long as possible (to try to siphon away all the wealth from the public, through inflation and all of that). Also — I guess they probably found women’s rights movements to be useful in keeping the general population divided and fighting amongst itself, instead of uniting as a single interest group against the rich men’s groups.

In the last decade or so, though, Harvey Weinstein went to jail, Jeffrey Epstein died in prison awaiting trial, and everyone knows all about Epstein’s list of important contacts who probably all partook in the rape of trafficked young girls. Everyone knows all about Robert H Richards III, too! Feminists, and all people interested in protecting the rights of us girls and women to decide who has sex with us (or if we wanna have sex at all!), have been getting closer and closer to taking away the ability of these rich men’s groups to use and abuse some of us in secret… because we’ve been exposing what they’ve been doing to us!!!! And that means other people have been like calling for it to stop!!!! Obviously the rich men’s groups don’t like that very much. They want things to continue on as before. They’re only interested in feminism — and our rights — when it serves their interests… and when feminism starts working against their interest in having unrestricted access to the “best females'” vaginas, suddenly the rich men’s groups and the CIA are against feminism. What a surprise, huh!!!?

It’s not a surprise to me anymore 🙁 but I suppose it might still come as a surprise to some of you.

So! I decided that because of the situation in the world, with the CIA actively trying to roll back feminism on behalf of rich men’s groups in The West, I have to put the interests of my own girls’ and women’s group first. Like, put girls’ and women’s interests first in every way… even if that means prioritizing what’s best for our rights as girls and women ahead of what’s best for the struggle of all of us together, regardless of gender, against “inequality” in a general sense. Because I don’t see many people caring about the things that I’ve been saying matter to me as a girl. I guess I don’t have that much faith in other interest groups standing up for my rights reciprocally, if I invest time and energy in standing up for their rights.

I’m not sure that I believe in “feminist allies theory” anymore. 🙁 <— non-sarcastic and very deeply felt sad emoticon.

I’m not sure that I believe in “multiculturalism = feminism theory” anymore either.

So like just to make this totally clear, I’m not sure that I believe in those two staples of popular modern feminist thought anymore because I feel like both of those things are urging me to invest time and energy in fighting for the rights of other interest groups who aren’t gonna invest the same amount of time and energy in fighting for my rights. And to be honest, I don’t believe anymore that they’re gonna invest ANY time and energy in fighting for my rights. I feel like any time and energy that I invest in their rights results in a net negative improvement in my own rights (as part of the girls and women group), because I helped improve their rights and my own rights stayed the same. They didn’t help me at all in return, I now believe. 🙁 So yeah. That’s basically why I’ve turned against supporting immigration and multiculturalism, to the extent that I’m now against all immigration to Britain… and I’m basically sort of against multiculturalism too, which I’m gonna explain more about below so people don’t think that I’ve turned racist. It sucks butt. I don’t wanna feel this way — but I have to put my own interests first when I know they’re under attack from “elites”, and if other interest groups don’t care about my rights even when I’m helping them.

So to like reiterate what I said already: when it comes to immigration, because I guess that only Iceland and Sweden/Scandinavia have better rights and respect for girls and women than Britain does, ANY immigration at all is only gonna be bringing in people from outside Britain who probably believe in us girls and women having less rights and respect in society. I also guess that the amount of immigration to Britain from Iceland and Sweden/Scandinavia is negligible, compared to the amount of immigration coming from nations and cultures that are always gonna have worse rights and respect for girls and women than Britain does. So pretty much all immigration to Britain is basically harmful to the rights of us girls and women, here. So I’m against all immigration to Britain.

I want there to be no immigration to Britain AT ALL — until girls’ and women’s rights and respect in other countries are as good as they are in Britain. Maybe that sounds unrealistic, but it’s what’s best for my rights and respect as a girl… so like that’s what I’m calling for!

It occurred to me that it’s in my interest as a girl to call for the emigration of British people to other countries though. So I’m in favour of that! LOL. Kind of funny, huh? I have a real example of how this works in my interest though. I’m a fan of women’s pro wrestling in WWE and AEW (I view WWE and AEW only for the women’s matches, because of my PTSD to do with aggressive men… but I used to like viewing all pro wresting matches and storylines, not only the women’s divisions.) A few years ago, WWE started doing an annual pay-per-view show in Saudi Arabia called “Crown Jewel”. So like, when Crown Jewel started, Saudi religious-oppression-of-women rules meant that the female WWE wrestlers had to wrestle in baggy pants and baggy long sleeve tops, that completely hid the shapes of the women’s legs and breasts in all of this excess clothing material. It was ridiculous… especially since the male wrestlers were coming out practically naked, the same as they do in the USA!!!!

I used to think that supporting WWE Crown Jewel was against feminism (because the Crown Jewel pay-per-view is shown all around the socially liberal world, including in the USA, Britain, and Western Europe — so it feels like being forced to accept the backwards and oppressive rules that the Saudis have enforced on women and girls in their nasty country, if you view the show in a Western country). I was like, WTF WWE???? Why have you even agreed to do this show in Saudi Arabia if it means forcing your female wrestlers and your female fans in the West to accept the oppressively sexist rules of the Saudis towards us girls and women???? I was like, doesn’t WWE give a shit about the rights of us girls and women as long as it’s making dirty sexist Saudi money? And I still feel that way about Crown Jewel and WWE’s decision to start doing that specific annual show in the first place.

BUT — I noticed when fast-forwarding through the televised highlights of this year’s Crown Jewel show, that the female wrestlers of WWE now wrestle in skintight body suits when they go to Saudi Arabia. And these skintight body suits very much DO show the shapes of their legs and breasts… even though the only actual bare skin made visible by these outfits is at the hands and face/neck of the wrestlers. So that’s a huge improvement in the attitudes of the Saudis towards women, probably directly resulting from WWE’s decision to put on an annual wrestling event in Saudi Arabia. I still feel that the show ought not to be shown here in The West at all — but noticing the huge improvement in a handful of years made me recognize that socially liberal Westerners traveling to less socially liberal parts of the world can force an improvement in our rights as girls and women, in those parts of the world that still treat us as second class citizens with few rights. So that’s why I’m in favor of Western emigration to less feminist countries, LOL! It sounds kinda dumb saying it out loud, but it’s actually true that it’s in our interests as girls and women to support it. So it’s actually not dumb at all. We ought to support activist groups that voluntarily travel to less feminist countries, specifically to improve the rights of girls and women around the world. Like non-Christian feminist missionaries, I suppose.

I wrote to a group like that (Plan International) seeking help with the “Haunted Hathaways promoting sexist abuse of girls” issue! I also wrote a letter to Ms Magazine. And I wrote to the largest domestic violence support organisation in Britain, Women’s Aid. If anyone here feels like helping me with this issue, then like, please do!!!! What I’m trying to achieve is for someone to ask Nickelodeon to comment on why it continued showing the “Haunted Cookie Jar” episode for ten years, when a little boy angrily shouts “NOW WOMAN!!!!” in a horribly aggressive and sexist way at a little girl (who doesn’t challenge this, and actually runs away in fear to carry out his command to do something). And why Nickelodeon continued to show “Haunted Camping”, in which the same little boy says “woman!” in a similarly sexist way to an older teen girl (who also doesn’t challenge his abusively sexist behavior). If I can get someone to at least contact Nickelodeon or the TV providers that show Nickelodeon for comment, then I can say to my TV provider Virgin Media that this happened because of me — so they ought to take me seriously, and listen to me when I demand they stop showing this sexist kids’ show that’s trying to brainwash kids to turn against feminism in the future. Getting Virgin Media to stop showing Haunted Hathaways, or cancel all Nickelodeon programming because of Nickelodeon sexism, is better than nothing!!!! What I really want is for Nickelodeon itself to carry out an internal review of its programming to remove all of this anti-feminist brainwashing, though!

I’m fighting on every level for my interests. And I’m not going to stop.

It’s worth pointing out that the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards take place in Abu Dhabi this year. So that means Nickelodeon is acting as a net force for good over there (like, with respect to the rights of us girls and women — since it’s good for us to have more rights, you know!?) when Nickelodeon acts as a non-Christian missionary to Abu Dhabi, speaking overwhelmingly with its programming in favour of feminism to the Abu Dhabi audience — that I guess must be consuming Nickelodeon content like The Thundermans and Danger Force, featuring female superheroic characters that are strong and confident leaders of society. I haven’t forgotten Super President Kickbutt, LOL! 🙂

So like about The Marvels again, which I enjoyed sooo much at the movie theater recently: I loved the Ms Marvel character and she’s totally my favourite part of the movie — but like, upon reflection after seeing it, I wondered if I ought to be against the character being featured so prominently in Marvel movies since she’s Pakistani American. This is because I’d also recently seen this feminist documentary on TV that was about a woman traveling on Indian trains to interview Indian women about their experiences as women in modern India. The documentary made India seem like a pretty oppressive place for girls and women to exist in, even now in 2023… although the attitudes of the younger women was much, much better (the young women seemed to be pro-feminism, mostly — with the middle-aged and old women being anti-feminist, or basically defeated/apathetic about their rights as female people). I know that Pakistan is a different country to India since a long time, LOL. Buttt… I figured that since it’s still a similar culture to India, compared to Britain and the USA — and since it’s also a mostly Muslim culture, which I guessed to be worse for us girls and women than Indian culture, then I thought it might seriously be against my interests as a girl to support the Kamala Khan version of the Ms Marvel character in any way. (This isn’t something that I ever thought about before, until I viewed The Marvels, for some reason.)

But after I went to multiple showings of The Marvels, I began to recognize that Ms Marvel’s family in the movie are extremely Americanized in the way that they behave and dress. They’ve retained very few elements of Pakistani culture, as they’re simply Americans living in Jersey City, and Kamala Khan is an American girl. Honestly I don’t care if they’re Pakistani or American, as long as it’s good for the rights and respect of girls and women like me!!!! And supporting the Kamala Khan Ms Marvel of The Marvels movie specifically is not much like supporting anti-feminist Pakistani Muslims in Pakistan, or anti-feminist Pakistani Muslims in America either. She doesn’t even seem to be a Muslim character in this movie. There was no suggestion of her being a practicing Muslim in the movie, and no suggestion of her family being practicing Muslims in the movie either. Are they supposed to be Muslims in the movie version? Is Kamala a Muslim in the movie, even though it’s never mentioned by the script in any way? I know she’s a Muslim in the comics — and I’m against that, because it seems to me that supporting Islamic culture as being equally valid alongside feminist Anglo-American culture is pretty much supporting the oppression of girls and women. If she’s supposed to be Muslim in the movie then I’m against her being Muslim (because I’m not gonna support people who aren’t supporting my rights as a girl… even if they’re not fully practicing Muslims, and only tacitly supporting the oppression of us girls and women by legitimizing it when they self-identify as Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc).

Honestly I ought to stop self-identifying as partly Jewish like Rachel Weisz’s character does in that lesbian movie, Disobedience. I guess I’m doing that now, saying what I’m saying. I’m not Jewish.

I really, really like the movie version of the Kamala Khan Ms Marvel. I hope she’s not supposed to be Muslim in the movie, so I can keep supporting her. I’m not going to look up the information because I’m happy, and I don’t want to know. As far as I know she’s not Muslim. Anyway, at least I think her costume is OK because it’s basically just a form-fitting standard superheroine costume basically the same as most of the other non-Pakistani superheroines in Western comic book culture have now — except the movie Ms Marvel is a bit like some traditional Pakistani dresses I guess (but it doesn’t look much like the ones I’ve seen). We girls and women don’t always have to show flesh, so I don’t have a problem with the costume. That’s something positive to say after wondering if I need to stop supporting the character completely, LOL! The costume’s basically no different to the Captain Marvel costume from the first Captain Marvel movie, except it has like two layers to it. It’s still very form-fitting though, and not oppressively “chaste” or whatever.

One really nice thing about The Marvels is that Kamala’s mom is pestering her to do her science homework — which is totally like a positive stereotype of a different culture, instead of a negative stereotype. It’s more of a stereotype of Indian Americans, I thought, instead of Pakistani Americans? Like, Indian American parents expecting their kids to become doctors or whatever? Anyway… it’s a good thing in this movie, because Kamala is a girl. Her mom expects her daughter to become a scientist or something, even though their family comes from a mostly Muslim country (and I was under the impression that Muslim cultures are pretty much always oppressive to girls and women, even if they’re not the Islamic State kind of head choppers or the Saudis that I really don’t like!) It’s good for my rights and respect as a girl that Kamala’s mom wants her to be a scientist — or maybe a doctor — because scientists and doctors are respected, “high rank”, well-paid, and culturally influential people in American society!!!! I’m all about my rights as a girl and not anyone else’s rights, these shades! 🙂 Maybe I can be more of a philanthropist again when I have enough rights and respect!!!!

Weirdly, I searched for a neutral “anti-immigration” free licensed picture to use here in Adobe Stock free images search, and the search bar asked me “did you really mean anti-immigration?” I clicked yes, and it returned a single picture which is a “No KKK” picture with one of those red circles with a diagonal red line through it to say “No” to something. WTF? I’m not KKK!!!! LOL! There are legitimate reasons to call for no immigration as a national policy, and it’s not always racist. I just explained a perfectly legitimate reason to call for no immigration in this blog post! We girls and women are 50% of the population, and it’s OK to be concerned about anti-feminist cultures arriving in Britain and America and being promoted as equally valid here, with the multiculturalism political philosophy. I believe in civic nationalism, and I’m not a Nazi. The Nazis were 100% TERRIBLE for the rights of my girls and women group.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of civic nationalism: “Civic nationalism, also known as democratic nationalism and liberal nationalism, is a form of nationalism that adheres to traditional liberal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, individual rights and is not based on ethnocentrism.”

(Generally I don’t lazily post Wikipedia’s heavily CIA-influenced consensus definitions of things, but in this case it’s like really helpful to show people that the CIA hasn’t been able to say civic nationalism is evil or whatever!!!!)

Went to see The Marvels. It’s awesome!!!! (And talk about food!)

So like, what has Goda been doing? After all, I am the Creatress of everything… so someone’s gotta be interested, right? 🙂

Let’s see. So I went to see The Marvels at the movie theater four times so far. At two different theaters actually! If you guessed that I enjoyed it, then you’re right!!!! It’s awesome!!!! I had so much fun viewing it — and there are a ton of scenes in the movie that had me smiling like a deliriously happy person. It’s very good.

Like, I’m not completely happy with the movie for personal reasons, and for some very specific reasons… but I don’t wanna talk about that now. The important thing is that, overall, it’s TOTALLY everything I wish for from popular culture and entertainment. Like, speaking overall it is. A seriously, seriously GOOD and AWESOME and TOTALLY AMAZING movie that it’s hard not to want to shout about from the rooftops how good it is — even if there’s some parts of it that you don’t like or whatever — speaking as a girl, specifically. Movies like The Marvels are everything I’ve been fighting to have, as a normal part of cinema and not as a rare and special thing, you know? It’s great! 🙂 At the moment I feel like it’s the best movie ever. LOL!

(Ms Marvel is my favourite thing about the movie, if anyone’s wondering!)

So yeah!

What else have I been up to? Well, doing my usual thing of creating everything that exists with my mind, since I’m Goda and everything. 🙂 At some point I might want to explain how I created all of the different parts of The Marvels with my mind — and like, what all of the different parts of the movie mean from the primary perspective of my thoughts and feelings — but I don’t wanna do that at the moment either. It’s a lot of work to do that, and I’m very focused on my all-aspects war against the mafia for my emotional safety and dignity. So like, I sooo used to love writing about how I created things like TV shows and movies, though. It was totally my passion to write all those things down on the internet, back when I used to do that at this forum called SAS.

Anyway… hopefully everyone relevant knows that my position is still the same as it was on 24th September 2023. Like, all of it is still the same. Everything I said on that shade, and everything I said leading up to that point on SAS. I thought it might be useful to make this clear.

Like, after everything I said back then — what with it seeming so final and all — I decided to concentrate on writing a more fun and free-spirited blog… because what is the point in saying the same things over and over again when I can do my best to have fun in the situation I find myself in, ya know? 🙂 Especially after I wrote up all of that information and put it at my other blog, and there wasn’t much left to say. Obviously I had other motivations for writing that stuff too — but I can’t keep going over that again and again, or it’s creepy. LOL. 🙂

I guess I’m always the pragmatist though. So that’s why I’m saying my position is still exactly the same, huh?!!!! Because, like, it is.

So like I was saying, what else have I been doing!? 🙂 I had a very good afternoon, nowshade, actually. Obviously the variety of meals I cook for myself at my home is kinda limited now… because of my all-aspects war requirement for all of my meal ingredients being locally-grown and locally-made products of small local independent businesses, paid for in person with cash at the small local independent shops. But nowshade I had some fun experimenting with adding small cubes of mature cheddar cheese to my 50/50 English-grown quinoa and English-grown lentils mix, then warming it all up together in a pan after the quinoa/lentils mix was already cooked — so that the little cheddar cubes partially melted (but not fully dissolved into liquid) to make a gorgeously delicious cheesy substitute for rice. I then ate the cheesy quinoa/lentils mix alongside English-grown broad beans that I’d warmed in a small local independent British company Indian jalfrezi curry sauce. I had some hot lime pickle with it on the plate too. With a cup of English-grown black tea with milk. (The milk was delivered to my door by a small local independent dairy, partially in reusuable glass bottles with recyclable foil tops!!!!)

So you see, people — Reign The Superheroine lives on!!!! I mean, she simply keeps existing on. Because she’s me, and I’m still doing all of this ****. LOL. I’M HERE TO HELP! >:)

“I never wanted you to see that side of me!” 🙂 That’s a line from The Marvels, haha! I guess I’m trying to like, let people know that I’m still the same Victoria, even though I’m being more honest with you all about who I am or whatever. It’s like still me who wrote all of that stuff before. I was just pretending to be British. I’m trying to stop being British. Especially trying to stop being dumb British… like a dumb Jane Austen character. Just don’t laugh at me for drinking so much tea and constantly talking about drinking tea grown in England and all of that. Because it’s not funny. Also, I like tea!

Anyway, the curry I made for my lunch was really nice. I’ve totally started liking jalfrezi — which I used to think was too hot. But I like it now! Oh… also, I know that you can totally get English-grown rice these shades — however, I’ve been using my English-grown quinoa and lentils mix instead of rice for my curries because it’s so easy for me to get these long-lasting dried foods from my local shops. It’s definitely better with some cheese, or some seasoning, though!

Speaking of cheese, I’ve been using my locally-made cheddar in larger-cut cubes in curry sauce like paneer, too!!!! You can melt mature cheddar as much or as little as you want in curries, and it works well for all sorts of different things (and tastes great). That’s something I discovered! It’s so simple but I never thought of doing it until recently.

What else is there to say? I got myself a pair of sweet berets. Very cute looking (especially on me, since I’m so hot and sexy, etc). I got one pink beret, and one black beret. It was too hard to get only the pink one because of my I AM REIGN obsession… WHICH IS TRUE. I am Reign. I’m glad I got the black one too though, because it looks nice as well. I also got a smaller black hat; like a bucket hat style sun hat, like for going to the beach or something (except I have it for walking around on the streets). I still have my big black hat though. BUT… I got one of my fresh unused ones out of my attic, so it doesn’t look all beat up anymore!!!! 🙂 I am totally doing flat shoes now too. And I feel so short. Because I am short.

I’m like so much happier now that I’m dressing in clothes that are actually my size. So much happier. I feel really good in skirts with pantyhose too. Thin leggings at the moment because it’s December — but leggings that actually fit me, instead of looking like two black leg-shaped accordions. :-/ Oh… and I got two very cute little cropped jackets for the Winter that I look great in!!!! I look so good in them with my beret, skirt, pantyhose and flats. I seriously do.

I wish I was able to find some nice black dresses, minidresses, skater style or even gothy style, like I used to have. But they don’t have anything like this at the shops in my size! 🙁 Like, nothing! Nothing at all. I’m sure I can find something eventually. 🙂

So that’s my blog post for now, people!!!! Like, YEEAAAHHH!!!! You know? Totally!!!! 🙂 Let’s do this! Like, whatever it is that we’re doing, you know? I’m ready for it. I’m ready for anything. (This is what my vibe is right now! Not on drugs though. LOL!)


The CIA puts anti-feminist brainwashing in Nickelodeon TV shows for kids.

Was the CIA putting in-plain-sight “subliminal” messages into Nickelodeon TV shows, in the early 2010s, to try to roll back feminism’s gains by brainwashing kids into accepting casual sexism again? I say, Yes it was — and I am going to prove this to you. Is it still doing it? You decide! So read on to learn all about this disgraceful and very harmful phenomenon in American popular culture.

So like, I was viewing The Haunted Hathaways on Nickelodeon recently… it was this episode, “Haunted Cookie Jar”… and the older boy, Miles, who normally seems really sweet and gentle, out of nowhere gets angry at the youngest girl Frankie — saying to her, angrily, “NOW WOMAN!!!” (like, as in, move your butt over there immediately you inferior subhuman member of a slave caste). The Frankie character then runs away to the place Miles pointed at, seemingly in fear of him… and also seemingly because she was ordered to do it, and she sorta “unquestioningly obeyed the man when he raised his voice”, for some reason!!!?

I was like, What. The. Fuck. Seriously. What the fuck? For some reason the little boy was written to order the girl around like a white man ordering a black “boy” around in pre-civil war America or whatever — and Nickelodeon corporate OKed this scene to go into the final version of the episode, in 2013. I was incensed. So angry about this! Actually kinda in shock for a while, trying to understand why something like this can have happened in 2013 when I thought that things had improved so much for us girls and women at that point in time, that something like this was never in a million years going to happen on a mainstream kids’ TV show in America. So I paused the episode for a long time, then eventually decided to not view the end of it in protest.

Update: I took the steps of personally contacting my cable TV provider, Virgin Media, on the phone and with a text reply to the automated “How did our customer service assistant do? Rate their helpfulness, and reply with any comments you have” thing. Using both methods, I like explained at length — referring only to the essential information though — why The Haunted Hathaways needs to be withdrawn from being aired by Virgin Media immediately. I explained which two episodes it is that contain the unacceptably sexist stuff… and I DEMANDED that Virgin Media’s head office, board of directors or whatever, hears about this important issue immediately! I also DEMANDED that Virgin Media does actually stop showing The Haunted Hathaways effective immediately, and also like strongly chose to demand that Virgin Media apologises publicly to all girls and women for missing this disgusting blatant sexist bigotry on one of its TV shows — and I demanded too that Virgin Media actually goes as far as suspending all of Virgin Media’s Nickelodeon programming effective immediately pending a review by both Virgin Media and Nickelodeon of Nickelodeon’s own current output (to make sure that it doesn’t contain any other unacceptable sexist bigotry that “they somehow didn’t notice”, and like… to make sure that this never happens again!!!!) I also said that Virgin Media has to contact me personally by phone, letter, or email, to reassure me that all of these things are definitely going to happen — or I’m gonna contact the feminist press for comment, with an eye to setting feminist attack dogs against both Virgin Media and Nickelodeon, basically. No offence to the feminist press and fellow feminist activists, who I love and appreciate a ton. I’m sure you understand that you gotta scare corporate types with the feminist activist boogeywoman, and the “attack dogs” characterization is only mentioned here to help people understand the sort of things I said using different words, in an extended conversation with Virgin Media. 🙂 I suggest that everyone concerned by the issues that I’m bringing to your attention here does the same sort of thing as me! Also, I was careful to put in my text reply to the automated survey, the phrase “Virgin Media’s Nickelodeon programming”, to suggest the idea of brand confusion (i.e. that people are gonna think Virgin Media is directly responsible for the unacceptable sexism, and maybe Virgin Media is making the TV shows itself). 🙂 I once had a letter printed by The Guardian, back when I thought Freemasonry might actually be very important (it was during the Westminster Freemasonry lodge story, around 2016 I think: I strongly criticized Freemasonry in the letter). I know my letter was in a printed paper edition of The Observer or The Guardian. They never printed my “nom de plume”, The Goddess Athena, LOL! I wanted to mention this when I contacted Virgin Media, but I forgot! LOL! I thought that might have really gotten them to listen though, if I’d said that. I think I said more than enough though!!!! I was gonna simply say that The Guardian once printed a letter of mine, and that’s all I was gonna say. I deliberately chose not to mention Freemasonry to Virgin Media because I felt it wasn’t the essential information and I needed to be concise — avoid prejudices against “conspiracy theorists” that might stop people listening to me quickly, etc — but I’m not sure if other people ought to do the same as me there. It’s obviously your choice how much you say about the CIA fake Freemasonry brainwashing aspect of this, if you wanna do your bit to help. I think some people ought to mention it, to try to gradually get “authorities” to take this sort of thing seriously instead of automatically switch off and stop listening when anyone discusses this real and serious stuff.

Eventually, I also decided to not view anymore of whole The Haunted Hathaways show, in protest… even though I like the Taylor character and the mom character a lot!!!! Seriously, I was enjoying viewing this series and I had lots more episodes left to view — but I feel very strongly that us girls have to take some kind of action when we find ourselves getting treated like this. I.e. if it’s like you’re enjoying something but you know you have to eat shit to enjoy it, because there’s something sexist and nasty going on underneath, then don’t just accept it! Loudly point out the sexism. Loudly demand that it stops. And actually refuse to participate in non-essential things that are sexist… and like, loudly explain why you’re not participating anymore!!!! Because that’s what changes things, and you’re gonna be happier in the long run when the world gets better. Viewing more episodes of The Haunted Hathaways wasn’t gonna make me THAT happy in the long run. But I liked this show. 🙁

The series was helping me a lot with my PTSD issues (me being triggered by men on TV and in movies… all men and boys, basically… resulting in me wanting to reject all TV shows and movies that have lots of men and boys in them). Obviously that’s been making things pretty difficult for me viewing TV and movies, but I just felt like I didn’t want anything to do with men and boys in my entertainment media… when I’m not, like, doing my shopping or whatever and I have to interact with them. I started viewing a lot of kids’ TV shows and animes from Japan. Anyway — this was making things unnecessarily difficult for me and I wanted to change it… so for a long time now I’ve been doing self-directed exposure therapy to entertainment media that’s more about men and boys than I used to feel able to cope with. Viewing The Haunted Hathaways was supposed to be part of that, and it was helping me a lot until this seemingly sweet kid (Miles) treats a girl like she’s his slave housewife from a previous century. I actually sort of liked the Miles character too, because I have PTSD that comes from my experiences with men, and I found the character unthreatening and pretty likeable (similar to the dad character, who I also find unthreatening and sort of likeable). So I know this might seem ridiculous, but at first I found the Louie character a little challenging because the child actor looks like he’s gonna grow up into a scary big man and he does a lot of aggressive posturing, LOL! That’s because of my PTSD though. The more I viewed the programme, the more I found him to be OK and a nice-seeming kid character who isn’t doing anything to hurt anyone, and gets along with the little girl Frankie as equals. So yeah.

Like the only reason I was able to think of that made any sense, for why this scene exists, is the CIA (or some other network of private agents, not Freemasons LOL) trying to brainwash a couple of generations of kids into accepting casual sexism again!!! Because it’s not only this whole Haunted Hathaways show that’s a problem (the Miles character says “woman” the same way again to Taylor, a girl much older than Frankie, FFS!)… iCarly is also totally 100% terrible for feminism, for a ton of reasons. And the iCarly show was being made at the same time The Haunted Hathaways was being made, in the early 2010s. One of the gross running themes of iCarly is the Freddie character “being in love” with Carly for a long time, even though she keeps rejecting him over and over. But eventually the character is rewarded by getting “dates” and/or kisses with Carly (AND WITH SAM!!!! A character who explicitly hates Freddie so much that she’s constantly beating him up throughout the series… like, to a ridiculous extent. She beats him up SO MUCH that it seems like a pretty clear cut attempt from the CIA or whoever to light a fire underneath a generation of American boys, to make them feel as if “boys don’t matter anymore” and “the world is unfair to boys now, and it’s girls who get unfair special treatment from society now”… even though that’s soooo wrong in a million ways, especially as iCarly was being produced long before even the Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults story broke in the media, nevermind the Epstein sex trafficking of minor girls as sex slaves to the rich and powerful basically. Anyway — I refused to view any of the episodes that are about Freddie getting together with Carly and/or Sam, after both of them VERY CLEARLY rejected him as a suitor AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN on the show… because I felt it was so wrong for boys to be sent that message: that if they sexually harrass girls often enough, eventually the girls are gonna give in and “date” them or kiss them, or whatever. (In the case of Freddie and Sam getting together, the very bad and wrong idea that “girls pretend to hate boys they actually have secret crushes on” is used as the reason why Sam relents and actually gets with him, completely out of character!!!!)

Both iCarly and The Haunted Hathaways have seriously lame “Freemason” symbols on their shows — put there, I guess, by the CIA (or whoever) to try to convince the public that Freemasons, like, run everything. To misdirect people away from simple corporate shareholders with a lot of shares in the biggest companies, and inbred trust fund people that inherited a lot of money and use it to fund creepy secret networks of agents to advance their interests… which might be as disappointingly simple as being able to keep fucking “the best whores”, including child sex slaves (not whores) for those of them that like them young. For some reason I feel like these people’s interests are like totally against my interests LOL. So I’ve been exposing them on the internet since 2016.

Anyway people… iCarly has this dumb “G” symbol burger restaurant or something, and The Haunted Hathaways has a pie shop with a black and white checkerboard floor. The “G” thing and the checkerboard are both symbols important in Freemasonry, but I guess a lot of you might know that already. A lot of people — like me — read all about Freemasonry in their obsessive conspiracy researcher phases… so the CIA (or whoever) totally play on people’s knowledge of dumb Freemason conspiracy stuff to try to make it seem like Freemasons are in control of everything, putting their symbols everywhere (including on Supreme Court buildings and seriously retarded stuff like that… not just iCarly, LOL!!!!) They’ve been trying to convince everyone that Freemasons (or the “Vatican secret societies”, LOL) run everything behind the scenes, and they’ve been trying to convince everyone of this dumb idea since they pretended that Freemasons took over the whole Italian government in that “Propaganda Due” psyop that was supposed to seem “too big and too reported on in the media to be a totally dumb CIA lie”. Basically, the corporate shareholders and inbred trust fund people have “think tanks” and computers that are always coming up with projected models of the future and stuff. They’ve known since the US military was developing that Arpanet thing or whatever (the thing that later became the early internet in the USA), that the internet becoming widely available for the whole public to use in the 1990s was gonna result in investigative journalists and conspiracy researchers figuring out exactly which corporate shareholders and inbred trust fund people actually “ran things behind the scenes”. So the HUGE Propaganda Due psyop (i.e. HUGE orchestrated CIA lie) and all of this retarded literature about Freemasonry, Vatican secret societies, lizard people, and a trillion other narratives like that got produced by the CIA to confuse the public and misdirect them away from the “real people behind the scenes”. The Propaganda Due thing was so huge and intricately orchestrated, involving a whole country like Italy that was already a total mess anyway (always changing governments constantly with no stability or trust in government to actually lose by doing this)… this retarded CIA gigantic lie was carried out by them, to like well and truly convince the journalists and public that the “Freemasons and Vatican mafia secretly controlling everything” thing had to be at least partly true. It’s soooo dumb. So. Dumb.

So that’s why iCarly and The Haunted Hathaways have “G” symbols and black and white checkerboard floors in them, so prominently. To intimidate the people, basically. To try to convince us that there’s no point in fighting against the corporate shareholders and inbred trust fund people, by making it seem like it’s not even them doing this dumb stuff and it’s actually a super-secret Freemasonry organisation that “got exposed in Italy and South America once, but is obviously in control behind the scenes everywhere else and never got exposed in all those places because it’s THAT SCARY AND POWERFUL” (LOL, when that’s not true at all, and Propaganda Due actually completely failed to take over Italy even in the dumb CIA gigantic orchestrated lie, proving the Freemasons and the Vatican are a total failure at controlling things… not that they control everything everywhere else, in secret!!!! Like, WTF!!!!? Why does Propaganda Due FAILING, and being like ARRESTED AND JAILED, mean that Freemasons are powerful and effective? Just because Gelli got released from jail, and before that was able to escape at one point, after like running away from Italy like a total loser because his organisation failed and he was hunted by law enforcement? LOL?!

I wonder why rich men’s groups felt the need to place all of these nasty anti-feminist themes into kids’ TV shows like The Haunted Hathaways and iCarly, targeting impressionable little kids that look to characters on shows like this for guidance on how to be girls and how to be boys! Targeting the generations of little kids that are gonna grow up to be the feminist or anti-feminist adults of the future, with their constant repeats of these same TV shows on the Nickelodeon channel which is shown all across the USA and in Britain! Were the secretive corporate shareholders pulling the strings of the CIA like worried that feminism was gonna cancel their “right” to have sex with underage sex slaves, and like mess with the quality and quantity of their whores in their whorehouses in every city they fly to? Were they like worried that maybe not enough women were gonna want to be their whores anymore, if feminism kept getting stronger and stronger, out of their “control”? Were they maybe worried that their child sex slave trafficking operations might get legitimately busted and shut down for good? People like the inbred trust fund guy Robert H Richards III, fucking his little baby relative and getting away with it, thanks to a Biden man? Because this is like the sort of stupid self-destructive scum that pull the strings of the CIA and other groups. People with too much money, no morals at all, and obsessed with protecting their “interests” using networks of compromised individuals (which includes protecting their whorehouses in every major city, and protecting their supply of good quality whores). Basically a kind of super-mafia behind the biggest private companies of the Western World.

What I want to know is WHY IS THE HAUNTED HATHAWAYS EVEN STILL BEING SHOWN ON TV IN 2023, POST WEINSTEIN BEING JAILED AND EVERYTHING THAT FEMINISM HAS ACHIEVED FOR US GIRLS AND WOMEN???? Like, why is this show been repeated every year on Nickelodeon since 2014 or whenever it started, even though the little boy character Miles refers to two different girls as “woman” in a clearly sexist and minimising way?!?!! One of the girls Miles calls “woman” like this is actually older than him, FFS!!!! Why the fuck is this show still on TV? Not even the offending episodes have been pulled. WHY???? This is not OK. Like I said — there is no way that either of the two girl characters can get away with calling him “boy” like from a previous racist century, so how does he get away with calling them “woman”? Does anyone think that the offending episodes are still gonna be on TV in 2023 if it was the other way around, and they called him “boy” in a clearly racially motivated way? Surely the whole series is gonna have been pulled from TV forever if that happened. WTF????

When are we (girls and women) gonna stop silently viewing ourselves as basically inferior as a starting position, and so naturally accepting of less improvement as a NON-MINORITY GROUP than minority groups do in nations in which they’re not the majority?!!!! When are we gonna demand the same amount of change happens for our girls and women group that the black people group (that includes girls and women) rightfully demands happens for them, as quickly as black people demand that it changes? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO DEMAND THAT OUR RIGHTS MATTER TOO? Like, when are we gonna demand the amount of improvement that a MAN demands “as a human with rights”, instead of the amount of improvement that we demand “for a girl”, or “for a woman”?! You know?!!!! When are we not gonna accept being like the harem princesses of whatever male group we’re attached to in society, accepting as many rights as “our” male group allows us to have (in recognition of the status of “our” male group compared to other male groups, and not because of OUR STATUS and OUR RIGHTS as GIRLS AND WOMEN!!!!?) This is a pretty shitty way of thinking about it that’s obviously not completely or even very much true at all — but it is partly true, I think, and that’s our fault for accepting less because of thinking we’re inferior to start with. We’re “just girls”. “Just women”. And even if we ARE inferior in some ways, like being smaller and stuff in overall statistical ways specifically… that DOESN’T MEAN WE OUGHT TO ACCEPT LESS RIGHTS COMPARED TO OTHER INTEREST GROUPS!!!! THE POINT OF CIVILISATION AND THE RIGHTS OF LESS ADVANTAGED PEOPLE IS THAT WE GET THE SAME RIGHTS. So we have to demand the same rights. We have to demand as much as everyone else gets even though we’re smaller, because we have civilisation and they’re not gonna kill us all or rape us all for demanding the same as what they get. Look at what happened in Iceland in their 1970s feminism movement, when all the women in the country refused to go to work, cook, or do any childcare for a whole shade (my word for day). The women and girls of Iceland got more rights. They got the first democratically elected female president in the world. Iceland has pretty much exactly 50/50 female and male lawmakers in their parliament!!!! The same amount of female members of parliament as male members of parliament!!!! Sweden — another extremely (notoriously to some people?) feminist country — has almost 50/50 female and male lawmakers too… and THAT’S WHAT DEMANDING MORE DOES FOR YOU!!!! That’s what saying “give us the EXACT SAME RIGHTS… not something almost as good, or just something better than before”… that’s what demanding MORE gets us!!!! More, not less, you know? If we don’t put ourselves first then no one else is gonna do that, ever.

So like, speaking to female readers of my blog, please do at least one thing like I did when I refused to view the rest of The Haunted Hathaways (even though I enjoyed it) because it’s too sexist to justifiably continue supporting without being a gender traitor, basically. And please do what I did, which is loudly and clearly explain why I did this: to get us girls and women the exact same rights as boys and men. To make sure I’m not pathetically accepting less from male people just because I’m smaller than they are, knowing that the world is only gonna change if I don’t eat shit when eating shit is all that’s on offer at that moment.

There were other issues with The Haunted Hathaways that I knew about, and maybe I ought to have rejected the show sooner. Brec Bassinger (who plays Stargirl) plays a minor role on the show, and her character Emma is a huge insult to all girls and women. I mean, especially insulting to girls like me actually, because she plays a “dumb blonde” stereotype that isn’t even funny. Seriously, none of her lines are funny because, like, they’re not supposed to be. Like, having viewed the other episodes with Miles talking to girls in a sexist way, I’m sure that the Emma character was written that way by the CIA (or whoever) SPECIFICALLY TO SEE HOW MUCH THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH, IN PLAIN SIGHT, TRYING TO BRAINWASH A COUPLE OF GENERATIONS OF KIDS TO TRY TO ROLL BACK FEMINISM’S GAINS ON BEHALF OF ELITE MEN’S GROUPS. I found the character hurtful and upsetting, and I knew that it wasn’t even funny at all… so I was like, “eating shit”, accepting girls like me being insulted… because it was only girls like me being insulted, and not all girls and women being insulted. It was wrong of me to accept the show up to that point when it was blatantly insulting ME, and all girls like me — but the CIA and organisations like that always try to disguise what they’re doing with their plausibly deniable narratives for why it’s like that (in this case, using the fact that people prefer to assume the best instead of the worst, when they don’t wanna stop viewing a TV show… and using the fact that it’s completely possible for writers to write lame, unfunny jokes that lazily insult “dumb blondes” without it being a conspiracy: so that’s the CIA’s plausibly deniable narrative for why Emma is like that). I ought to know better though, because I’ve seen iCarly (LOL).

It’s not just iCarly either. The CIA does all of this stuff for the rich men’s groups (remember: it’s NOT Freemasonry behind this)… they put a ton of other anti-feminism themes into Nickelodeon TV shows, that are in plain sight, surrounded by all the pro-feminism themes that they can’t stop people writing onto Nickelodeon shows because that’s the way American culture is now. That’s just what people do when they’re not a secret agent infiltrating Nickelodeon corporate, or when they’re not put onto the writing/production team by a secret agent in Nickelodeon corporate specifically to write these crappy anti-feminism scenes. Everyone else is just trying to make money, and if they’re making political points with their writing, it’s probably gonna be good for feminism, etc. At the moment, feminism makes money for Nickelodeon. 🙂 This is a good thing. If feminism didn’t make money for Nickelodeon, it’s not gonna be constantly repeating shows like The Thundermans, and having 50/50 female and male child characters with superpowers on the successor show to Henry Danger (Danger Force). I never viewed Danger Force myself, but I was happy about seeing the girls on the adverts for it!

So, the important thing to understand, is like, the CIA has to look at things long-term when it’s trying to roll back feminism, working for these corrupt rich men’s groups who are trying to keep their Epstein/Weinstein whorehouses running (when they can see feminism coming for them, about to take away their rights to treat women as nothing but disposable whore pieces of meat, in secret, away from public eyes). The CIA can’t attack feminism too openly, so that’s what the anti-feminism stuff on The Haunted Hathaways was about. Kids’ TV is a good place for the CIA to try to brainwash future generations of people to be against feminism, because adults don’t care that much about kids’ shows so they aren’t being scrutinised very hard by adults. Nickelodeon shows are stuffed full of zany, crazy, over the top nonsense… and this “TOTALLY CRAZY AND FUN kids’ TV genre” helps to hide the CIA’s brainwashing (they hope their brainwashing gets lost with all the zany nonsense, so people don’t notice it — or if parents do notice it when viewing with their kids, that they explain it away as being “not important to society’s future”, or “more bad/stupid writing as usual and probably not deliberately anti-feminist, so they won’t keep doing it: no reason to complain I guess”).

But there is a reason to complain about this. It is important to society’s future. And that’s because kids are like, simple, in the way they think (especially very little kids). Kids look to things like the characters on Nickelodeon TV shows to help them understand how to behave: how to be a girl, or how to be a boy, or whatever! If a little girl sees the Taylor and Frankie characters on The Haunted Hathaways meekly accepting the Miles character calling them “woman” and ordering them around like they’re beneath him in some hierarchy of authority, just because he’s male, then the little girl is maybe gonna internalise that idea that being a girl means accepting more shit from people than boys do (and maybe she’s gonna internalise the idea of being automatically below boys in a hierarchy of authority, since even Taylor accepts being angrily called “woman” by Miles… even though Taylor is several years senior to Miles, who is just a little boy compared to her). And EVEN THOUGH the little girl is gonna see lots more examples of female characters who DO strongly challenge being treated in a sexist way, on television, in 2023 — remember she’s still a little girl who thinks about stuff in a simple way, so instead of those other examples cancelling out the idea of girls automatically being below boys in a hierarchy of authority, regardless of age, she might instead think that girls are SOMETIMES below boys in a hierarchy of authority, regardless of age (with there being no explanation for why things are sometimes like that). Adults look at stuff differently, so they might assume that one VERY BAD AND TERRIBLE example of a girl being treated the way that Miles treats Taylor and Frankie on The Haunted Hathaways being seen by a ridiculously large number of girls every year since 2014 isn’t that important. But it is important! It’s really, really important!!!! That’s why The Haunted Hathaways needs to be pulled from TV by Nickelodeon immediately and never shown again. The whole series needs to be pulled, because it’s that serious. It’s a disgrace. It stinks!

They are trying to see how much they can get away with in plain sight, to test the waters. If they got away with it, they keep the show on TV, to see HOW LONG they can get away with it. The show is still being repeated and it needs to be pulled from TV, because it’s sexist to a completely unacceptable degree in 2023. It’s not an accident that it’s still on TV either, because don’t think that a huge business operation like Nickelodeon doesn’t involve people constantly reviewing their programming — and the actual content of the programming, meaning employees having to view the TV shows again each year (at least) to see what they’re like — so that means SOMEONE IS MAKING THE DECISION EVERY YEAR AT NICKELODEON TO KEEP THIS SEXIST SHOW ON THE AIR, EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW IT’S UNACCEPTABLY SEXIST AT THIS POINT. The only explanation for why they’re making this same decision every year is because it’s a CIA agent doing it, on behalf of the rich men’s groups. They want to brainwash kids to be anti-feminist as much as they can get away with doing this, for as long as they can get away with doing this… to try to take away our rights in the future. They are literally trying to take our hard-won rights away from us again, and you can see the evidence that this is happening if you view the TV shows I’ve talked about. It’s not a joke. We have to do more. We have to demand more, as girls and women.

Nickelodeon, I’m saying to you, STOP SHOWING THE HAUNTED HATHAWAYS because it’s unacceptably sexist in 2023!!!!

Also, I think there ought to be all-women candidate lists for the next US Presidential election, to make sure that we get a female United States President. We need to call for things like this to happen, even if it seems extreme, because extreme situations require extreme action to correct inequalities like this. Like what happened in Iceland with women refusing to go to work and refusing to do any childcare (the type of extreme action that helped Iceland’s women to win their first elected female president before the rest of the world), and like what happens in Sweden. I’m in England, so I can’t vote in the US elections, but that’s not the point. The USA calls itself the “leader of the free world” — and that’s a fucking joke when it hasn’t even had a woman president yet. I think it’s disgusting. I’m disgusted with the USA for acting like its women and girls have the same rights, when it’s never had a woman leader, and so many countries around the world have! It’s like, a total disgrace.

So here is another example of this bullshit the CIA have been pulling, using Nickelodeon kids’ shows, to like try to brainwash little girls into becoming more submissive to men when they grow up… to try to roll back feminism in the future on behalf of rich men who don’t like the way society is going. The Thundermans. Now I’m totally going to explain exactly what is wrong with The Thundermans, and how totally bad and terrible it is, LOL! But first I’m going to totally say a few nice things about this show that I actually love a lot.

The Thundermans is a very cool and special show, because it’s about a family of superheroines and superheroes — and the girls often (but not always) seem like they’re actually better and more effective than the boys at using their powers, and fighting crime and stuff. And when the Chloe character arrived on the show, it meant that the Thundermans family actually had more girls than boys!!!! Four girls and only three boys! A pretty special thing for a TV show like that, even in this era of TV still. 🙂 It used to be that girls with superpowers were very rare characters in popular culture, just like it was with the small number of action women characters that there used to be compared to all the Rambos and John Waynes. And TV shows for girls used to be pretty much exclusively written to prepare girls for being submissive housewives and mothers. The girls and women of The Thundermans are not much like the female characters of previous eras of TV and movies. The world sure has changed, you know? So I don’t want to depress female readers of my blog. I want to light a fire under you all, so that you do what you’ve gotta do to make sure that the rich men’s groups can never roll back feminism by brainwashing little kids bit by bit, over years and years, without you noticing it happening. I want to make sure that a woman President of the United States gets elected soon, and other things like that. To like, change the status quo forever, so it’s never gonna go back to how it used to be (which wasn’t THAT long ago, y’know).

So anyway. Even though The Thundermans is an awesome show for kids, and even though it seems like overall it’s much better for girls and women than it can possibly be bad for us… sigh… unfortunately, the CIA was able to use its agents at Nickelodeon corporate and on the writing team to have two episodes in which girl characters have proven that they’re good enough to win against male characters, but then deliberately give way to the male characters and let them win. It’s like they suddenly turn into submissive “good girls” for men, for seemingly no reason. Obviously, reading this post I’m making, you can now see that the reason why this happens is because of the CIA’s agents doing this crap on purpose for the reasons I already explained. 🙁 It sucks butt.

One of the episodes of The Thundermans in which this happens is “The Thunder Games, Part Two”. It’s like, especially sad that this happens, since that’s the final episode of The Thundermans series. 🙁 Basically, the two main characters, Phoebe and Max, have to compete against each other for a better job position at their superheroic workplace. There’s only one spot available on the “Z Force”, so “Dirk Trumbo” makes them literally fight each other in single combat. Phoebe actually wins the fight, because she uses her telekinesis better than Max to hold him floating in the air as if he’s a ragdoll that she can just toss out of the Sumo-like ring to win the combat. He looks totally defeated with puppy dog eyes. Then she has a personality crisis about not wanting to be the “mean” person who crushed her brother’s dreams and lets him win on purpose. (It’s not “mean” for a girl or woman to defeat a boy or man, when she’s better than he is.) He recovers while she is hesitating, and quickly tosses her out of the ring and wins. There was like no reason to have them fight each other like this, so that there was only one winner out of the girl and the boy — but they wrote this scene for the final episode. It’s one of those “I’m never gonna forgive this” things that I have stored in my mind now, LOL!

The other episode of The Thundermans in which this happens is “Back To School”. So in this episode, for some reason the dad character is called “President of the home” for no reason — and he’s in charge of everything that happens at the home of the superheroic family that the show is about. He decides who has to do what chores, etc. A pretty crappy idea of how division of labor between a husband and wife is supposed to work, huh? It’s basically reinforcing the patriarchal idea of a man being “head of the family”, in plain sight. Barbara, the wife and mother character, actually supports him being “President of the home”, and begs him not to let their daughter Nora challenge him for the Presidency in an impromptu leadership election. So like, Nora actually wins the election on merit until her own votes are counted, because she got more votes than him. She actually won, just like Phoebe actually won the single combat against Max in the final episode. But then when Nora’s own votes are read out, she voted for her dad instead of for herself to win “because she only wanted him to listen to her”. You can see the clear pattern here of trying to teach little kids that being a girl means giving way to boys and men, and letting them win. It’s probably disguised on purpose as a political commentary about Hillary and Obama, that only parents are gonna understand (maybe the plausibly deniable narrative for why the episodes are like this is that the writers wanted to say to girls “if you have chance to get a woman president or whatever, make sure that you vote for a woman, or vote for yourself metaphorically by making sure you win against men in any situation like competing for a promotion at work… don’t miss your chance girls!”) But the very little girls who view the show are only going to understand the idea that they’re supposed to lose on purpose to boys and men though, and that’s the point of it. The plausibly deniable narrative — that’s confusing, and only makes sense if you view both episodes — is only there to try to stop parents from complaining, by having them think they’re “smart” for noticing the “clever” political commentary. 🙁 The CIA is evil. They’re literally trying to keep women down using brainwashing on kids’ shows, even though that’s not the CIA’s job at all.

Some people are gonna say it must be Freemasons and not the CIA, because the CIA has women working for it, so how can the rich men’s groups convince the CIA to do all of these things against women’s interests? That’s dumb though, because there aren’t enough Freemasons to have them fill all of these job positions to do all of these things at corporate and writing teams for all of the companies in America’s entertainment industry. Some of the people doing this crap for the CIA are gonna be women, sadly… and I guess that’s just because it’s not hard to get people to do evil stuff for money. There was this whole anti-women master-slave sex cult in America’s TV industry featuring that Smallville actress. Somehow it was pretty easy to convince a whole bunch of high-status women to be pathetic masochistic whores for men, just for BDSM pleasure or something (not even for promotion in the TV industry, I think). I think it’s like pretty easy to get enough people of any gender to be agents of rich men’s groups, working against the interests of everyone else who isn’t in the rich men’s groups. It’s the CIA doing all of this, and even if Freemasons are used to do some things here and there as part of the wider network of influence and blackmailing of people to do stuff for the CIA — the “Freemasons control everything” theory is dumb, and it’s the boring big corporate shareholders who are the real people behind the scenes. The CIA is their main way of co-ordinating the network of influence and blackmailing, I think. So yeah. It’s the rich men’s groups and the CIA. Feminism has it right, basically. It’s the Patriarchy and Freemasonry is only a small and relatively unimportant part of that, besides the role Freemasonry plays as the official patsy of the CIA and the rich men’s groups (so that people get misdirected away from the real culprits).

The twin towers thing was me in 2021, because of an episode of the Melissa Benoist Supergirl TV show that upset me. And just in case anyone’s wondering, I don’t think she’s ever been in a sex cult (because mentioning the Smallville actress stuff and then her name, or even just “Supergirl”, might be confusing). Anyway — it’s not the Freemasons who are the real people behind the scenes. It’s just my fault that the rich men’s groups have had to say it’s the Freemasons even more than they were already doing before that, since I used to be convinced by the Propaganda Due CIA big lie… so when this thing happened on the TV show in a previous version of the universe, I like blamed the Freemasons and big corporate bankers (because whoever it was that did this thing, they literally said it was those specific people who did it). Also, it wasn’t planned. It wasn’t something I was able to help doing. You can read more about this on my other blog. I never uploaded any of my posts from my other blog, like I said I was going to do — and I don’t think I’m gonna do that now. I already said it all, so it seems like there’s no benefit to uploading the posts here too. I made my other blog easy to find though. So yeah.

The “Back To School” episode of The Thundermans is pretty cool, because it references a website I used to use to post my thoughts like this on the internet. Social Anxiety Support, or SAS for short. I used to post there as XebelRebel. In the episode of The Thundermans, the school that Phoebe and Max go back to is called SASS. 🙂 The little girl who creates rainclouds is supposed to represent me, LOL. Although I don’t like boys, since I’m lesbian. I like flying cars though!!!! 😀 Get it? It’s a clever code I put in the episode, since I’m Goda and I create everything in the universe with my mind. OBVIOUSLY the rainclouds, and the reference to making a rainbow, are there to say I’m REIGN. 🙂

I also responded to the episode of The Haunted Hathaways that upset me so much (Haunted Cookie Jar), in which Miles calls Frankie “woman” in a nasty sexist way, by putting lots of “hilarious” and obnoxiously obvious references to Freemasonry rituals into the episode of The Haunted Hathaways that I viewed next (“Haunted Brothers”, LOL! Even the name of the episode is a stupidly obvious reference to Freemasonry, haha!) As I’ve been explaining to you all, it’s not actually the Freemasons who are behind this dumb Nickelodeon attempted brainwashing of children to try to roll back feminism — it’s the rich men’s groups and their CIA traitors to all humanity agents who are behind it, actually — but anyone who like knows anything about Freemasonry, knows that they aren’t supposed to make it stupidly obvious to everyone that they’re Freemasons. It’s supposed to always be easily plausibly deniable when they do their intimidatory gang signs in public… which is why their hand signs and stuff are close enough to random things that lots of people do with their hands and clothes, so they can say “I was just fiddling with my coat, or grabbing my chin, or whatever! I wasn’t doing Freemason things! WTF! You’re crazy!!!!!” if anyone points out what they’re doing. Anyway, I used my mind to have this “Haunted Brothers” episode lampoon Freemasons with the actresses and actors “just happening to have been written to do a bunch of genuinely random non-malicious things that just happened to look extremely similar to Freemason rituals and stuff Freemasons do”. 🙂 They keep waving wands around like some of the dumbest Freemasons rituals that they do in their dumb lodge buildings. Temples, whatever, doofuses. There’s this scene with something that looks like an oversized Freemason ring. People “cut signs” like Freemasons do for the first three degrees of Freemasonry. I think someone gets raised up from the floor, like the third degree ritual or whatever. I can’t remember what degree it is anymore, because it’s a long time ago that I read all of these books about Freemasonry, LOL. It must be the third degree though I think. I remember that they call their buildings temples, but not everything. 😉 Seriously you’re not supposed to say this stuff in public so you can probably trust that I’m not a Freemason (since there are actually female Freemasons, although they say they’re not real “regular” Freemasons, blah blah whatever). LOL. I’m always anxious that people are gonna think I’m a Freemason when I say stuff like this, which I ought to remember not so many people are gonna think! But a lot of the general public might not understand how Freemasonry works and think that talking about it obviously is like saying you are a Freemason when the opposite is true, pretty much always. That’s why this episode is so funny, LOL. They’re supposed to intimidate people without ever making it too clear that they’re saying it’s Freemasons. I totally wrecked the CIA’s plausibly deniable narrative that it’s Freemasons running Nickelodeon by making this episode be called “Haunted Brothers” and by making all the people in the episode be constantly acting out all the Freemasons rituals I can remember. 🙂 Fuck you, CIA! LOL! I’m not gonna view the episode again, but there’s a ton of dumb Freemason stuff in it because of me… so you can all view it and have a good laugh at the CIA’s expense! CIA losers!!!!

If anyone’s wondering, I was so unhappy about feeling that I needed to stop viewing The Haunted Hathaways because of Miles’ nasty sexism in “Haunted Cookie Jar”, that I rebelled against myself and continued viewing the show for two more episodes. I didn’t want to have a kids’ show I was enjoying taken away from me, when it’s already hard enough for me to find TV shows I can comfortably view with my PTSD. I was kind of in denial about how serious it was, and how much I needed to stop viewing it to be a self-respecting girl and feminist. I like Taylor a lot because she’s a lot like Phoebe in The Thundermans, so it was hard to recognise that I needed to stop viewing it in protest. But the only two episodes I viewed after “Haunted Cookie Jar” were “Haunted Brothers” and “Haunted Camping”. I was unhappy with the awkward way that I said I’m Goda, and that I’m actually female, in these episodes (the warty school matron lady is supposed to represent me trying to scare people away from me by pretending to be “God” instead of Goda… trying to appear ugly and unattractive, when I’m actually an attractive girl). In “Haunted Camping” someone says “Mom, you’re good!” which is supposed to be understood as “Mom, you’re God(a)!” LOL. So like I hope people get a kick out of noticing these funny things I put into these episodes. I can’t remember exactly everything I put in the episodes, but you can have fun trying to figure it all out. Anyway, Miles called Taylor “woman” in the same angry way that he said it to Frankie, in “Haunted Camping” — so I was like, Victoria, you can’t respect yourself if you keep viewing this sexist show after him saying it a second time. So I stopped viewing it after that.

Umm, to conclude this blog post, I wanna say that us girls and women WON our own rights to vote, to have money, and to own property — so that we can be completely independent from men if we want to be. I’m lesbian and I reside completely independently, so I’m like very happy that women in the past (and girls too!!!!) made sure that I can be totally independent in the way that I am now. It used to be that women couldn’t even have their own bank accounts or anything. What I’m saying is that it was us who won our rights to do all of these things, and men didn’t give these things to us because they wanted us to have them. They were forced to accept that we won, with activism and direct actions like the women in Iceland did on 24th October 1975 in their women’s strike — and like women all around the world did to simply win the right to vote in elections and to be able to do other things like that, much earlier! The way these rich men’s groups look at things though is like they’re controlling everything like master planners and manipulators, “giving” everyone just enough rights to keep us all docile and compliant (not to keep us happy, really), so that we don’t rise up in a revolution against them. That’s why they make the CIA try to roll back feminism with attempted brainwashing of little kids viewing Nickelodeon kids’ shows, and other seriously grimy, nasty tactics like that. These rich men’s groups don’t actually care about the rights of women and girls. They are actively trying to take our rights away from us again, to send the world back to the sort of place in which only men’s rights matter… because that’s all they care about: rich men’s rights to do anything they want. They actually want us to go back to being submissive housewives. It’s not a joke. There’s no other reason for Miles saying “woman” like that to Taylor and Frankie on The Haunted Hathaways, and there’s no other reason for Nora and Phoebe both deliberately losing on purpose to male characters when they’d already won, on The Thundermans. They are trying to brainwash impressionable little kids who look to kids’ TV show characters to understand how girls and boys are supposed to behave, hoping that whatever we all want now as girls and women in 2023, that it won’t matter when all of these little kids who are still viewing Haunted Hathaways and Thundermans repeats on TV grow up! They are hoping that all of these little kids are gonna be against feminism when they grow up, and that they’re gonna outnumber us in the future!

Seriously people… we need to act now. We need to call for all women candidate lists for all stages of the United States Presidential elections, immediately! We need to do this to make sure that the status quo in the US changes so much in favour of feminism and equal rights for women and girls, that it’s gonna be extremely hard to ever change things back again to how they used to be. And we need to call for The Haunted Hathaways show on Nickelodeon to be banned, because it’s unacceptably sexist in a post-Weinstein, post-Epstein world! Pull this show from TV now, and never show it again, Nickelodeon!!!! Also, never do anything like you did with The Haunted Hathaways and The Thundermans ever again, Nickelodeon! And we know that it’s not just you doing this. Look at the first episode of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures. 🙁 I love Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures so much, and it’s a great show for feminism in a million ways that I won’t explain now. Most of the show is nothing like the first episode AT ALL, and it’s great for little girls… but please view episode one of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, people, and open your eyes to what the CIA is doing in all of these shows on behalf of the rich mens’ groups, to try to roll back feminism in the future by brainwashing impressionable little kids now! Remember very little kids look at things in a simple way. Barbie’s mom is a computer programmer and she’s supposed to be very intelligent and capable, but her husband undermines her and doubts her abilities… and she doubts herself until he gives her permission on behalf of patriarchy to believe that she can be as good as a man. Then she’s written to fuck up the wiring thing and almost electrocute herself in front of her daughters, because she somehow doesn’t know which wires to reattach (even though she’s supposed to have designed the whole smart house herself, because she’s a technological genius or something). Ken also saves everyone by letting them back into the house somehow, just because he’s male or something, when the mom might have been written to get the door open. That’s the first impression of the show for anyone viewing it with a streaming service, since they’re gonna start from episode one (not like television)… so that’s probably why the CIA made sure that their agents had the female characters look like they’re never gonna be as good as men at doing anything, on a show that’s all about “You can be anything!” Girls growing up to be doctors and programmers, etc! That’s the theme of Barbie at the moment (You can be anything!) aimed at little girls, and the CIA was undermining the feminism that the other makers of Barbie are doing by making sure that the first episode of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures was written so horribly for feminism. NOTICE THIS and make sure that you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! Whenever someone in society tries to push a sexist thing on you, push back and make the world be the way you want it to be for all girls and women!!!! 🙂 Be strong, because us girls can be strong too without losing our femininity. I kind of think “What does Barbie do?” if someone is sexist to her on her TV show, even with the CIA trying to write the characters badly when they can get away with it… and I think she says “I don’t agree with that! I’m not going to do what you want me to do. I’m going to do things my way, thanks! But like, thanks for your opinion!” slightly psychotic but nice smiling face (Smiling isn’t necessary, but it helps me to think of stuff like this — because Barbie is still feminine, even if she replies to people in a firm way like that.)

I am not gonna let the CIA take Barbie away from me. I can make Barbie say and do anything I want her to do, in my head, in response to like any kind of sexism and barbarity — however extreme the sexism and barbarity might be — and everything that I have Barbie say and do in my head, in response to all of that crap, is authentic. It’s all in Barbie’s voice, and it’s her personality taking all of these actions in self-defence against these monsters… because she’s not weak, and she knows that you can’t let bullies win or the world won’t ever get better! I know that Barbie can even go war if the situation calls for her to do that. I’m not being funny here, but she can do anything. She can be anything. LOL. She’s like a character who is always strong, but always feminine, tries to always do the right thing and be nice… but stops being nice if there’s no way to be nice anymore without letting bullies win. She probably cries about having to do the things she has to do to stop bullies from winning, if they’re that horrible to her that she’s forced to take extreme action herself to be OK. Barbie is never written on her TV shows to fight in wars — because that’s not the point of her stories. They’re about girls having the space to be feminine and pretty and nice, without anyone saying they can’t do things if they’re feminine and pretty and nice. The stories are about feminine girls being able to do all the things they might ever want to do; not about girls being forced to do stuff that, like, they don’t wanna do, ever!!!! That’s not my point I’m making though. I’m saying that never, ever, ever is Barbie gonna be written to say she gives in to bullies and lets them win. The TV show creators simply don’t write her into the horrible situations in which she has to go to war against bullies, defeating them using whatever means she has to use in the end to stop bullies from winning. But it’s obvious from what she IS written to do, in the stories she actually stars in, that Barbie is a winner and not a loser… so she’s never gonna give in to bullies and let them win, meaning whatever she says and does in these extreme situations I’ve visualised her in are all authentic Barbie behaviours. She believes that everyone can be a winner, and wants things to work out like that — but she’s gonna choose herself being OK, and not bulllies being OK, if it’s a zero-sum choice being forced on her!

So please, do what I do when I ask every shop assistant who ever calls me “love” and “darling” and “sweetie” to kindly not call me that in client-servant dynamics — because, as I say to them if there’s like, the time and the opportunity to explain my reasons for reacting that way to what they said: I’m a feminist, and I seriously don’t like it that big men tend to get called nothing, or “sir”, by shop assistants and paid servants of all kinds… whereas small girls and women like me tend to get called all of these minimising, allegedly “well-meant” names implying familiarity, as if we’re lovers or I’m their daughter that they can call whatever they want, as if I’m inferior to them. I explain to them that I respect them as paid servants in this dynamic, and I don’t act as if I’m better than they are, just because they’re being paid to serve me — so I want them to respect me too. I say to them, if there’s time, that maybe if some women routinely call ALL people of any gender these allegedly “well-meant” names implying familiarity, then maybe it’s like, because they secretly feel resentment at the way girls and women are treated as second class inferior beings in patriarchy and they want to continue this cycle of minimising people by not respecting them properly, assuming familiarity where there is none… using the excuse that it’s a sort of feminine culture, or local custom, or all sorts of other excuses for minimising others in a passive-aggressive way instead of attacking and overthrowing the patriarchy that minimises them! They ought to attack and overthrow the patriarchy that makes them feel the need to minimise others in this passive-aggressive way! This is what I say to them in the politest, nicest way I can, without being weak. I choose to be strong and make sure I don’t let people treat me in ways that I don’t wanna be treated!

Please call for all women candidate lists for all stages of the United States Presidential elections, immediately, even though it feels radical and aggressive to call for something like that when you expect a lot of people to be hostile to the idea. You know yourself that it’s right for a woman to be President of the USA by this point in the USA’s existence. So know the truth that calling for such extreme measures IS JUSTIFIED AND RIGHT, and YOU ARE BEING NICE by saying this loudly and clearly. Because letting bullies win isn’t nice. What does Barbie do? Does she say — after hoping that people just choose to vote for a woman president without having to be forced to choose from only women, and that never happening — “Well I guess we can’t ever have a woman President of the USA, then!” I can’t hear the character ever saying those words. So do what Barbie does, if she’s put in the appropriate situation. The appropriate high school debate, or whatever situation she needs to be in, to call for all women candidate lists for all stages of the United States Presidential elections, immediately. 🙂

And call for the whole TV series, The Haunted Hathaways, to be banned from being shown on TV ever again, forever!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my latest blog entry, people. It’s long and repetitive in areas, but it’s necessary, you know? We need change, now. Not later. Now! How else to say this? If people don’t wanna listen, you have to beat them over the head with the same ideas until they listen! And take direct actions at every place you can.


So I just want say that you do NOT “get curry sauce in the bottom of the tea cup” after drinking Goda’s favourite brand of sweetened masala chai (which comes in powdered form). Not if you stir it properly, anyway. I.e. stir it thoroughly!!!! 🙂

Also, I have NOT been talked to by my sponsors about this. As if! Seriously though… as if I have any sponsors! LOL! But like I want to clarify anyway that Goda’s favourite brand of (made in Britain!) sweetened masala chai is very good and is in no way a bad product. I’m not drinking an inferior masala chai, you know? Not for Lesbian Laser Fest!!!!

I don’t think it has any alcohol in it, does it??? Just a lot of sugar. So anyway! I’m looking forward to Lesbianlaserween — which is like, nextshade (my word for tomorrow). I don’t know if I explained all of my shade words, but I figure you can figure them out pretty easily. You don’t need me to explain them.

What you might need me to explain though, is that when Lindsay Lohan’s character says “grool” in Mean Girls, what it means is “you’re a girl, because I’m a lesbian”. And when the character agrees to the “grool” thing by repeating it back to Lindsay Lohan, it means agreeing to being a girl in the movie. I still don’t look at any of the offending scenes though. Whatever they are. I literally don’t know what happens in any of those scenes. Also, I don’t feel that I’m best represented by Lindsay Lohan. It’s just like a general complaint/direction from Goda aimed at anyone who cares about the demands of interest groups that take direct action when the pace of sociocultural progress is like too slow for them. Because I’m, like, an interest group. An interest group of one. I guess I have power and stuff. Maybe I’m important and it’s a good idea to listen to my demands I DON’T KNOW!!!!?!

So yeah. Also, when Lindsay Lohan’s character says “It’s pronounced Katie not Caddy”, this means “Katie McGrath not Mehcad Brooks, because he’s ugly and gross”. She’s acceptable to me. I don’t wanna suggest any alternatives.

Sooo… something else I need to say is that apparently that thing “towards the end of the movie” isn’t a problem anymore, so forget I said anything. I improved the movie on a second viewing, this Lesbian Laser Fest. 🙂 Hopefully the rest of the movie is OK? 🙂

Like I said people, it’s still Lesbian Laser Fest until the morning of November 2nd. AND IT’S LESBIANLASERWEEN NEXTSHADE!!!!!!!!! 😛 Celebrate???? I’m celebrating!!! 🙂

Like I said: it’s Goda’s OFFICIAL annual celebration.