I wanted to write my feelings down or whatever. I’m still gonna do my serious activism posts too, for girls’ and women’s rights and everything (seriously it’s not fair if I’m not allowed to be myself, is it!?)

So like I’m still totally hopeful to see this person again in the right circumstances (with me not being corrupt/coerced or abusive, and with her not being coerced or abusive). It’s really painful for me to be like sooo carefully wording that last sentence to recognize my “privilege” as Goda or whatever… it’s really painful, because I want someone to protect me. Like, some of the time I want someone to protect me. Not ALL the time, obviously. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I totally don’t know what it’s like for people to feel like they’ve got no other option but to do something… or they’re worried they might get killed or something. Like I know I’m not gonna get killed, so I won’t call her corrupt (and I don’t even know if she is or not — I mean, I really don’t have much evidence at all that she is… and she might have been “reconditioned” or something as well, I don’t know!) I really wanted to point out that I can be coerced though FFS — BUT I HAVEN’T BEEN, BECAUSE I’M REALLY STUBBORN — but I totally can be. And I feel a lot better letting people know this, so they don’t think I’m like, A MAN, or something. 🙁 Because I’m not, OK! But it’s totally true that I can’t be harmed and everything… so it’s really hard to coerce me if I do my best to not be scared of things that aren’t gonna happen.

So yeah. I think I’m probably saying this to you all because I REALLY WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH HER AND I REALLY WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THIS. Anyway instead I insulted all the mafias of the whole world, and all the world’s men (and I don’t take any of it back!!!! Assholes!!!!) I’m still hopeful though of this date happening, if she still wants to meet me again.

So anyway this totally brings me to my next point — which is, I need to be given special legal status as Immortal Responsible Child. Because I am a child. I don’t age. It’s like not my fault!!!! Like she can totally meet me in public even though I’m a child. It’s not wrong or anything. I’ve been around forever, LITERALLY. I’m Goda, you know!?

I think that I need to be given the right to go to school for free with other children of the appropriate size and abilities range, over and over again, as much as I want — in a world after disclosure of my existence as Goda and everything, so all the other kids know I’m Goda attending their school for a few years (to be treated the same as the other kids while I’m there). But I also need to keep my rights to do everything that adults do, including residing completely independently, even though I’m not an adult. OK???? Like, I ought to be able to keep residing at my own apartment and attend school for free, for a few years at a time with other kids like me… if I can somehow keep up with all my shopping and housekeeping and paying bills, as well. Like, that’s only fair considering I’m both a child and a responsible person, since I’m immortal!!!! You all agree that I’m a responsible person, right???? Because I don’t care if you don’t think that. You can’t say I’m not a responsible person when I’ve literally been around forever. It’s not fair!

I hope that this is OK with her if she wants to date me. I mean, she doesn’t age either. I ought to stop talking about her, but it’s bothering me because I need to be able to be myself. Also — I really, really want to protect our rights as children. Like, the rights of children like me. I don’t want other kids to be predated on by confident celebrities or whoever, in power-imbalance situations. I don’t want to lower the age of consent or anything. I don’t age though. I’m a special case… so it’s not fair if I can’t date confident celebrities without putting a ******* moon suit on to hide that I’m a child!!!!

Anyway, I’m a celebrity too OBVIOUSLY. I was in Cory In The House, and Desperate Housewives, and other things. I’m Maiara Walsh. (Just so you know, there’s an imposter now pretending to be me in the USA, which sucks. But I don’t blame her because I figure she’s a victim of mafia coercive violence against women and girls.)

I was also in a Nickelodeon show — although I don’t remember at the moment, but I’m going to remember — anyway, I was in a Nickelodeon show, “Unfabulous” (starring Emma Roberts!) LOL. I’m really famous though. It’s like, shocking. I think people actually recognize me from time to time. Like walking around at the shops and stuff. Anyway, I really like Nickelodeon and it pains me a lot that I won’t view any Nickelodeon shows anymore, because of “The Haunted Hathaways” blatantly promoting domestic violence and sexist discrimination committed by small boys against their much smaller and younger sisters. This happens in the Haunted Hathaways episode “Haunted Cookie Jar” — because Miles and Frankie are practically step-siblings, with the way the show is set up and everything. They’re totally presented like step-siblings… and the abuse happens at a family-owned building. I was like, NO, I JUST CAN’T SUPPORT THIS ANYMORE IF THEY’RE GONNA KEEP SHOWING THIS CRAP YEAR AFTER YEAR, INSULTING AND ABUSING ALL OF OUR RIGHTS, DIGNITY, AND EMOTIONAL SAFETY AS GIRLS AND WOMEN IN THIS WAY. So I stopped viewing Nickelodeon, and I haven’t even seen the new Thundermans movie or anything. 🙁 I feel like some people are going to laugh at me for writing this, but I really, really want to view Nickelodeon shows again. I really, really love Nickelodeon. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about this again. 🙁 Every shade I check out what they’re showing on the Nickelodeon TV channel, but I never view any of it anymore in protest as a girl against brainwashing small children to treat us as slaves that it’s OK to blatantly abuse without anymore saying it’s wrong.

I wrote more about this issue in this blog post I’m linking to now:

Oh yeah. And just so everyone knows… I totally haven’t read or viewed the news for over four years now, including every single thing about Coronavirus. Basically all I know is some facts about Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine, from a brief period of reading the news at the beginning of 2022 (and pretty much the only thing I read about was that one thing). I’ve been aiming to create the best world possible for myself with my Goda powers, based on knowing almost nothing about what’s going on in the world, and just choosing to believe it’s really great. And why not? It might be that great!!!! 🙂 People might not even be telling me the truth about what’s going on, because I’m Goda. I think the world stinks, honestly — so I’ve been focusing on doing what I can with my powers to change that. Like, in every way that I think the world stinks, I’ve been working on changing every single one of those things so I actually like the world instead of hate it.

Like do I even have to say I’m still totally 100% putting the same strategy into effect or whatever (even though tons of people might question if I’m still going to keep caring about the same things after a while… well I am!!!!) >:( Like just read what I said in the paragraph above. You have to interpret it.



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