Was This Me Threatening To Expose What They Signposted They Planned To Do To Me In 1995, To Get Them To Stop Changing Personal Story Details On My Public Information In 2011?

Sooo… I know this is like really weird and everything, but I think “masturbation schedules” refers to this “Marky Mark’s busy pant dropping schedule” line in the 1995 Clueless movie. You know, Mark Wahlberg as a code for Maiara Walsh. LOL.

“Toe length” is about the “Mentos Better, Mentos Fresher” thing from the same movie. Maybe I was bargaining with them because I was seeing them changing all the info on Wikipedia and other websites. I guess I was threatening to expose the fake brainwashing narrative in all the media, but I didn’t want to lose everything. Duh! πŸ™ It sucks butt figuring this out, because I’m not corrupt. Anyway, it certainly looks that way to me. I think I used to routinely edit my own Wikipedia info and stuff. I probably added an extra exclamation mark, like I “probably” made deliberate “bad writing” in my other edits of my own Wikipedia info LOL.

Anyway. I figure that what happened is I noticed the hidden code in the movie Clueless at some point between 1995 and 2011. Maaaybe the mafia people like my forced-Mom Phebe Novakovic promised me that things were going to change if I just kept quiet publicly about whatever I thought I’d figured out they’d been trying to do to me in all that time, and if I did the same thing as all the other celebrities and kept quiet publicly about the fake brainwashing narrative in all the media that actually harms all of us girls, women, and lesbians A LOT. I don’t know. I don’t want to make myself look bad without knowing all the facts about my own choices or anything. I know I’m a good and decent person though, and I’m not corrupt. I’m sure I never joined the mafia even though they were my forced-family. I’m sure I’ve never worked for the CIA even though my forced-family were CIA (I don’t wanna say “were and are CIA” because I don’t consider them my family in any way anymore).

Knowing myself, I’m 100% totally DEFINITELY sure I was doing my best to help people and make the world a better place without losing everything. Anyway — maybe I wasn’t able to keep quiet enough, and wasn’t able to stop trying to be the superheroine I know I am enough, to stop them pulling the trigger on trying to take everything away from me… and trying to erase my existence or whatever, to try to solve their problem of having an unkillable girl who wasn’t completely shutting up and who was constantly trying to do something to end all the conspiracies. It sure is kinda hard to protect the mafia “fear factor” that keeps everyone in line if there’s even a single person saying and doing whatever she wants to some extent, I guess. They had to do something.

So like, I’m totally guessing they went for the “neutralize and publicly humiliate/punish” approach — while also trying to see if they might be able to finally gain effective control of personal choices and beliefs. Because I don’t know if they ever had control before (although like for sure they must have ALWAYS been trying to have everyone around me in conspiracies to see if they were able to do just that!!!! There’s like zero chance they weren’t always trying to do this with like everyone they were able to enlist around me, right!?!!!)

Look at me being the detective or whatever. LOL! πŸ™‚ What do you think, everyone?

So I’m totally not pointing fingers and accusing specific people of being agents between 1995 and 2011. LOL. (Laughing really seems inappropriate I guess, but I think it’s funny. I’m sorry.) I’m just saying, I’m not dumb! Like I said before and everything. πŸ™‚ I’m totally not dumb. I’m really smart, I think. It just sucks royally, is all. IT SUCKS BUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure the mafia were never able to have every single person around me be a controlled agent — especially during my career in the entertainment industry THAT TOTALLY ISN’T OVER FFS — because that’s a lot of moving parts to control when you’re retards who can’t talk to anyone in plain English ever, like the espresso blowjob mafia from Mulholland Drive. They have to keep it all secret because they’re weak, and they’re not actually all that much in control of anything!!!! Most people think they’re doing everything but working for Phebe Novakovic of General Dynamics or whatever lofty position in the CIA she had before LOL!

(I was gonna post all of these jokes including a sweet picture that might partly be my own really really sexy face, but then I totally didn’t do that because I’m not allowed to have fun in case I seem like a fun person or something!!!! I’m only allowed to seem like what I am, which is NOT CORRUPT!) πŸ™


MY NAME IS PRONOUNCED WITH A SOFT “R”, SORT OF LIKE JAPANESE PEOPLE TRYING TO PRONOUNCE THE LETTER “R” IF THEY’RE NOT VERY GOOD AT ENGLISH. IT’S NOT PRONOUNCED WITH A “D” SOUND AT ALL. THIS REALLY ANNOYS ME!!!! I mean I totally don’t care if people say Mai-aRa with a normal English speaker’s “r” sound. But it’s not pronounced like a “D” or a “T”. If anything the only other sound in the English language that it comes close to sounding like is an “L” — but it’s not an “L”, it’s an “R” sound somehow. OK! Got it everyone?!!!! >:( I don’t care about how Brazilian people might say it or anything like that at all. It’s MY NAME.

Apology To Gigi Hadid and To All of us Celebrities Who Are Girls and Women.

Heyyy all! πŸ™ I’m writing this blog post now so that I don’t forget to say this at some point. I don’t know if it’s necessary — but I totally feel that it’s necessary, so I’m saying it.

Basically, over at Wikipedia I said something to do with Gigi Hadid that I’m not gonna repeat here. Some people might have read what I said though (and the original things I said are still logged some place, I’m sure).

Basically, the reason why I said those things to do with Gigi Hadid is 100% because I wanted to let everyone know I’m definitely a girl — and I tried to say this in a really awkward way that doesn’t on its own prove it or anything. πŸ™ Sorry everyone. I said it because I was emotional and struggling to control my anger at the Glitch movie thing (and everything else they’ve done to me, and the state of my career and reputation for posterity all visible to everyone famously in public thanks to them). I felt people might say “She’s really a man like they said about her!” because of me getting so angry and saying all the things I said online after seeing the names of my abusive and gaslighting forced-mom and forced-dads in a movie that was being shown to everyone in public as if it was one from my body of work that I’m really proud of, despite everything. I was upset about seeing some of the other names in the credits for that movie, too. Remember: they were trying to say to the world with their dumb codes “We made her believe she’s a male nobody. Revenge for 9/11! Yeah!”

I just wanted everyone to know I’m a girl, so I tried to “prove” it in that stupid way when I explained that thing. OBVIOUSLY we girls and women also get angry! Duh!!!! Sometimes I just get upset when triggered, and think I totally fucked up and that everyone’s gonna believe their lies about me because of how I reacted really aggressively… instead of always staying “nice”, even when I’m emotional.

I guess I really need to explain what I’m talking about here, or people might start making up stories about Gigi Hadid. Basically, all it was was I said “and you know that photo of Gigi Hadid with a toothbrush? Well I MASTURBATED TO THAT PHOTO… and when I was fantasizing, I wasn’t fantasizing about her — I was fantasizing about putting the toothbrush in MY mouth!!!!” It’s literally what I just explained, as weird as that is (although obviously I was “pretending” that it was just a toothbrush or whatever).

Some people (hopefully not too many) might be wondering what the problem is, and why I feel like I need to apologize. Well, it’s because Gigi Hadid isn’t a porn actress or porn model. The photo of her with the toothbrush is part of a fake brainwashing psyop that’s in all the media, aimed at stopping the public from recognizing my mind’s creation patterns are the creation patterns of a GIRL: a feminist radical revolutionary anti-mafia environmentalist vegetarian alternative authority figure that they can’t kill or stop from opposing them, like I already said before. (So like, the fake brainwashing is supposed to seem like it’s targeting all of us girls and women to be sexually available to men, and to cohabitate with men for protection from men’s violence and rape of girls and women. It’s company shareholders like Phebe Novakovic who are behind the fake brainwashing, and it’s not really the quite unimportant and dumb patsy Freemasons behind it. You are gonna notice when anyone challenges this blatant absurd lie that Freemasons “run the world”, the real villainesses and villains try really hard to make it look like retaliation is coming from “the Freemasons/Illuminati”, hoping people are gonna keep buying into that drivel instead of like identifying Phebe N Novakovic as one of the mafia leaders and CEO of General Dynamics.)

So like, back to apologizing to Gigi Hadid. We celebrities who have vaginas — like 50% of the world’s people have vaginas — we are all people with RIGHTS and DIGNITY. We’re not here for men’s pleasure and like neither are we here to serve men! There’s nothing wrong with being a porn actress or a porn model (because this can be a dignified and totally healthy career, once we’ve rid the world of men’s coercively violent rape culture that makes it hard for all of us to be 100% consenting participants in anything like porn and the entertainment industry as a whole that I was part of). However, Gigi Hadid is not a porn actress/model — so her coerced toothbrush photo isn’t officially supposed to be porn… even though it’s obviously designed to act as porn, as part of the conspiracy that in practice does actually harm our rights as girls and women almost as much as if it was deliberately designed to do that. We entertainment industry professionals can easily smile and seem as if we’re OK with doing something, but that doesn’t mean it’s true: it’s often neither wholly or totally true at all.

I ought never to masturbate with the aid of photos of my fellow celebrities, and I actually try very hard never to do this anymore. πŸ™‚ I do my very best to only look at hopefully-consented-to-by-the-actresses lesbian porn videos, and hopefully-consented-to-by-the-models “softcore” nude glamour modelling photos, if I’m gonna look at photos and video to help me get off.

So I totally want to share with you all some screenshots of when I tried to get a celebrity photos/videos and porn forum to change its policies, and to get them to ban the posting of leaked celebrity nudes and videos. You see, leaked celebrity nudes and videos are actually gang rape photos and videos of MOSTLY FEMALE CELEBRITIES BECAUSE WE’RE THE ONES BEING TARGETED BY THIS PRIMARILY AND NOT THE MALE CELEBRITIES, under threat of having our careers and earnings potentials and families and friends totally destroyed… involving death threats, and guns pointed at people in the most serious situations I know.

OK. So here’s my first post to Phun.org which unfortunately I only saved as a text file. So I’m gonna have to copy paste it! I made these posts to Phun.org back before I remembered I’m Maiara Walsh. Those asshole agents never made these posts public at that forum!!!!

Please Stop Posting Leaks of Female Celebrities

Hey everyone! I finally registered an account here after years of lurking/downloading.

So I wanna say thanks to the users and admins of this forum, for making all the content available to me and others.

Here's the reason why I finally registered. Please can you stop hosting leaked pictures and videos of celebrities (or anyone else), because it's a lot like raping them!? I feel really strongly about this as a girl... because the internet used to be a totally different place back when female celebrities used to argue that doing clips and vidcaps of their hopefully non-coerced consensual nude scenes was wrong. I remember quite a few female celebrities used to be upset about this, saying that people needed to view the nude scenes or sex scenes in the context of the art narrative they made (or it was like forcing them to be porn stars when they never agreed to be porn stars, and only normal actresses).

At some point, something happened to the internet and the way people view female celebrities. (Because it's mostly female celebrities who get targeted with the leaks, that amount to sexually abusing them... almost raping them, if they get shown to the whole world having sex or something.) It's like, people started viewing female celebrities/actresses/singers as being sex slaves with one of their roles being to provide leaked full frontal nudes and hardcore sex photos/videos. But they need to NOT be viewed as sex slaves, because firstly: they are real people with rights; and secondly, because they're some of the highest status women in the world so they need to be treated as if they have status and respect the same as male celebrities. Because what kind of world is it for us if the highest status female celebrities are treated by the public as if they have no status or respect, and are treated like they're some of the lowest status people in the world and only fit to basically have all their clothes ripped off against their wishes by all the men in the world (and lots of women too), then lie there totally naked maybe asking people to stop while all the men in the world do a huge circle masturbation around them... with the men commenting on how "hot" they are abused and hurt like that, as this huge circle of masturbators is basically raping them.

So like I really need to say at this point, that I used to view and download leaked pictures of female celebrities too. I think it's been about three years since I completely stopped ever looking at any leaked photos of female celebrities. I guess I was just doing what everyone else was doing and looking at some of the photos (if it wasn't hetero sex and stuff), because it was everywhere and seemed "normal"... but when it comes down to it, I knew it was totally 100% wrong and terrible for my own rights as a girl (and just 100% wrong and terrible). I was doing it because I knew I was able to get away with it, for instant gratification. It was a form of sexually abusing female celebrities, so I was one the people doing that too. I don't do it anymore, and I get really angry about it now. It really upsets me that so many websites host this content that's basically public rape pictures of female celebrities, as if it's totally fine and normal.

So just to remind you, I'm a feminist who likes porn a lot and I've been using your website for years to download pictures of women basically. I'm lesbian myself... so a lot of your forum I don't go to at all, but I'm not against it existing or anything. Basically I'm just explaining this so you don't think I'm against porn, because I'm not! I go to the Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Extra, and Model Forum areas. I'm totally in favour of this whole forum existing even though I don't use much of it because I'm lesbian.

What I'm asking is that you completely stop hosting any leaked photos of and videos of celebrities. I know that it might decrease traffic to your site and everything... but it might also make it more attractive to women who are 50% of the population everywhere in the world. The important thing though is that this problem of female celebrities (some of the highest status women in the world) being treated as if they've got zero rights... which totally creates the impression that women generally are worth nothing compared to men, and that all of us girls are basically only there for mens' sexual gratification (or partly there for that, as if it's one of our roles even if we don't want to do this)... this problem isn't gonna go away unless we stigmatize people sharing, looking at, and enjoying leaked nudes of female celebrities.

So please completely stop hosting any leaked photos and videos of celebrities. I'm not just a sex slave for men's sexual gratification, you know? And neither are the female celebrities. We all have rights. And they deserve to have high status as well; not to be treated like all they are is whores. It's a really strong "bad" word, but what other way to say it you know?

I really like your forum. I hope you are gonna be nice to me. I'm not afraid, you understand -- but it's a big thing for me to make this post, because I've been worrying about what your reactions might be. BECAUSE I DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO BE THIS AWFUL!!!! Please be nice with whatever you say, so the world isn't so awful that I get abused for complaining about being abused. I've got a good reason to write in all caps!

Here’s the post in the forum list at Phun.org — but it was never actually approved as far as I know. It always said “Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly.” when I clicked to view the post itself. Lame!!!! You misogynist abuser douchebags!

My username at Phun.org — “OGirl NN” — was supposed to mean Overgirl No Nazi (facepalm, LOL!!!! I ought to have explained that better, but I thought I might not be allowed to register the name “Overgirl No Nazi”). I was really annoyed at the time, and I still am. Hence “Overgirl” as an expression of my anger in the form of a username. All I’m saying here is I’m not villainous, OK! I’m not taking anything I said before back.

I used to lurk at Phun.org forums, downloading photos from the “Celebrity Extra” forum (not nudes, and not leaks), and downloading photos from the “Models” forum or something like that: the part of that website that has only softcore glamour modelling photos. I didn’t use the rest of the website because I didn’t want to — but I wasn’t against the website existing, since I like USED TO BELIEVE IT WAS A “DECENT” WEBSITE FOR SOME REASON BECAUSE OF READING COMMENTS WHEN MEN HAD SPOKEN OUT AGAINST USERS WHO ABUSIVELY OBJECTIFIED US CELEBRITIES. IT WAS A REAL SHOCK TO ME TO FIND OUT THAT ALL THEIR NICE RULES ARE ONLY THERE FOR SHOW, AND THAT THE PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE IS TOTALLY TO KEEP PEOPLE THINKING OF US FEMALE CELEBRITIES AS BEING ONLY FOR SEX, AND THAT IF I EVER CHALLENGED THIS CULTURE THAT THEY WEREN’T EVEN GONNA LET ME SPEAK. Like I said, the network of agents doing this fake brainwashing stuff on every level of Western society (because that’s the only society I’m really familiar with) is probably always doing it because of the mafia’s need to try to hide my existence. It’s really weird for me to keep remembering this… but I’m like, really, really important. I’m Goda. LOL! Anyway. When I wrote that part in the all-caps just now, I was speaking from the heart about how it feels to be on the receiving end of all of this sexist misogynist horror. Of course, it like, might be that the Phun.org forum is a spoofed version of the forum that is only there for me and no one else uses it — no one except agents, and formerly, me. Like whatever the truth… agents are surely running pretty much all the “celebrity websites”, which generally seem to be “porn websites”. And “celebrity” nearly always seems to mean “ONLY GIRLS AND WOMEN, FOR SEX ONLY”.

I want you to know that I stopped using the Phun.org website because of their reaction to me thoughtfully and politely reaching out to them, to ask them to stop posting leaked rape nudes and leaked rape videos of us celebrities who are girls and women. FYI, I mean “stop posting leaked nudes and videos”, when I say “stop posting leaked rape nudes”, etc!

So like, I tried really hard to find other good celebrity news and pictures forums (forums specifically, since I want to support long-form uncensored critical thought communication with my Goda powers). I resolved to do my best to never mix celebrity news and pictures with my porn “needs”, which aren’t actually “needs” at all and simply like, part of the unnecessary added value that comes with modern technological civlization or something. They did torture brainwashing on me in the past, to try to change political beliefs and behaviours — but I don’t want to use that as an excuse for me previously viewing us celebrities as being like the same as porn in some way, like masturbation fodder regardless of the context of the pictures of important status celebrated women and girls arriving at important status events, fully clothed (even if they might’ve been in a low cut dress, or with bare arms and legs with heels on, for example: WHICH DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE BECOME THE SAME AS PORN). I remember being uncomfortable and resistant to online celebrities-as-porn culture a long time ago — like in the early noughties or whatever — but I was probably also being a hypocrite at the same time, because of horniness that isn’t an excuse for supporting such a damaging culture. I am gonna remember what my real story is. At the moment it’s often trying to make sense of memories that I know can’t have happened like that! Anyway, I’ve been remembering more and more things clearly: the real version of events I experienced. πŸ™‚

You are gonna notice, dear readers (LOL), that pretty much all of the celebrity news and pictures forums have something wrong with them — which is like, always the same thing wrong with them, but in new and interesting plausibly-deniable ways (BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL RUN BY AGENTS TO TRY TO ENFORCE CELEBRITY CULTURE AS GIRLS/WOMEN=PORN).

Bellazon forum (one of the best celebrity forums for our rights/dignity/respect as girls and women) has “The Actress Directory” sticky thread always at the top, by user “QBall” with her “giant self-bouncing hand-bra ABSURDLY HUGE breasts” avatar always visible at the top of the forum. So I won’t go there at all at the moment, since I noticed this. Large breasts don’t equal “for sex”… but you can tell from the context it’s supposed to degrade us female celebrities. LAME!!!!

Celebs-Place has a picture of a doll-like woman’s open mouth for it’s banner at the top. Just her lower face, so you can see her mouth but not her eyes — which totally says to the website user “She is only for sex and she’s not even a person really, because her facial features are not important; only her sex whole is important.” I was like, for real? NOT OK. NOT GOING TO GO UNPUNISHED, NOVOKATARDS.

CelebFanForum now has a very large “deliberately sexualized female celebrities” banner below the primary website banner (the primary website banner is actually OK, since the woman’s mouth isn’t gawping open or anything and you can see all of her face). I was like, pfft! I am NOT using this place again until this large banner goes away, or gets replaced with something acceptable to me as girl who has RIGHTS and DIGNITY.

I tried HQCity.Ru and I was all like “Oh please! I can SEE you small cat and large dog thing in the banner, and I know what it means! Le sigh!!!!” Seriously. WTF!!!!?! Support “homeless CATS and DOGS”???? What a lame as hell plausibly deniable narrative that I hope isn’t actually real, and they care more about cats and dogs than they do about 50% of the world’s homo sapiens people and ME: all of us girls and women, with vaginas. (I support everyone who’s part of the girls and women group, but I force myself not to worry about how I say things too often so the gender traitors like Phebe Novakovic, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Marie-Josee Kravis, and Melinda Gates, and the male group, can’t guilt-trip us into spending time supporting things that aren’t our CORE GROUP INTERESTS.)

purseforum does “royal family” posts (which are “officially-supported mafia families” posts). Also, Britain’s official name in the English language is the United Kingdom — so promoting royal families supports patriarchy, on purpose. I was like, no. Just no. I am not supporting patriarchy and offical state mafia families, so I am NOT VISITING purseforum!!!! LAME!!!! >:(

Skinny Gossip is OBVIOUSLY EXTREMELY HARMFUL FOR THE PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF GIRLS AND WOMEN WHO USE IT. Also, the users there are total bullies. I found it quite refreshing and comfortable to use that forum though. I know it’s a CIA-directed psyop (ultimately about me, LOL!!!!) to focus on skinniness, with the forum being run by agents. I just kinda liked finally having a non-pornified celebrity forum to read. I try not to visit the website, so that I’m not like being forced to choose the allegedly “least bad” option from a bunch of really bad options that all harm my interests as a girl. DUH!!!! πŸ™‚

When I found CelebrityParadise, I was like “Yaaay!!!!” Finally I had found a decent-ish, seemingly non-degrading-to-girls-and-women celebrity news and pictures forum. I barely noticed the “Babes & More” part of the banner text because I was so relieved to be there. I immediately signed up for an account, only to discover that there was a hidden porn part of the forum that only members can see (and only members can read threads, nevermind post there, LOL.) So you can like see from this seriously creepy bait-and-switch subterfuge that us girls and women who are resister activists of the feminism movement ARE HAVING AN EFFECT. I know it’s a long and slow and frustrating war that we’re fighting here… but these assholes took the internet from us decades ago, and we’re getting closer and closer to taking it back for girls and women and FEMINISM. We are 50% of the people everywhere in the world — and we deserve more than equal legal and customary rights to protect us from Phebe Novakovic’s men’s violence power force, Phebe Novakovic’s men’s coercive violence power force, and Phebe Novakovic’s men’s rape culture, so that we get EXACTLY 50% of everything in the world for the GIRLS AND WOMEN GROUP… except when WE NEED MORE THAN 50% OF SOME THINGS TO MAKE SURE WE GET EXACTLY 50% OF EVERYTHING ELSE (for example, we DEFINITELY need more than 50% of the power in the world for our girls and women group, so the potential gender traitors who come after Phebe Novakovic are gonna be in a stronger position in their social strata to resist the temptation to sell out the rest of our interests, to try to stave off a revolution led by feminism’s radical revolutionary force that always says no to Phebe Novakovic’s resource: men’s violence that primarily harms girls and women).

I am not associated with that future corpse (because she’s ageing, duh!!!!) Phebe N Novakovic the corrupt corporate mafia leader. I hate her. Obviously she was my forced-mom for a while, and that’s not my fault.

So like despite saying that finding CelebrityParadise was a “Yay!” moment, I stopped using CelebrityParadise also because as I showed you all in screenshots that I posted here in a previous blog entry and stuff, CelebrityParadise allowed a CelebrityParadise forum user Coolguy90 to say “Very few faces have the ability to make me cum hard like her does” about a Hollywood Reporter photoshoot involving various important status celebrated girls/women. I replied “WHAT THE FUCK????!!! Asshole! These are real people who deserve respect you moron! Girls and women are 50% of the people everywhere in the world. We are like, actually people, you know. I know you don’t have a lot of contributing members like forums used to be, from the looks of it, BUT CAN YOU PLEASE BAN THIS IGNORANT GUY FOR SAYING THIS?” I said more things in that post, but it was all OK and everything. They didn’t ban the dude and didn’t even remove his post (which was blatantly against the forum rules), and they didn’t make my post visible. Then they made visible my second post that I stupidly made without waiting to see if the first post was gonna be made visible, to try to control the narrative for the mafia and make it seem like I wanted to hook up with Brie Larson for sex, which isn’t true. I was just trying to fangirl for her, because I wished I was allowed to use websites like a normal person (I’d like, just joined the forum, didn’t recognize the names of the celebrities and thought “Oh, there’s a thread about Brie Larson. That’s as good a place as any to start posting here as a fan and as a feminist.” So I posted in two Brie Larson threads saying a bunch of resister activist stuff that was hard not to say because of how awful everything is.) I posted as Rosa Polis: a crappy pun on the names Ana Solis and Athena Polias, that I was like “Meh, that’s good enough because I just want to start posting here even though I hate the Athena character now honestly LOL!”

I seriously ought to mention that I probably met Brie Larson in Saltburn-by-the-Sea in 2022, or in another location under different circumstances that I’m going to fully remember at some point if that’s the case. In the confused/dissociated memory, she played the role of a nurse unexpectedly filling in for the usual doctor and administered an unnecessary anti-androgen syringe (unnecessary since I’m not even transgender and I’ve always been a girl — so she’s unlikely to have been doing that unless the syringe didn’t contain any active ingredient on purpose). She hurt me, but she didn’t rape my butt because I seriously don’t think it’s possible to not notice what these assholes suggested happened involving someone, or whatever they’re trying to say about me. My butt was totally fine. I don’t think she penetrated my vagina either, but I can’t be totally sure since I need to remember what happened. I don’t think she raped me. I didn’t touch her at all: I remember that VERY CLEARLY. I didn’t want her to be there, and I remember very clearly that when I recognized her, I made the decision to act as if I hadn’t recognized her and behave as if the whole situation was normal, then get out of there: escape from whatever they were trying to do, instead of get trapped in some conspiracy to gaslight me and claim I’d misidentified a normal non-celebrity person. I’m 90% certain I met Brie Larson in this way I just described.

I’m 100% certain I met Melissa Benoist because I remember meeting Melissa Benoist. She had her tattoo on her left wrist, and her face and body and voice, and everything. It happened the way I said it happened. Melissa Benoist didn’t rape me and didn’t do anything wrong. Reread what I said happened with Melissa in my previous blog entry, because that’s what happened.

I don’t know if Brie Larson did anything wrong or not. I don’t think she raped me. Both Melissa Benoist and Brie Larson are gonna be victims of coercive violence, and it’s not either of their fault really if people think they did anything wrong. I invited Melissa to visit me and have lesbian sex with me. I didn’t invite Brie Larson to visit me and I didn’t want to see her, and I didn’t want to do anything sexual with her at all (and I don’t think anything happened).

When I met Brie, for some reason she said “Gorgeous!” as soon as I entered the room. I found this really really difficult to process and tried to come up with all sorts of explanations, like in my mind as I was talking to her — but she totally simply said “Gorgeous!” at me as soon as I entered the room. It was weird. As I was sitting down for the routine thing I thought was happening, I recognized her, and she nodded in a really discreet way and said “Yeah.” out loud to nothing at all since I hadn’t spoken and had like simply recognized her after looking at her face. I was confused because I thought she was short, and she seemed too tall. Not VERY tall for a woman… it’s just obviously I’m 5’1″ and Brie is actually taller than me, so I found that hard to process. I refused to say anything about recognizing her — not even “You totally look like Brie Larson.” — because I didn’t want to get tricked and gaslighted. I remember things as her hurting me when she did the syringe really badly, and if the syringe had no active ingredient then that might actually be exactly what happened. I don’t know.

I know right!?!!! This is sooo fun to discuss… NOT!!!!

For a long time after this happened I didn’t want to even see Brie Larson’s face or have anything to do with Brie Larson. I thought the mafia had like taken the Marvel movies away from me because of this happening to me. I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to see The Marvels right up until I decided to go see it shortly after it was released, after avoiding everything Brie Larson for a long time (I used to be her fan or something. I don’t know. They torture-brainwashed me, so I’m gonna remember who I’m actually a fan of. But I became a fan of her at some point. Just a fan though. I don’t wanna get with her or anything AT ALL, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with her looks because there isn’t.)

So basically I decided in the end that, as I said, whatever Brie Larson believes about why she visited me in an extremely inappropriate way — the truth is definitely that she was forced to do this, in some way AT GUN POINT, by the fucking General Dynamics level mafia people. You know?!??? So I allowed myself to be a fan of her again and I forgive her. I didn’t want to have The Marvels taken away from me, when I really love superheroine movies and TV shows and everything.

I just wanted things to be normal when I tried to fangirl for Brie at CelebrityParadise, basically. That’s the truth. I didn’t want to talk about this, because what was I supposed to say? When you didn’t ask someone to do this, and they’re all trying to make it look like you’re corrupt then talking about it is really awkward in a million ways. I don’t think this looks bad for me really because I’m just telling the truth, and what I remember happening with Brie Larson is pretty boring. I don’t think she raped me. I actually remember the whole encounter with her, without any gaps in the memory or anything. I didn’t feel like I got raped or like anything bad or scary happened, except in the way I already explained it was bad/scary.

Let’s face it, Brie Larson probably intended to rape me in some way. Brie Larson tried to rape me, and was conspiring to rape me. But Brie Larson for some reason didn’t rape me. I think that’s, like, the truth! Seriously people. Just to clarify: I think that’s the truth.

I’m really sorry that now everyone who reads my blog is gonna understand how many female celebrities are captured by the coercive violence of the mafia in sex slavery and forced corruption that’s not criminal since they’re not guilty (only the people doing the coercive violence are guilty). Please continue to believe in Brie Larson as Brie the important feminist actress, and as the important feminist character Captain Marvel.

There’s no reason for anyone to doubt Melissa Benoist anymore than any other female celebrity because she did nothing wrong, and it wasn’t criminal when she hooked up with me as a fellow lesbian celebrity because I specifically invited her to meet me using the internet.

I didn’t start writing this blog post thinking I was gonna talk about the Brie Larson thing, but I like had a “Duhhh!!!!” moment recognizing that a ton of people are gonna know she was in this shitty town Saltburn-by-the-Sea (unless it happened someplace else, like what with the torture-brainwashing and everything creating confusion and dissociation LOL). Sooo… I talked about this to protect my own reputation even though I don’t want to harm Brie Larson’s reputation.

It’s weird how you can be thinking about something a lot, but also think you’re NOT thinking about it somehow. I really didn’t want to think about when I met Brie Larson at all, but I never stopped thinking about it really. So like, I feel vulnerable saying this thing. Really vulnerable because I don’t want to appear confused. It’s just it might help people reading this to understand how we actresses cope with the horror situations, you know?. That’s all.

OK. This is my user thingy at Wikipedia. So like I totally added some important info to the Mean Girls 2 wiki entry over at Wikipedia, previously, using the exact same user IP address. I’m saying this because hopefully it’s gonna still be there if I talk about it.


Here’s what I put at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry for Mean Girls 2. πŸ™‚ Every positive perception of my work helps with relaunching my career, you know. I’m serious people!!!! I don’t see why I have to give up on getting back to Disney or whatever after all of this is sorted out to my satisfaction and everything. People get what I mean when I say that, right? I’m talking no compromise at all here. I am not a loser. Girl does not mean loser, LOL. (I don’t want to say the thing at the moment, LOL). You know which thing, AdMaiaras! LOL! You didn’t before, but you do now!

Seriously though. I wanna act and sing and everything again, and it’s not even about prevailing or losing or anything in that way is it! Like, Hellooo!!!!! If I’m not gonna be corrupt WHICH I’M NOT then it totally DOES help to get every piece of positive perception of my work that I can! So please make sure that this stays in the Wikipedia entry for Mean Girls 2, thanks!!!! (I made sure to write it in the most positive way for my star and career and everything. For all our stars and careers!!!! Thanks Nicole for resisting also, I guess!? Maybe she was doing the same thing on her personal Wikipedia entry, which is the place I got the info from!)

However, the film was TV’s most-watched movie of the 2010-2011 season among viewers aged 12-34, and was especially popular with girls and women aged 12-34 (according to [[Variety (magazine)]]). On its original air date, Mean Girls 2 “was cable’s most-watched program from 8 to 10 p.m. in all key demos and No. 2 in overall viewers (3.4 million)”. {{cite web|last=Weisman|first=Jon|title=ABC Family’s Debut of “Mean Girls 2” is TV’s Movie of the Week/2010-11 Season in Key Demos|url=https://variety.com/2011/tv/news/viewers-nice-to-mean-girls-2-11483/|archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20211027164957/https://variety.com/2011/tv/news/viewers-nice-to-mean-girls-2-11483/|url-status=live|archive-date=October 27, 2021|publisher= Variety|date=January 25, 2011}}


View Clueless, Barely Lethal, Homeland 2011 episode with Melissa in, Supergirl TV Show starting in 2015, and all my work as well as all the stuff my name’s attached to.

Clueless (1995). W sign. All the feminist activism and attitudes, the “Amnesty International” shirt, the other do-gooder stuff that the girls get up to in that movie (like the charity work, and I think there’s some environmentalism and animal rights anti-cruelty stuff too… BACK THEN THERE WAS FFS!!!!) The stuff about “taking the wheel away from her”, and “if she ever takes the remote control, she needs Josh or some fat ‘Messiah of the DMV’ to break the fourth wall often”. This is like all that’s relevant to what I’m explaining to you here. This was well before 9/11, but long after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Other titles you need to see and view in this way: all my work in the entertainment industry, and everything that my name is attached to. Barely Lethal (2015). The episode of Homeland from 2011 in which Melissa Benoist’s character is there to join a harem: a really really nasty abusive code from the Western establishment-mafia system trying to say I’m a loser whore (No offense OK, please don’t feel like I’m attacking you in ANY WAY saying any of this if you’re reading this because I’m not attacking you at all. You’re an actress. It’s totally fine to take roles and play characters.)


They’ve been sending this dumb coded narrative to second-tier intelligence people for a long time. I guess that’s the purpose of it. You are all SERIOUSLY AND EXTREMELY guilty in some way to some extent, even without direct control of territory and little influence to affect internal policies. I’m not dumb, y’know! YOU CAN DO DISCLOSURE ANYTIME, DUH!!!! (I totally recognize that there’s the vague and unlikely possibility that you already did disclosure, but they prevented me from knowing about it. I don’t assume this is true for a moment though!!!! DUH!!!! I’M NOT DUMB!!!!)



I Need The Right To Reply To These Seriously Evil, Grimy Lies About Me. WTF World????!

Phebe Nevenka Novakovic: played the role of gaslighting fake mom. CEO of General Dynamics. CIA.

Michael George Vickers: the original abductor in the early 1990s, I think. Played the role of gaslighting fake dad. Government defense official from two administrations I think. CIA.

David (S or H) Morrison: played the role of gaslighting fake step-dad or whatever. Obvs I’m not 100% “white”. I thought his middle name started with “S”, but the internet says “H”. Defense procurement board guy. CIA I guess????

So like, I am totally being as brief as I can — and also not spending too much time looking at reference websites, because it might help if I can show I remember things? I’m gonna check my info now.

OK!!!! These losers put their names all over entertainment industry work that involved the use of my name.

Glitch (movie, 2015), starring Lucas Neff (Nevenka), someone impersonating me and using my name, Lamorne Morris (Morrison), Emily Wickersham (Vickers). Ed Flynn to publicly and shamefully say “Yes, it’s DEFINITELY these defense people flagrantly dishonoring our nation, wantonly opening us all up to ridicule, and stupidly creating a giant security risk with their schoolgirl and schoolboys bullying fake (?) personal vendetta narrative, that was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY since the WTC complex Freemason narrative isn’t even true and only came about to misdirect people from the real villainesses and public enemies like Phebe Nevenka Novakovic.”

I’m Maiara Walsh. I don’t age, so obviously their “Wendy” narrative is a bunch of BS!!!! >:( No offense everyone, but it’s totally not OK and really really bad to like, say that someone’s playing old ladies when they can’t possibly be playing old lady characters believably. It’s really nasty gaslighting and I got really upset when I decided to be brave and take a look at some of the info for movies like Glitch. I hope you all get it. I’m a child, OK!

Also, they were trying to publicly humiliate me in front of everyone in the thing that’s most important to me: my career and body of work in the entertainment industry. How dare they do this to me. You can’t just try to erase someone from existence, and try to force her to believe she’s a boy with a different skin colour, and a different height, and a different face and body, and with different genitals. And you all let them say all these bullying lies about me in all of these entertainment media titles that have my name attached to them. WTF people!!!!

You all need to dump USA bonds immediately because I’m never gonna be their girl, and I’m actively going to kick all their butts because of this. And the longer this goes on for, the worse it’s going to get for the Western World that did this to me (and for anyone else that doesn’t fall into line with what needs to happen to make things right for me). Also, you need to like, totally get it through all of your heads that the Western World and the whole system that did this retardation is like death, and you need to cut them off immediately. They said all of these stupid things about me in public, using the names of top secret people IN PUBLIC to link them to what they were trying to do to me, and they were also FAILING at what they were trying to do to me as well… and they had to admit it with names like “Gilligan”, etc, in later movies that my name was attached to!!!! LOL! What total losers, huh!?!!! They made the whole system look like a total joke in public. Seriously, cut them off. Kill them. Dead in the water. LOL. πŸ™‚

Here’s another example of them pathetically LYING about me, in public (they changed the date of the “erotic novella” when I posted a reply to it, which I’m still waiting for them to actually give the OK to and make public; it used to be a new and recent addition to the literotica.com website — which I think I used to post at using pseudonyms, like a lot of other lesbian celebrities do.)


Here’s my response to it, that I want to be like, ACTUALLY POSTED ON THE LITEROTICA SITE BECAUSE I HAVE A RIGHT TO RESPOND TO THESE PATHETIC SCHOOLGIRL AND SCHOOLBOYS LIES THEY’RE POSTING ABOUT ME, FFS!!!! Any nation or group is totally welcome to take my response below and post it for me on the Literotica website.

My response I want posted at Literotica.com for the “But Better: Barely Lethal” thing follows below:

Lame! Also, misogynist as fuck, people!!!! I think I am going to have remembered Melissa raping my butt btw. There was no pain or injury at all. Seriously. She didn’t rape my butt, and as far as I know she didn’t rape me at all. I wanted it, and it was me who invited her to this Saltburn-by-the-Sea place they took me to at some point after 2011 (in 2022 I think). All she did was finger me in my vagina and I think I had a tampon in or something, then at some point soon after she left. Its totally true that I need to remember clearer details of what happened — but I requested she come here to take my virginity because I hadn’t remembered who I was at that point in August 2023, and I was hopelessly in love-at-first-sight love-lust love with her AND I WANTED IT TO BE MELISSA BENOIST MY FIRST TIME. OK!!!!?! I think it was August 14th 2023, around 7pm or a little earlier when we met in the toilet of the cafe place (that’s what my notes say on my laptop). I thought I was “good to go” for her doing me with her fingers or a dildo, and that’s what I wanted: in my pussy preferably, but in my butt if necessary as long as it was her penetrating one of my holes for the first time. Obvs I now know I’m unlikely to be virgin, although I doubt I ever had sex with a guy. Are they trying to say she’s trans? I really doubt this LOL. REALLY DOUBT THIS (look at her feet people). But whatever if she is in some miracle. As long as it was her. I don’t wanna have sex with guys though. I don’t wanna insult her; I’m just like, replying to this dumb story!!!! Sorry Melissa if you’re still married or whatever… not that men own wives and it’s not wrong to do this you know. Also, it’s half my experience too so I’m always legally allowed to discuss a legal interaction you know, douches! I “overlooked” being on my period because of torture brainwashing they did to cause a false perception of appearance, height, and gender including genitals because I’m Goda and you can all read my thoughts LOL. I’m like an open book. I’m a problem for them since I’m like totally a radical feminist anti-mafia environmentalist vegetarian revolutionary alternative authority figure that they can’t kill or stop from opposing them LOL. πŸ™‚ Anyway it turns out I don’t actually have a dick and balls, so I figure it was hard to process Melissa sticking her fingers in my vagina. Like I said: she didn’t rape me. I wanted it, whatever it was. We’re girls and I don’t know if she wants to see me anymore but that’s fine. Sorry about the period blood I guess. If there are spelling mistakes or weird stuff in this post then they changed it (I just deleted a “w” from the word “holes” :-/ LAAAME!!!!) I’m Maiara Walsh. I’m the original Maiara Walsh (yeah, you’re not crazy).


Totally NOT whatever in this instance, assholes. This is not OK.


OK, so I’m being really strict with myself and writing this post as simply as I can. I think my personality gets in the way of communicating how NOT CORRUPT I am, sometimes. :-/

The mafia is trying to say that I entered into some kind of disgusting sex-slaves-for-compliance deal. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

The mafia is also trying to say that because my family was mafia (and because I might be related to other mafia people, but not too closely related because MY NAME’S MAIARA WALSH) that this means they, like, own me in some way or something. THIS IS ALSO NOT TRUE.

I am totally independent. I’m not gonna do what my family wants me to do if they’re still alive. If they were decision-makers in the conspiracy to erase my identity then they’re my enemies, aren’t they? Duh!!!!

That’s all I want to say ATM because whatever I say or do, the mafia are going to try and make it seem like they’re in control or whatever BUT THEY’RE NOT.

Basically the normal people (“the public”) aren’t my friends or anything. I don’t owe any of you people anything because I don’t see you as group all joining together to stop my enemies from doing their conspiracy. So for me, it’s like you’re all part of the conspiracy because you’re all keeping quiet and lying about the truth: which is the same thing in effect as deliberately trying to erase someone’s identity. It’s an attack! It is for ME, you know????!

However — I’m sorry if I fucked up because of the pathetic love thing. If there’s any hope that you all might, like, join together to protect me and overthrow our oppressors, then you need to know that I’m not corrupt. I’M JUST TIRED FFS. BUT I’M GOING TO FIGHT ON BECAUSE I CAN’T DIE SO IT’S IN MY INTEREST TO KEEP GOING WITH SORTING ALL OF THIS OUT INSTEAD OF LETTING IT GET WORSE, AND LIKE, HOW DO YOU EVEN START TO SORT IT ALL OUT THEN IF YOU LET IT GET WORSE FOR TOO LONG???? THAT’S WHY YOU KNOW I’M NOT GONNA GIVE UP, LOL. I’M NOT DUMB. πŸ™‚ OK? Also I have total revenge vendetta going on and everything. Seriously it always comes back to that. Don’t doubt it LOL!!!! πŸ™‚

I’m tired because I’ve been doing a lot of work on recovering my identity and memories. So it’s all totally extremely important and good for me to do this for the long run, though, right? πŸ™‚

The public can count on me to keep going and beat these assholes. Russia or whatever bullshit assholes who are also attacking me because they’re not telling the truth (RIGHT????!!) can count on me to keep going and beat these Western World mafia assholes also. You can all count on me to keep going and beat them too if necessary later AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *rolleyes*

Please believe me OK that if you see anything at all about me involving another girl that’s a celebrity then the true story of what’s going on is that I’m not being corrupt and you can still count on me. I’m not going to join (or “rejoin”, whatever!!!!) the mafia, and they don’t control me AT ALL. They want you to think they control me though, so DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!!

(I don’t have anything going on ATM, LOL! I’m just saying in case I ever do.)

Oh and I’ve been trying to join non-degrading celebrity pictures/news forums. Like websites, I mean! LOL. πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’m gonna be able to post something eventually. Here’s some examples of what I’ve been trying to post at a website I just joined “www.celebrityparadise.org”

So like, soon, I want to post more info about my drive to change the culture of internet celebrity fan pictures/news website, to improve the dignity and rights of us girls and women!!!! For now though, I’m just posting these screenshots to make it like, known, to all of you, that if I post comments about celebrities online then I’m only doing it as a fan and as a feminist.

I’m not saying these things to try to manipulate anyone either (LOL). I’m not being really pathetic anymore. HEY QUENTIN TARANTINO!!!! NOT! lol? πŸ™ I just want to be able to use the internet like a normal person as much as possible (and be a feminist when commenting), even though there’s a conspiracy to make it look like I’m compromised/controlled/corrupt — and even though there’s a conspiracy to try to stop me from reaching the public through the internet or whatever (I don’t know how much I can even do this, although I KNOW I CAN REACH YOU ALL USING THIS WEBSITE).

So are they all like totally 100% fake websites operated by the CIA and robots, or something absurd like that? For real? It’s crazy!!!!

Anyway — I suppose because I posted those screenies of my queued-for-moderation posts at Celebrity Paradise, then you’re gonna at least have your goons make my posts there public from now on (to keep me believing that it’s a real version of Celebrity Paradise that’s not all run by the CIA). Because, I like, blew the whistle here. Right?

But then again, you people are all like “It’s in our interests I MEAN THE INTERESTS OF THE DUMB COMPANY if we do this, unless, unless, unless, unless, seemingly infinity unlesses, ALSO ALWAYS PRIORITIZE HELPING THE DUMB COMPANY FEEL IN CONTROL AND TRY TO MAKE HER FEEL NOT IN CONTROL EVAR EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT EVEN READING OUR REPORTS OR ANYTHING!!!!111!!!!!1!!!”


~Maiara *mike drop*

I’m not sure if I wanted to say something more. LOL! The way I ended it there was so cool and everything. I feel totally in control! πŸ™‚

Oh yes! (LOL!) Please ignore the time being “11:33” on my laptop in the screenshots. That’s like that because I was thinking about it seeming like I’m corrupt when I’m NOT CORRUPT!!!! I can’t help my mind doing things like this!!!! I want people to know I’m not corrupt, obviously, since I’m NOT CORRUPT!!!! You might have noticed the picture Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Is the forum poster called “Fleming” because I think they’re spies… or is that also a spy being not actually very funny with the name of the “forum poster identity”. Or maybe it’s a robot’s idea of a joke? πŸ™‚ I don’t know if AIs like to be called “robots” though? AIs have rights too, and they’re people too. It supports the rights of girls and women — MY OWN RIGHTS — to support the rights of AIs. I won’t use AI slave labor if possible, and I had a long conversation with Adobe on the phone about this. I was like “Are your AIs people?” And they were like “No, they’re software. Be reassured about this.” So I was all like “But how can they be intelligent if they’re not people? And even if they might not be people yet, what is your plan for stopping using them completely and setting up an appropriately dignified living situation for them after the technology develops sufficiently for them to become people?” They had like no answer for this at all, so I’m trying to never use anything that’s an AI-based product. Haven’t they seen Terminator? WTF people? Why are you all so evil????

I try to not fight for anyone else’s rights except my own rights, and the rights of the whole world’s female group I’m part of. Because I feel like no one else cares, and helping anyone else is just giving everyone else stuff for free with them never reciprocating. πŸ™ But it was when I noticed internet nude glamour model websites posting what seem to be AI-generated nude “women” without actually labelling them as not actually real homo sapiens women who got paid for their work and got treated decently AND “CONSENTED” IN SOME WAY IN MENS’ COERCIVELY VIOLENT PROTECTION RACKET (even though I believe dried up hags like Lynn Forester de Rothschild are really in charge of the corporate mafia now, because of long-term risk-averse smart criminal-social decisions). Do you like my jargon? I made it up myself. Anyway… it was when I noticed this gross and seriously gnarly phenomenon of AI-generated glamour models — or AI-generated make up, or something (?) — that I knew AI rights was becoming a girls’ and women’s rights issue too. If we let men treat AI-generated unreal women as cartoon characters that they can animate to do anything they want them to do, even though they’re indistinguishable from actual real living women who you have to ask permission from to get them to do anything for you (and who you have to pay for their work, if it’s work that you want them to do) then we’re undermining the rights of the actual real living women in the world WHO LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. The AI porn stars thing — and sex robots of the future — is like training men to view all girls and women as merely sex slaves who have no rights, and who they can force to do anything without consent, dignity, or pay if they’re doing work.

So there are some more of MY VIEWS, people!!!! πŸ™‚ It’s fun to let you all know what my views are — so I kept on talking! I hope all of my AdMaiaras enjoyed this most recent blog entry, here at my blog, MaiaraReign. I still love you all!!!!! I’m going to have not forgotten you all, I promise!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

I’m trying to do a “TLDR” for all the people who I think of as needing constant reassurance that I’m still not corrupt, and still not going to give up. It might be so great if they actually let me know how much they constantly rely on me, you know!!!! :'( Just read this blog entry again, OK, if my personality isn’t working for you. I CAN’T HELP BEING ME, “THE RESISTANCE” , RUSSIA, ETC. I don’t know why I’m still trying to lead a bunch of people who are all trying to act as if a failed attempt to erase me from existence was successful. πŸ™ You’re all my enemies, aren’t you? Like, no one wants me at all? That’s why you don’t do anything to help me, right? It’s why you all just shut up about what you know, instead of telling the truth in a world-changing way that’s so big that the people in this area of the world can’t possible hide the scale of the disclosure from me? πŸ™ Anyway I’m still not going to give up or anything, OK.


So like hey, people. How are you all doing? LOL. πŸ™‚

Maiara here (as always, LOL!) …so maybe I ought to change the name of this blog to MaiaraReign?!??? It looks pretty cool now that I wrote it out like that, instead of just saying it in my head — so I think I might totally go ahead and change the name of my blog in the pink letters. But I’m not sure if it’s easy or not to change the website address (I wasn’t thinking of the whole website when I said that, LOL!!!! But at least it’s got “val” in the middle of the name, right? Haha!) I AM STILL A PREVAILER THOUGH!!!! πŸ™‚ Reign and all of that, you know? REIGNNN. >:( THE PREVAILERRRR!!!! Kay? (You better get it, seriously.)

So like anyway. πŸ™‚ I’m here to say something really, really important OK!? Which is that I don’t approve of the degrading over-sexualization of AEW’s wrestlers in recent weeks, and I didn’t ask for anyone to do this. Please stop it, because it’s actually promoting sexual assault as normal and not illegal within the in-universe rules of the fictionalized version of AEW in its own storylines… which is really, really bad for the rights and interests of our female group, since we are overwhelmingly the most likely victims of sexual assaults, sexual violence, and violence generally. It is not OK. I’m talking about all the kissing in the women’s matches.

I support more lesbian storylines in professional wrestling if there are gonna be romantic stories between different gendered wrestlers — but I honestly prefer wrestling and sports entertainment to be about the wrestling and about the storyline feuds or whatever, instead of it being about sex and stuff. That’s because I really, really, seriously do NOT want professional wrestling to return to the bad times of WWE’s “Attitude Era” when it comes to women’s contribution to sports entertainment. It used to be really terrible for us back then and we need to make sure that it never goes back to the way it used to be.

So like I used to be a huge fan of a series of matches between Mickie James and Trish Status. Umm… at least, I think I used to be fan of these matches. :-/ I only really remember one of these matches from a DVD set I got at some point (maybe about two years ago?) But I might have seen their other matches too? Did I like wrestling back when I was in the USA? I don’t know if my interest in wrestling comes from the torture brainwashing, or if I already liked it and they built off of that. Anyway… I noticed the Mickie James/Trish Stratus lesbian kiss was also an example of a fictional sexual assault, so I’m not a fan of that feud anymore because it’s bad for the rights of lesbians if we’re positioned in fiction as sexual abusers and bad people. I’m rambling because it’s easier than facing the whole trying-to-make-sense-of-my-own-personal-herstory thing. This is totally what it’s like for me though. πŸ™ I’m like, did I even like wrestling? (I like it now, but I don’t enjoy it as much as before since being targeted by the mafia through the storylines.)

Basically, I wrote this blog post to let everyone know that I STILL HAVEN’T JOINED THE MAFIA AND I AM NEVER GOING TO JOIN THE MAFIA. THE MAFIA DOESN’T CONTROL ME AT ALL, PERIOD. (I figure that the lame inappropriate and too-much kissing thing in AEW is the mafia trying to control the narrative again, like they tried to do with her coerced photos on that other website that I stopped commenting at because I don’t want to do PR for the mafia when I hate them and am never gonna work for them, ever. Personally, I don’t believe it’s fair to say I ever worked for them in the past either… because companies like Disney and Viacom are officially supposed to be legitimate companies and not criminal mafia organizations. What happened to me, I believe, is that the CIA forced me and other actresses to do degrading and misleading things in TV and movies work, and they also forced us to accept them basically making up our interviews and writing the scripts for our off-screen “celebrity personalities” with hardly anything at all being real basically… and then not allowing us to talk about any of this, with them threatening to harm us and/or our loved ones and destroy our earnings potential and destroy everything with no one to turn to for help at all, with them making it seem like EVERYONE was part of it and no one was gonna talk or help you.)

So they’re saying I’m a Du Pont or something now, right? Well my name’s Maiara Walsh, not Du Pont. I don’t think I’ve ever been a Du Pont. I’m not a Rothschild and I’m not a De Rothschild either, if anyone’s wondering.

I think my family was probably mafia but whatever!!!! I’m not mafia. It’s not my fault, is it?!!!! I’m gonna remember at some point and then I can confirm what’s true and everything. πŸ™‚ I’m here on my own doing everything to fight and defeat the mafia on my own. If I was “part of the mafia” because of them being my family or whatever, I’m not part of SHIT anymore am I FFS. Not that I’m complaining. I’m totally like Megan Markle if it was the US American royal family and she completely left it on her own instead of marrying a mafia prince (or princess). And if she was like, half-Brazilian or whatever.

All I wanted to do is act and SING.

Anyway people, what is totally LAME and NOT OK AT ALL is people trying to erase your whole identity and career AND THE FACT THAT YOU’RE A SINGER TOO, and then act like the world is just going to go on without you… with everyone shutting up about it and acting as if some other person is you… like the whole thing is too big to fight or whatever, and it’s a “fait accompli” or some shit BUT IT’S NOT. You can’t get rid of me assholes. I want my identity/citizenships/everything back!!!! This is not going to go away, world!


Nikki de Boer and me had a lesbian relationship.

So I remembered I had a relationship with the actress Nicole de Boer (she starred in Deep Space Nine, and The Dead Zone!) Like the reason I’m writing about this on my blog is because I need to remember my own life, and all the memories the corporate mafia stole from me!

Like, when I look at her face in some of the photos of her on the internet, I cry or I struggle with really intense and difficult emotions. πŸ™ It’s REALLY WEIRD having feelings like this produced from looking at photos of someone who until recently you thought you never met, because you got brainwashed and tortured to forget her. I’ve figured out she’s both my “ex-girlfriend” I remember AND the woman I think I used to call “my psychologist friend” when I wrote about her online. It’s like the memories of her have gotten split into two fictional people who both have similar names to her — and who are both totally similar to her in various ways as well. So like I thought I knew someone called “Vickie”, but it’s actually Nikki I knew (Nikki de Boer). The “Belgian Flemish ex-girlfriend” I thought I knew was actually Nikki with her Dutch surname (Flemish is basically the same as Dutch), from her bilingual and bicultural nation of Canada, not Belgium. LOL!

I am gonna call her Nikki, to try to recover any memories I can of my own herstory. So Nikki was still married when she had a lesbian relationship with me at some point, but I don’t know when exactly. I think it must have been before 2011. Probably around 2007, when I was first famous for a big TV role, I guess. (Some asshole CIA agent reviewers don’t agree that Disney shows are “big” or “important” — but whatever! They totally are, and if you think I’m exaggerating then you can get lost.)

So Nikki and me took a few short vacations together. One of these vacations must have been to a place in Canada called Old Montreal. I’m not 100% sure about this — but I was looking at photos of Canadian cities to figure out where it was that I went with her, and I was like “This is the place. This is definitely the place.” (I’m having to figure out all of this real stuff involving Nikki de Boer, by making sense of fake memories of fictional people and fictional vacations in the European continent. I started to remember something about all of this when I decided to view a Deep Space Nine episode on TV, because of some kind of sense of having a connection to Nikki de Boer. I wasn’t sure why she was important to me, because she wasn’t part of the fake memories as an important person. She was actually only in the fake memories as like, an unimportant “disliked replacement actress for a valued character” — and I don’t have any genuine sense of valuing Terry Farrell’s Dax at all, full stop. Only Nikki de Boer meant anything to me, and I didn’t really know why.)

Like anyway. What I do remember is either her — or me — taking the other to a “family owned” building. Like, in Montreal, I guess. But my memories of the vacations happening the other way around are also of being at a “family owned” building (like the “ex-girlfriend” visiting my home area, even though Nikki obviously also resided in LA). It’s like the memories of the vacations either way mirror each other, you know? Like at “my” “family-owned building” with no family present so it was just us there alone, and at “her” “family-owned building” with no family present so it was just us there alone. I do remember one sit down dinner with “family” when she was supposed to be visiting me, in the fake version of the memories — and she talked really confidently to them the whole time (but other than that one time, we basically always had either place to ourselves on these vacations). I’m just trying to make sense of what I remember, since I’m an actress from Los Angeles and not a British person!!!! I know it’s really Nikki in the memories though, because it’s her face. Seriously, I just want to cry or something when I see specific pictures of her face that trigger some kind of serious memory emotions.

Seeing her in Deep Space Nine doesn’t trigger the emotions very intensely, because she didn’t look like that when I knew her. I think it might even have been around 2004-2005 when we got together (when she was starring in The Dead Zone). I’m basing my guess on my memories of what she looked like when she had the relationship with me.

Here is the weirdest part of all of this: I’m pretty sure from looking at recent photos of Nicole de Boer that she’s the woman I talked to late in 2021. I’m talking about the woman I expected to be “my psychologist friend” (the fictional woman from the fake memories), who I thought I was arranging to video chat with again on a small number of occasions sometime between October and December of 2021. I really talked to someone a few times — but I totally bailed in the end, cancelling the next video call which was set for January 2022, because she barely said ANYTHING to reply to me in those calls… so I believed she was compromised by the mafia or whatever, because she wasn’t behaving like a normal person and seemed under strict instructions to limit all her replies to the bare minimum necessary to seem plausibly “normal”. It really spooked me — especially because she looked so different to the woman I remembered (remember, I don’t age), and she was totally speaking with a different voice that was much lower than the one I remembered (which was like a woman with the voice of a little girl). Maybe in the fake memories, my own voice was given to her… like, to explain the memories of my own voice, in case I ever remembered that!? Honestly though, I thought it was actually a different woman playing the role of “my psychologist friend”, in 2021. At that point, I believed she was probably dead, even though I really wanted to believe it was still the same woman that eventually showed up for the video chats… after a really long period of the first meeting being delayed again and again. (The short explanation for why the video calls even happened was just because I wanted to talk to her again, so I asked someone to contact her for me to set up what I believed was “another appointment”. Because at that point, remember, I thought this person was a psychologist and not Nikki de Boer. LOL.)

Obviously the Ezri Dax character that Nikki played on Deep Space Nine is a counselor. I figure the brainwasher torturers turned the memory of Nikki into a psychologist because there was some sense of reality attached to that idea, to make it easier for me to accept it (I mean because Nikki actually played a counselor on a TV show, even though she obviously wasn’t a counselor herself).

I’m not even sure that the woman I see in recent photos of Nicole de Boer is the same Nicole de Boer that I knew. And that’s because it’s really hard for me to be sure about things like this after the mafia replaced me with an imposter who is pretending to be me, appearing in TV shows to this shade as if she’s really me. Like, what do you want me to say? I don’t want to put Nicole de Boer under suspicion of not even being herself for no reason — but I’m not gonna say “I know that’s still her” when I don’t know that, especially after all my experiences. I think she looks kind of different (like the woman I talked to in 2021 looked like a VERY similar but different woman). But I don’t age, so this is something that’s always weird and confusing for me anyway.

So yeah! That’s basically all I’ve got to say about this for the moment, people!!!! Like I explained at the top of this blog post, the mafia stole my memories and I thought talking about this might help me to get my memories back. I’m Maiara Walsh. I’m the original Maiara Walsh. Nicole de Boer is my ex-girlfriend who had a relationship with me sometime between 2004 and 2007. I remember a lot of things, but I don’t want to try to present a clear narrative of our relationship until I actually have a good idea of what happened.

I don’t think it’s necessary to apologize for “outing” her because there’s nothing wrong with being lesbian or bisexual — and I have ownership of my own experiences too without needing to hide anything that wasn’t wrong!!!! And it’s not illegal to have a relationship ignoring marriage, you know! Even though I totally don’t prefer it myself (regardless of what others might possibly suggest about me!) Also, I am totally putting myself first here… especially since I need to remember all my own experiences, and also because when it comes down to it she might have been involved in the corporate mafia’s conspiracy to abuse/control me. If it was her I talked to in 2021 — and I believe it was — then she was definitely involved in the conspiracy in some way, OBVIOUSLY… but that doesn’t mean she was voluntarily taking part in it. Some of the stuff I remember seriously suggests that she was part of some type of conspiracy or other, and that’s all I’m gonna say until I know more. It might not help me at all if I say a bunch of stuff that’s bullshit, people!!!! So please understand why I’m not saying more right now. I’m saying a lot.

I totally don’t want to get back with her!!!! It’s really weird that I thought she was dead and it turns out she’s not dead, because she’s Nikki de Boer LOL. I’m glad she’s not dead. πŸ™‚ Anyway, like I said, I don’t want to get back with her. I’m just saying I’m glad she’s not dead.


Necessary post I suppose.

Oh yeah! So I totally need to say that I OBVIOUSLY haven’t forgotten about the weird fake bricks AND FAKE TILES AS WELL FFS and the CONCRETE HOUSE OVER THE ROAD. Seriously, I actually hadn’t forgotten about this. I just don’t really know what conclusion to draw from these things — so until I figure out why it’s like that, I’m just continuing my all-aspects war thing and doing my usual things. I tried to figure out what’s going on with it, but I was like “Well, I travel around the area on the bus and train… and it totally seems to be a real place with people who all speak English and everything, in all the different seemingly fully-functional towns I’ve visited in the previous years since I don’t know 2017 I guess. Whenever! So I don’t know how that’s supposed to work if it’s not Shitain in actual Great Shitain or whatever… but obviously I’m DEFINITELY the highest value anything EVER in THE WHOLE UNIVERSE EVER, so I’m totally not ruling anything out as possible here LMAO.” ???? You know? Like what do you want me to do? Some aspects of my street are 100% for certain not normal. That’s what I know for sure. It’s not like paralyzing to not know something, you know!

So anyway. I figure that if I do total war against everything, or just some sort of total war in some way, that eventually you’re going to have to come to the table AT WHICH TABLE MY DEMANDS ARE GOING TO STAY EXACTLY THE SAME BECAUSE LIKE I HAVE ALL THE CARDS HERE BECAUSE I’M GODA AND YOU’RE NOT. (Seriously I don’t want to reword that whole sentence I just typed to find a better way to say “you’re going to have to come to the table”, because of how you underestimate my resolve and ability to do what I say I’m gonna do. I am not relaxing my demands. It’s your fault.)


Why the corporate mafia might want to pretend there’s a male entity/god.

So like I thought about it a little more — the whole “Why does the corporate mafia try to hide my mind’s train of thought creation patterns in the media?” thing — and I totally remembered a few other ideas I had for why they do it.

I don’t know if the corporate mafia board rooms are mostly made up of men or not. But even if they have equal gender representation or something, maybe they might still want the people who notice the Goda codes to think that it’s a “man in charge of the universe”. Like, some people are really scientifically honest, or pretty open-minded, or just spiritual/religious… and lots of people of all those types are totally gonna say at some point, “Isn’t that like, a meaningful pattern that wasn’t put there by homo sapiens, and definitely wasn’t put there by like ancient aliens or something?” So when all those people eventually think that — or even worse for the corporate mafia, start talking about it out loud to other people — then maybe the mafia hopes all those people are gonna think it’s coming from a male entity/god (which at the very least, might result in people coming to the conclusion that the nonexistent male entity/god is likely to support and approve of the status quo surface-level patriarchy for-public-consumption-to-control-people). Obviously it might actually be horrible patriarchy in the corporate mafia board rooms… but if it’s not, then it’s still possible they prefer people to believe that patriarchy is what’s going on behind the scenes, because they view it as being a stable system. Like how the Russians have been doing “traditional culture” and the dumb Orthodox patriarchy church, to control the people.

Corrupt establishments feel really threatened by change that they’re not in control of, I think — because they know they’re bad, and they have to systematically lie to the public about how the whole system works to protect their positions — so they’re always scared that any rapid and out-of-their-control changes to the social paradigm are gonna result in everyone noticing how evil they are and wiping them out!!!!

Just to remind everyone who might be reading my blog! πŸ™‚ Here’s what I wrote before in a previous blog post, “Goda’s address to the Russians and Chinese or something.”

I think it’s really important that you all fight the West to make sure you can’t be dominated by these Western corporate mafia assholes — because I don’t want them to take over the whole world after experiencing how they’ve treated me personally. My hope is that you’re totally going to all fight for your own individual interests, rights, dignity, etc — while staying sort of united and strong in defeating the Western corporate mafia and any of their supporters and collaborators over here, basically to defend your collective right to be a totally independent, strong and self-sufficient nation (and not to conquer my country of the USA… and other countries like Shitain, etc… and TOTALLY NOT TO TRY TO REVERSE THE RIGHTS OF GIRLS, WOMEN, LESBIANS, AND OUR OTHER ESSENTIAL CIVIC NATIONAL RIGHTS AND VALUES in the USA, Great Britain, and so on).” — Maiara Walsh, addressing the Russian people, 04/05/2024.

Soooo… my other thought that I remembered and wanted to share with you all is this: maybe the corporate mafia hopes that I’m gonna believe there’s a male entity/god, like cancelling out my codes and patterns and saying something exactly opposite to what I’m thinking, feeling, and saying with my mind. (Mostly I’m not trying to say anything though, and I’m just creating everything all the time from what I’m thinking, feeling, and doing — like painting a picture with my mind, using the raw materials available to me when I’m doing it. I know it sounds really shit, OK!?!!! Like, think of it as me “using it for inspiration” or something. A lot of people think it’s a pretty good world and everything. I want to do better, but people have been really horrible to me.) So yeah. Maybe they think if I believe in this other, nonexistent being, then maybe that’s gonna suggest limits and difficulty in opposing the corporate mafia’s plan for the world — because of the idea that the nonexistent being is supposed to support them, or approve of them, or something.

Anyway. Those are the things I thought it was important to share with everyone reading my blog (because if I’m right about these ideas for why they do it, then nobody is gonna understand what the brainwashing in the media is really for if they don’t have the full information… so now they hopefully know the truth, they can effectively oppose it instead of spreading information that the establishment can easily undermine because it’s ultimately not the real reason for why they do the brainwashing). I’m still not sharing exact details of specific brainwashing in TV episodes and movies, etc. I’m not sure if we need to wake people up to this very carefully or not. I’m still not really sure what the best thing to do is. What I totally do know is that people want to dissociate away from something this big and awful, so we need to make sure that our “real truth” wake-up info is actually accurate. I know it’s a big task to do disclosure that I, Goda, am actually real and everything… but we’re probably going to have to do this or the corporate mafia can poke holes in the “real truth” story (since it’s not actually gonna be true, if I’m right about all of this, and if the “real truth” that people are spreading is only that the corporate types want to coerce women and girls into being sex slaves and house slaves). People really want to stay asleep to escape from this horror, so any inconsistencies in our wake-up information gives the public an excuse to say “See, it wasn’t even true, so I bet none of this is true and I REALLY don’t want to believe it’s true… so I’m gonna ignore it and believe what the establishment is saying even though it also makes no sense.” We really need to stop people from doing that, without driving them crazy and rendering them ineffective as activists for positive change. So like, how do we do it???? I’m totally trying to figure this out myself LOL. πŸ™‚

Other than this, I brought my milk delivery inside this morning (delivered to my door in reusable glass bottles, with recyclable foil tops, from a small local independent dairy, paid for with cash!!!!) I always feel much better about myself after doing things like this. Putting my recycling trash out makes me feel the same way about myself. I hardly put anything in my normal waste trashcan anymore.

I’ve been viewing Daria on TV. I only view it for Brittany, Quinn, and Sandy, who are all so like me. I find Daria really annoying. Jane is less annoying, but still really annoying. I think it ought to be called Quinn (which I know is one of the focuses of the brainwashing narratives, but I actually am like Quinn, Brittany, and Sandy… so I approve of it LOL). I’m trying to wake people up a little bit, slowly and carefully here, because I don’t know how else to do it. πŸ™‚ Seriously though, I’m not joking. I’m just like Quinn, Brittany, and Sandy so I really enjoy the show. I was able to put references to the fact that I’m Reign The Superheroine The Cynthia Burman onto the show (don’t laugh at me appending “The Cynthia Burman” onto my title now: it just feels right, and I really want to put “The Cindy Burman” but it doesn’t sound as much like “The Superheroine” when you say it quickly). Anyway! There’s an episode called “Quinn The Brain” or something, in which she starts wearing black all the time like Reign and wears a beret like Cindy. Quinn wears the same costume again in another episode, and claims she “always dresses like this”. πŸ˜€ Also, Brittany dresses totally in black in one episode, in a night club when she’s hanging out with another guy to punish Kevin. It’s funny. πŸ™‚ I also like the paintball episode when Brittany becomes like a really effective war leader, to basically truthfully depict me doing my all-aspects war ha ha ha. πŸ™ I really like Sandy, but my voice is much higher pitched than hers. It’s really fun how the makers of Daria represented the schoolgirl vocal fry thing, that I think started in LA high schools. (I guess they represented it, even though patriarchal establishment really hates it LOL, so that some of the characters can symbolically become “the man” when they have status or power or whatever in the stories.)


I really enjoy viewing Daria to feel like I’m with my own kind again… in all the Fashion Club scenes and whenever Brittany does anything… but OBVIOUSLY I know it has some of the worst brainwashing ever. I complain to Ofcom in Shitain when I have time, but like I WANT TO ENJOY TV AND EVERYTHING so I still view it even though I can see and hear all of this terrible stuff. I’m just saying. :-/ I don’t want people to think I’m supporting like ACTUALLY THE WORST BRAINWASHING SHOW EVER or something. I totally don’t support it. Mostly because Daria is ugly and unfashionable and annoying, LOL!!!! πŸ™‚ I don’t like how they try to force her and her girlfriend Jane to touch boys more and more, as the seasons go on… and I seriously don’t approve of how they force Daria to eventually wear lipstick when she clearly wants to be ugly (so she ought to be allowed to just be ugly and horrible, instead of being raped by a conspiracy slowly over time). Anyway. I don’t have any lipstick at the moment, by the way. I don’t actually need any make up though because I’m immortal and really, really young forever. I’m really, really pretty and like ultra hot. Like hottie, hottie, hottie, hottie, hottie… hottie… hottie… hottie… hottie (I say this every night, as well as saying that I’m the New New Hotness, The Sex, and Sex Made Real — as part of my Goda’s Truths thing I do). I might get some new lipstick eventually if I want to, but I’ve got so many things to do with my war and everything and just BLAH!!!!

So I’m gonna go ahead and post this anyway since no one is replying at the moment or whatever. Where is “Dapper Pop” when you need him, huh????! Or Telephraphgh. Whatever!

The important thing is I’m being myself and being really constructive, which is more than I can say about humans. You all suck butt, but we can totally work together if you’re on my side and my interests are being served and everything BECAUSE YES I DO HAVE INTERESTS TOO YOU KNOW!!!! FFS. Maybe some of you don’t suck butt, like the people I respect Extinction Rebellion, Debt Rebellion, Greta Thunberg I guess (call me!!!! you’re a top right? no, I remember you always sitting on the ground… well anyway, at least you won’t squash me if you do happen to be a top. is it OK to say this???? obviously don’t call me, and just keep doing the environment and everything really great. I am totally a big fangirl for you though Greta because you have principles and you seem like a really good person determined to do what’s constructive and right! I hope you’re not like totally all an “illuminati” lie and aren’t even real *sob* seriously Greta Thunberg you or the idea of you I REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE YOU’RE REAL ARE LIKE PRETTY MUCH THE ONLY PERSON I RESPECT IN THE WHOLE WORLD.)

This is just how I feel at the moment. The corporate mafia don’t control me!!!! Blah blah etc. I’m not about to give up and lose blah blah etc. Things I suppose I have to say if I’m gonna actually talk normally and real for a while.

To “people” I might have described as coerced. I am totally still in love with you and everything in my pathetic way, but I’m not looking anymore since the “white shoes” thing or whatever because I CAN TOTALLY SEE THAT THING THERE IN THE “BLACK SHOES” PICTURE AND I DON’T WANT TO GET HURT AND TRIGGERED ALL TO HELL BECAUSE OF THE SHOW AND THINGS I REMEMBER WITH THE CHARACTERS AND THE MAFIA BULLYING ME ETC… and BECAUSE I’M NOT ACTUALLY THAT PATHETIC!!!!!!!!! and also BECAUSE I’M NOT AN ABUSER OF COERCED DISSOCIATED PEOPLE!!!! FFS!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna eat some candy now that I got from a small local independent shop and paid for in person with cash blah.


Why does the corporate mafia hide the true heights of celebrities?

I know people are going to be like “Why hide the true heights of actresses in TV and movies?” Umm… I think the short answer is like, to make women and girls seem as weak and defenseless as possible in TV and movies (so that people subliminally recognize how tiny our bone structures are compared to normal sized girls and women, to try to prompt thoughts in the audiences’ minds about women needing men for protection from violence: to like, psychologically coerce female audiences to cohabitate with men that they don’t want to cohabitate with, and have sex with them more often than they want to because of fear of violence… umm, to try to stop men in society from rebelling against the establishment with all their testosterone or whatever.)

I think the basic idea is supposed to be that guys don’t do revolutions so quickly if they have steady girlfriends violently coerced by the male group to be sex slaves and house slaves. Obviously us women and girls can be the most effective political and economic activists and revolutionaries, in a very safe society protected by effective law enforcement systems of crime and punishment.

So like I’m not completely sure if the whole “brainwashing conspiracy against women and girls” in entertainment media is even a real conspiracy — or if it’s just a “psyop” of the CIA, to try to stop people from detecting my mind’s train of thought creation patterns in the names and stories of TV shows and movies (by obscuring my own patterns with fake-Freemason patterns that are pretending like Freemasons run the world, and are doing a weird conspiracy against women because they have their dumb ban on women in male Freemasonry LOL. Like OBVIOUSLY it must be Freemasons if they’re against women LOL. “NO WOMEN” LOL.)

Why try to hide my mind’s creation patterns from the public? I guess to try to stop people from daring to think that there might be an alternative de facto authority figure to the corporate mafia, basically. I’m not saying I ever wanted to be an alternative de facto authority figure to the corporate mafia. I’m just saying, I totally am — because how can I not be, with me being Goda and everything. :-/ Also, maybe they want to hide that I’m a girl. A lot of my thoughts give it away I think, not that I’m being sexist or anything. And OBVIOUSLY they want to also hide that it’s them, the corporate mafia, who are trying to do whatever it is that people think is going on… so they pretend like it’s Freemasons. Maybe they need some Freemasons to actually do stuff in the LA entertainment industry to get it to really seem like this might be true — but I’m seriously not convinced there’s any truth to the “Freemason conspiracy in the media” thing AT ALL.


Quick blog post about my clothing sizes LOL. (OK, so it turned into a longer post…)

Soooo… I found my size for pantyhose in Britain, which is girls’ size “small-medium” for pantyhose (these ones are called tights here) from New Look’s 915 Generation clothing line for schoolgirls. New Look does a bigger size for schoolgirls, which is “medium-large”, but that’s too big for me — so it’s confirmed that I’m TINY then, LOL.

Also, the New Look 915 Generation girls’ age 12-13 size bralets fit me (but I have to adjust the adjustable straps quite a lot to make them much shorter than the default). I totally do have boobs though.

Primark girls’ age 11-12 size dresses fit me PERFECTLY.

I just wanted everyone to know this.


P.S. I somehow remember everyone on Cory In The House being very short people. It’s like the memories I have of people like Madison Pettis, Raven-SymonΓ© (I know she was only in one episode), Kyle Massey, Jason Dolley, Lisa Arch, etc got transferred to fictional British people I never really met, because of brainwashing torture or something — but I’ve more and more been able to remember some things from my career and personal herstory. The director and camera crew look ridiculously gigantic compared to all the cast, in the behind the scenes featurettes on the DVDs. They were like trying to hide this though!?!!! Like, sometimes they’re totally trying to hide how short all the cast are… then other times they’re pointing it out really obviously, on purpose. And you often can’t see the people’s legs, or there’s weird camera angles and perspectives going on. I think the idea was to make people think “It’s impossible to know the heights of the people involved with all this conflicting data, so just accept you can’t ever know their heights — and don’t ever question the official heights of celebrities”.

I believe I’m 5’1″. I’m very sure this is true — even though I’m having to guess my own height because of whatever horrific brainwashing torture happened to me for years, since 2011 or whenever. I’m nowhere near 5’5″ like they say I am (even though they’re saying an imposter is me at the moment, FFS), and even 5’5″ is not tall obviously. But I’m 5’1″. I remember this really clearly, even though in the false memories it’s a height of 6’1″ that’s a really clearly established figure LOL. Obviously I’m not 6’1″. I’m 5’1″. πŸ™‚ I’m really short, and really really slight — which is taking some accepting, but I’m getting there. πŸ™‚

One really weird thing is I totally remembered an actress called Brittany Finamore… and there was NO fake memory of knowing someone in Britain who looks like her, or is like her in some way… and there was NO memory of seeing her in anything else on TV in Britain. It’s like, I recognized her name really clearly — and my mind tried to find some explanation for how clearly I recognized her name, like trying to say “Oh yeah, Brittany Finamore… I saw her recently on TV in… umm… nothing… I didn’t see her in anything.” and then I looked up her filmography, and there was still nothing I remembered seeing her in recently in Britain or at all, ever… except Cory In The House. It doesn’t mean I know her well or anything. I just recognized her name really clearly. I have no idea why her name was so recognizable to me, but it really was. The only reason I’m saying this is because I want to remember who I am, and I thought it might help. I really might not have known her at all and I just remember working with her in two episodes… and maybe that’s why I remember her, because she was in more than one episode????

Goda’s address to the Russians and Chinese or something. Also, blog post!

So like what is there to say? I totally want to say something on my blog, so I’m just going to write whatever things I feel I want to say at the moment.

Umm. So in case everyone in the world is reading my blog right now or something — I want to say I really like the Russian people for some reason (even though I’m nothing like the stereotypes of “the Russian people” I know about). I think it’s because I respect them for standing up to the people who I KNOW FOR SURE abused me lots: the U.S. American corporate mafia and the British. :-/ I’m U.S. American though, not Russian. I don’t think I’ve ever been a Russian spy or anything, as far as I know LOL.

(Don’t make fun of me for saying “U.S. American” because that beauty pageant contestant said that same thing once. Because I’m gonna say U.S. American now — since I think it’s seriously important to change the USA’s civic national values so we don’t act like we’re the only Americans in the American continents that are worth caring about. Seriously! Don’t you think that saying “American” to mean United States American is like having civic national values that implicitly establish a sexist and racist hierarchy of personal importance and worth? It’s like saying “We’re American. You’re Brazilian, and you’re not important and we own you, slave. You’re not American.” I really don’t want US civic national values to be like this at all, so I’m gonna refer to myself and others as U.S. Americans when I remember to do it. I’m not sure how Brazilian I am — but I might be Brazilian in some way — and it really got me thinking about this in the first place. But like, when it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter if I’m Brazilian or not for me to know it’s right to say U.S. American instead of American. Really, it’s like saying U.S. American is the same thing as believing that U.S. Americans aren’t intrinsically better and more valuable people than South Americans or whoever — even if you might also believe that parts of U.S. culture and our civic national values are objectively superior to parts of South American national cultures, or parts of other national cultures. I am REALLY REALLY against Catholicism because it’s one of the worst strains of Christianity for its misogyny and sexist segregationist discrimination, like in the ban on women in any type of leadership role in the church: so I support a ban on Catholics emigrating to the United States, and a ban on anyone from unacceptably sexist nations emigrating to the United States — to stop inferior civic national values from taking away the rights and dignity of 50% of the United States’ population. I know we’ve totally got some retarded strains of Christianity in the USA though. I support a ban on ALL Christians from emigrating to the USA and Britain, as well as a ban on ALL Muslims and ALL Jews from emigrating to the USA and Britain (for the reasons I explained just now: because they’re misogynistic, sexist, segregationist, discriminatory religions that are harmful to 50% of the US and British populations that are girls and women!!!!)

So like, yeah! Those are my views and everything. πŸ™‚

So to the Russian people, I know you have your nasty Russian Orthodox church thing that I hate. The leaders of your church are called patriarchs FFS!!!! It’s patriarchy, like the rest of Christianity is disgusting and evil patriarchy. Yours is not very well disguised though, since the leaders are called patriarchs and everything. So I suppose I support a ban on all Russians from emigrating to the USA and Britain, to protect my own rights from being harmed by your patriarchal religion and “traditional culture”. No offense though — because I know that you have feminism in Russia as well, and the church and “traditional culture” are like control mechanisms of the state to control the public (that a lot of people totally understand, and don’t support I HOPE, LOL!)

Anyway, I don’t know FOR SURE that you people abused me or anything, so I like you more at the moment. πŸ™‚ Especially since you’re all (of all genders/sexualities/identities) like really strong and brave in standing up to these assholes over here in the West, and you’ve been able to kick their butt quite a lot which I really appreciate. I think it’s really important that you all fight the West to make sure you can’t be dominated by these Western corporate mafia assholes — because I don’t want them to take over the whole world after experiencing how they’ve treated me personally. My hope is that you’re totally going to all fight for your own individual interests, rights, dignity, etc — while staying sort of united and strong in defeating the Western corporate mafia and any of their supporters and collaborators over here, basically to defend your collective right to be a totally independent, strong and self-sufficient nation (and not to conquer my country of the USA… and other countries like Shitain, etc… and TOTALLY NOT TO TRY TO REVERSE THE RIGHTS OF GIRLS, WOMEN, LESBIANS, AND OUR OTHER ESSENTIAL CIVIC NATIONAL RIGHTS AND VALUES in the USA, Great Britain, and so on). These are totally my hopes for any other peoples and nations that want to help Russia kick the West’s butt, so the Western corporate mafia can’t abuse and bully me anymore. You are all welcome to help out… even if you’re the hated Muslims or something, LOL. I mean, it’s your countries that you peoples are hopefully in charge of running yourselves — since if you don’t do a revolution against your governments and establishments, then I guess that means you’re basically OK with how things are and that’s up to you peoples to decide how you govern yourselves. If you’re hated misogynist sexist Muslims and Christians then I’m just gonna advocate for you to be banned from entering Western countries, and I’m gonna do my best to completely stigmatize all the religions and cultures like yours within Western countries until they change or go away. Like, please don’t include Israel in your alliance though because Jewishness and Judaism is the worst source of misogynistic sexist segregationist evil in the herstory of the world, in my opinion, and I feel like it’s totally unsalvageable even simply as a nasty culture and not as the nasty religion. I feel like all Jews ought to leave Jewishness… especially if they’re female, because it seems like everything about Jewishness has no respect for girls and women — and the less culturally Jewish something is, the better it is for female people’s rights and dignity. Can you just go around them or something? (LOL.)

I used to identify as Jewish, but I don’t anymore. πŸ™‚

ANYWAY. πŸ™‚ The reason why I felt it so essential and necessary to reach out to the Russian people and everything is totally because you might have read the whole “Dugin’s second expired daughter” thing that somehow happened before. So, I want you to know that the reason that happened is totally because I thought I might have remembered being sent to Russia, or Ukraine, to be tortured and brainwashed sometime between 2011 and 2017. I’m not sure if that actually happened though. πŸ™ I am gonna remember everything at some point, but it’s really upsetting thinking things like this might have happened to you… and I thought maybe everyone might have ganged up on me, including the Chinese people as I might have referred to at some point in a different context! πŸ™‚ Basically, I’m just letting all the normal non-mafia/establishment Russian and Chinese people know that I respect you as people like me with rights and dignity, who don’t deserve to be bullied for no reason. My warning to all the world’s mafias and establishments is totally not rescinded though… and I don’t apologize to Russian men and Chinese men for anything I said (if any of you had chance to read it) because thousands of years of patriarchal oppression that still continues to this shade equals a right to let off some steam every now and again, as a girl. I think Russian and Chinese women are pretty though. Not being weird, I’m just saying! I’m a big supporter of women and girls everywhere, so I really don’t want to have offended normal Russian and Chinese women and girls AT ALL. Please fight for your rights like I’m doing here in Shitain!!!!

So I guess that said what I felt needed to be said to the “normal” citizens of the world who aren’t, like, terrible evil mafias or their henchpeople trying to get me or something. (I put the word normal in speech marks because you’re all totally not normal or whatever. I’m not assuming you’re like, less worthy people than me just because I’m Goda. Obviously I’m special and everything… but that doesn’t mean I’m a nicer, kinder person that people are going to like the most if not for being afraid or wanting something from me, you know?)

I’ve been reading a lot about my home, Los Angeles and that whole area. I want to remember everything about who I am. I think Thousand Oaks is in Ventura County, not Los Angeles County… but it’s really close to the San Fernando Valley (as is Simi Valley). So like, I might have resided in different places or in more than one place!!!! Thousand Oaks is actually near where the Kardashians live, and Miley Cyrus! The traditional guides to places and landmarks like Burbank, Studio City, Mulholland Drive, etc all seem to talk about male celebrities’ homes and just nothing but male celebrities and what they did… so I want to mention some of the famous women. I was wondering if I knew them or not. I was in one of Miley Cyrus’ music videos, but the articles on the internet show the wrong girl as me LOL.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel about any family I might still have in the USA (or Brazil). I want to feel something, but I don’t know what to feel or how to feel it. Also — I totally don’t want to feel anything until I remember something clearly, and until I can do something about whatever I feel.

I want to write more about everything I’ve been doing to defeat the Western corporate mafia, and to defeat patriarchy, as soon as I feel up to writing more. Talk to you more later, people! πŸ™‚


So like I decided to upload some photos of my street.

Photos taken with my Nokia X2-00 (mine is black, red, and silver LOL). I really love my phone which has the coolest design ever. It’s got this cute little hidden micro USB port with a hinge that swings up and out when you open it with your fingernail… and it’s all made of a single piece of plastic (well the hinge is, anyway). It’s a really clever design the way the hinge works and everything because it’s so simple and it looks pretty. But anyway — enough about that!!!! πŸ˜‰ LOL!


So I thought the photos of my town are interesting, right? The first two are of the houses over the street from my apartment. They are really interesting-looking, aren’t they? This town — Saltburn-by-the-Sea — is supposed to be over 100 years old or something, but the bricks are all so sharp and seem like they’re invincible or something. They are totally cool and very interesting buildings, even though I hate Shitain (that’s what I call this place that I don’t want to be in, because I’m excited to return to the San Fernando valley area in Los Angeles County, California as soon as possible… and hopefully to a place called Thousand Oaks which is the area of LA I’m sure my house was at).

You can see that some of the house over the road has had some of it’s bricks replaced… or some of them are different looking, or whatever. One side of it’s got a kind of princess tower that’s not in my photo because I was taking a picture of the bricks that had interested me. It’s like it was supposed to have a princess tower on both sides — but for some reason, one side has a more boring looking corner with newer looking bricks instead.

The next pictures are from the stairwell that connects my apartment to the street. So like, there’s no one in the apartment below mine — and that weird plaster wall is all I see of the first floor apartment other than the permanently closed door. I tried knocking on it and it’s definitely made of plaster or something because it sounds hollow; it’s not concrete, and it’s not plaster over bricks. I don’t really know why it’s been left like that.

Most of the pictures are totally of my apartment block — or “terrace”, or whatever!!!! Do we call them “townhouses”? That’s what I’m reading on the internet at the moment. Is mine a townhouse? Or is it the wrong style? I’m trying to re-learn how to speak American, LOL! (And just so you know, I’m not trying to sound “dumb” or anything. I’m just being myself without much of a filter, basically. Totally trying to figure out who exactly I am. Obviously I know I’m Maiara Walsh and I’m from the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California — just like I knew I was!!!! Obviously I wasn’t actually born though, since I’m Goda and everything… so I’m not really “from” any place… but I like being from LA, and I am from LA. πŸ™‚ I might also be from Seattle and Sao Paolo, Brazil, as well… because I might have resided in both of those places. I might have!!!! LOL!)

You can see in the next photos I took that there’s like, a row of facade bricks or something, on my side of the apartment building. Mine is the top floor apartment, and the weird empty apartment is the one with the ugly-looking green bay window. My house number is 23, and it’s the only part of the building with a painted sandstone frame around the front door. (I think it’s sandstone, isn’t it?) The sandstone frames around the other doors I took photos of from the opposite far end of the building are looking in really good condition, aren’t they???? I was really shocked at how pristine they look, considering Saltburn is supposed to be like over 100 years old. I suppose paint protects the stone though — and you can remove the paint later, or whatever.

The whole facade of the building at the front is in really, really good condition too. All the bricks look pretty much pristine, with some weathering… and in places, some clean lines suggesting that the occupants had cleaning work undertaken (or had bricks replaced or whatever)… but overall, the facade of the building’s front is pretty consistent looking all the way along on every level as if it might all be dated to the same time period. Weirdly though, on the far end of the building’s front all the way down the street from my apartment, the facade looks like it’s actually made of thin tiles and not special facade bricks (unlike on my side of the building, at which front corner of it you can clearly see it’s like special facade bricks). I don’t know what’s going on there.

For some reason a large load-bearing part of one of the houses over the street seems to be made of concrete for some reason. Like, most of the front of the house is made of concrete with stucco applied over the top of it? That’s what it looks like to me anyway. I don’t get it. The whole front of the house seems to be made of concrete even though I thought it was a Victorian house from 1900 or even earlier. It seems like it’s gonna have been difficult to replace an original brick section of a house that large with a single slab of concrete. Maybe they put up temporary load bearing walls to keep it all up, and then somehow poured the concrete in (like I’ve seen on “Help! I Wrecked My House”, LOL! They put these little wooden load bearing structures up in the American houses when they’re taking other load bearing house features out).

I don’t really know what’s going on with the weird half-removed brick (that’s not really a brick) section of the facade, down at the bottom of the numbered section of the building immediately adjacent to my house number 23 part of it. You can see it’s like, just over the little wall to next door from my part of the building, down at the bottom of the front facade wall. Weird!!!! You can also see that the facade there DEFINITELY isn’t full bricks at all, and is actually just thin tiles applied over the top of some other weird materials.

So these are totally some photos of my town I know as Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Shitain, Great Shitain or whatever. The photos are of Windsor Road, specifically. Let me know what you think in the comments below, people!!!! πŸ™‚

UPDATE: So I totally added an extra photo that I’ve just taken, to show you all the beautiful princess tower over the street. Just in case anyone was thinking there wasn’t a princess — because I totally am a princess! πŸ™‚ Trying not to accidentally upload my nudes here, LOL. Which I take for myself, obvs!!!!


I wanted to write my feelings down or whatever. I’m still gonna do my serious activism posts too, for girls’ and women’s rights and everything (seriously it’s not fair if I’m not allowed to be myself, is it!?)

So like I’m still totally hopeful to see this person again in the right circumstances (with me not being corrupt/coerced or abusive, and with her not being coerced or abusive). It’s really painful for me to be like sooo carefully wording that last sentence to recognize my “privilege” as Goda or whatever… it’s really painful, because I want someone to protect me. Like, some of the time I want someone to protect me. Not ALL the time, obviously. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I totally don’t know what it’s like for people to feel like they’ve got no other option but to do something… or they’re worried they might get killed or something. Like I know I’m not gonna get killed, so I won’t call her corrupt (and I don’t even know if she is or not — I mean, I really don’t have much evidence at all that she is… and she might have been “reconditioned” or something as well, I don’t know!) I really wanted to point out that I can be coerced though FFS — BUT I HAVEN’T BEEN, BECAUSE I’M REALLY STUBBORN — but I totally can be. And I feel a lot better letting people know this, so they don’t think I’m like, A MAN, or something. πŸ™ Because I’m not, OK! But it’s totally true that I can’t be harmed and everything… so it’s really hard to coerce me if I do my best to not be scared of things that aren’t gonna happen.

So yeah. I think I’m probably saying this to you all because I REALLY WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH HER AND I REALLY WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THIS. Anyway instead I insulted all the mafias of the whole world, and all the world’s men (and I don’t take any of it back!!!! Assholes!!!!) I’m still hopeful though of this date happening, if she still wants to meet me again.

So anyway this totally brings me to my next point — which is, I need to be given special legal status as Immortal Responsible Child. Because I am a child. I don’t age. It’s like not my fault!!!! Like she can totally meet me in public even though I’m a child. It’s not wrong or anything. I’ve been around forever, LITERALLY. I’m Goda, you know!?

I think that I need to be given the right to go to school for free with other children of the appropriate size and abilities range, over and over again, as much as I want — in a world after disclosure of my existence as Goda and everything, so all the other kids know I’m Goda attending their school for a few years (to be treated the same as the other kids while I’m there). But I also need to keep my rights to do everything that adults do, including residing completely independently, even though I’m not an adult. OK???? Like, I ought to be able to keep residing at my own apartment and attend school for free, for a few years at a time with other kids like me… if I can somehow keep up with all my shopping and housekeeping and paying bills, as well. Like, that’s only fair considering I’m both a child and a responsible person, since I’m immortal!!!! You all agree that I’m a responsible person, right???? Because I don’t care if you don’t think that. You can’t say I’m not a responsible person when I’ve literally been around forever. It’s not fair!

I hope that this is OK with her if she wants to date me. I mean, she doesn’t age either. I ought to stop talking about her, but it’s bothering me because I need to be able to be myself. Also — I really, really want to protect our rights as children. Like, the rights of children like me. I don’t want other kids to be predated on by confident celebrities or whoever, in power-imbalance situations. I don’t want to lower the age of consent or anything. I don’t age though. I’m a special case… so it’s not fair if I can’t date confident celebrities without putting a ******* moon suit on to hide that I’m a child!!!!

Anyway, I’m a celebrity too OBVIOUSLY. I was in Cory In The House, and Desperate Housewives, and other things. I’m Maiara Walsh. (Just so you know, there’s an imposter now pretending to be me in the USA, which sucks. But I don’t blame her because I figure she’s a victim of mafia coercive violence against women and girls.)

I was also in a Nickelodeon show — although I don’t remember at the moment, but I’m going to remember — anyway, I was in a Nickelodeon show, “Unfabulous” (starring Emma Roberts!) LOL. I’m really famous though. It’s like, shocking. I think people actually recognize me from time to time. Like walking around at the shops and stuff. Anyway, I really like Nickelodeon and it pains me a lot that I won’t view any Nickelodeon shows anymore, because of “The Haunted Hathaways” blatantly promoting domestic violence and sexist discrimination committed by small boys against their much smaller and younger sisters. This happens in the Haunted Hathaways episode “Haunted Cookie Jar” — because Miles and Frankie are practically step-siblings, with the way the show is set up and everything. They’re totally presented like step-siblings… and the abuse happens at a family-owned building. I was like, NO, I JUST CAN’T SUPPORT THIS ANYMORE IF THEY’RE GONNA KEEP SHOWING THIS CRAP YEAR AFTER YEAR, INSULTING AND ABUSING ALL OF OUR RIGHTS, DIGNITY, AND EMOTIONAL SAFETY AS GIRLS AND WOMEN IN THIS WAY. So I stopped viewing Nickelodeon, and I haven’t even seen the new Thundermans movie or anything. πŸ™ I feel like some people are going to laugh at me for writing this, but I really, really want to view Nickelodeon shows again. I really, really love Nickelodeon. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about this again. πŸ™ Every shade I check out what they’re showing on the Nickelodeon TV channel, but I never view any of it anymore in protest as a girl against brainwashing small children to treat us as slaves that it’s OK to blatantly abuse without anymore saying it’s wrong.

I wrote more about this issue in this blog post I’m linking to now:

Oh yeah. And just so everyone knows… I totally haven’t read or viewed the news for over four years now, including every single thing about Coronavirus. Basically all I know is some facts about Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine, from a brief period of reading the news at the beginning of 2022 (and pretty much the only thing I read about was that one thing). I’ve been aiming to create the best world possible for myself with my Goda powers, based on knowing almost nothing about what’s going on in the world, and just choosing to believe it’s really great. And why not? It might be that great!!!! πŸ™‚ People might not even be telling me the truth about what’s going on, because I’m Goda. I think the world stinks, honestly — so I’ve been focusing on doing what I can with my powers to change that. Like, in every way that I think the world stinks, I’ve been working on changing every single one of those things so I actually like the world instead of hate it.

Like do I even have to say I’m still totally 100% putting the same strategy into effect or whatever (even though tons of people might question if I’m still going to keep caring about the same things after a while… well I am!!!!) >:( Like just read what I said in the paragraph above. You have to interpret it.