Apology To Gigi Hadid and To All of us Celebrities Who Are Girls and Women.

Heyyy all! 🙁 I’m writing this blog post now so that I don’t forget to say this at some point. I don’t know if it’s necessary — but I totally feel that it’s necessary, so I’m saying it.

Basically, over at Wikipedia I said something to do with Gigi Hadid that I’m not gonna repeat here. Some people might have read what I said though (and the original things I said are still logged some place, I’m sure).

Basically, the reason why I said those things to do with Gigi Hadid is 100% because I wanted to let everyone know I’m definitely a girl — and I tried to say this in a really awkward way that doesn’t on its own prove it or anything. 🙁 Sorry everyone. I said it because I was emotional and struggling to control my anger at the Glitch movie thing (and everything else they’ve done to me, and the state of my career and reputation for posterity all visible to everyone famously in public thanks to them). I felt people might say “She’s really a man like they said about her!” because of me getting so angry and saying all the things I said online after seeing the names of my abusive and gaslighting forced-mom and forced-dads in a movie that was being shown to everyone in public as if it was one from my body of work that I’m really proud of, despite everything. I was upset about seeing some of the other names in the credits for that movie, too. Remember: they were trying to say to the world with their dumb codes “We made her believe she’s a male nobody. Revenge for 9/11! Yeah!”

I just wanted everyone to know I’m a girl, so I tried to “prove” it in that stupid way when I explained that thing. OBVIOUSLY we girls and women also get angry! Duh!!!! Sometimes I just get upset when triggered, and think I totally fucked up and that everyone’s gonna believe their lies about me because of how I reacted really aggressively… instead of always staying “nice”, even when I’m emotional.

I guess I really need to explain what I’m talking about here, or people might start making up stories about Gigi Hadid. Basically, all it was was I said “and you know that photo of Gigi Hadid with a toothbrush? Well I MASTURBATED TO THAT PHOTO… and when I was fantasizing, I wasn’t fantasizing about her — I was fantasizing about putting the toothbrush in MY mouth!!!!” It’s literally what I just explained, as weird as that is (although obviously I was “pretending” that it was just a toothbrush or whatever).

Some people (hopefully not too many) might be wondering what the problem is, and why I feel like I need to apologize. Well, it’s because Gigi Hadid isn’t a porn actress or porn model. The photo of her with the toothbrush is part of a fake brainwashing psyop that’s in all the media, aimed at stopping the public from recognizing my mind’s creation patterns are the creation patterns of a GIRL: a feminist radical revolutionary anti-mafia environmentalist vegetarian alternative authority figure that they can’t kill or stop from opposing them, like I already said before. (So like, the fake brainwashing is supposed to seem like it’s targeting all of us girls and women to be sexually available to men, and to cohabitate with men for protection from men’s violence and rape of girls and women. It’s company shareholders like Phebe Novakovic who are behind the fake brainwashing, and it’s not really the quite unimportant and dumb patsy Freemasons behind it. You are gonna notice when anyone challenges this blatant absurd lie that Freemasons “run the world”, the real villainesses and villains try really hard to make it look like retaliation is coming from “the Freemasons/Illuminati”, hoping people are gonna keep buying into that drivel instead of like identifying Phebe N Novakovic as one of the mafia leaders and CEO of General Dynamics.)

So like, back to apologizing to Gigi Hadid. We celebrities who have vaginas — like 50% of the world’s people have vaginas — we are all people with RIGHTS and DIGNITY. We’re not here for men’s pleasure and like neither are we here to serve men! There’s nothing wrong with being a porn actress or a porn model (because this can be a dignified and totally healthy career, once we’ve rid the world of men’s coercively violent rape culture that makes it hard for all of us to be 100% consenting participants in anything like porn and the entertainment industry as a whole that I was part of). However, Gigi Hadid is not a porn actress/model — so her coerced toothbrush photo isn’t officially supposed to be porn… even though it’s obviously designed to act as porn, as part of the conspiracy that in practice does actually harm our rights as girls and women almost as much as if it was deliberately designed to do that. We entertainment industry professionals can easily smile and seem as if we’re OK with doing something, but that doesn’t mean it’s true: it’s often neither wholly or totally true at all.

I ought never to masturbate with the aid of photos of my fellow celebrities, and I actually try very hard never to do this anymore. 🙂 I do my very best to only look at hopefully-consented-to-by-the-actresses lesbian porn videos, and hopefully-consented-to-by-the-models “softcore” nude glamour modelling photos, if I’m gonna look at photos and video to help me get off.

So I totally want to share with you all some screenshots of when I tried to get a celebrity photos/videos and porn forum to change its policies, and to get them to ban the posting of leaked celebrity nudes and videos. You see, leaked celebrity nudes and videos are actually gang rape photos and videos of MOSTLY FEMALE CELEBRITIES BECAUSE WE’RE THE ONES BEING TARGETED BY THIS PRIMARILY AND NOT THE MALE CELEBRITIES, under threat of having our careers and earnings potentials and families and friends totally destroyed… involving death threats, and guns pointed at people in the most serious situations I know.

OK. So here’s my first post to Phun.org which unfortunately I only saved as a text file. So I’m gonna have to copy paste it! I made these posts to Phun.org back before I remembered I’m Maiara Walsh. Those asshole agents never made these posts public at that forum!!!!

Please Stop Posting Leaks of Female Celebrities

Hey everyone! I finally registered an account here after years of lurking/downloading.

So I wanna say thanks to the users and admins of this forum, for making all the content available to me and others.

Here's the reason why I finally registered. Please can you stop hosting leaked pictures and videos of celebrities (or anyone else), because it's a lot like raping them!? I feel really strongly about this as a girl... because the internet used to be a totally different place back when female celebrities used to argue that doing clips and vidcaps of their hopefully non-coerced consensual nude scenes was wrong. I remember quite a few female celebrities used to be upset about this, saying that people needed to view the nude scenes or sex scenes in the context of the art narrative they made (or it was like forcing them to be porn stars when they never agreed to be porn stars, and only normal actresses).

At some point, something happened to the internet and the way people view female celebrities. (Because it's mostly female celebrities who get targeted with the leaks, that amount to sexually abusing them... almost raping them, if they get shown to the whole world having sex or something.) It's like, people started viewing female celebrities/actresses/singers as being sex slaves with one of their roles being to provide leaked full frontal nudes and hardcore sex photos/videos. But they need to NOT be viewed as sex slaves, because firstly: they are real people with rights; and secondly, because they're some of the highest status women in the world so they need to be treated as if they have status and respect the same as male celebrities. Because what kind of world is it for us if the highest status female celebrities are treated by the public as if they have no status or respect, and are treated like they're some of the lowest status people in the world and only fit to basically have all their clothes ripped off against their wishes by all the men in the world (and lots of women too), then lie there totally naked maybe asking people to stop while all the men in the world do a huge circle masturbation around them... with the men commenting on how "hot" they are abused and hurt like that, as this huge circle of masturbators is basically raping them.

So like I really need to say at this point, that I used to view and download leaked pictures of female celebrities too. I think it's been about three years since I completely stopped ever looking at any leaked photos of female celebrities. I guess I was just doing what everyone else was doing and looking at some of the photos (if it wasn't hetero sex and stuff), because it was everywhere and seemed "normal"... but when it comes down to it, I knew it was totally 100% wrong and terrible for my own rights as a girl (and just 100% wrong and terrible). I was doing it because I knew I was able to get away with it, for instant gratification. It was a form of sexually abusing female celebrities, so I was one the people doing that too. I don't do it anymore, and I get really angry about it now. It really upsets me that so many websites host this content that's basically public rape pictures of female celebrities, as if it's totally fine and normal.

So just to remind you, I'm a feminist who likes porn a lot and I've been using your website for years to download pictures of women basically. I'm lesbian myself... so a lot of your forum I don't go to at all, but I'm not against it existing or anything. Basically I'm just explaining this so you don't think I'm against porn, because I'm not! I go to the Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Extra, and Model Forum areas. I'm totally in favour of this whole forum existing even though I don't use much of it because I'm lesbian.

What I'm asking is that you completely stop hosting any leaked photos of and videos of celebrities. I know that it might decrease traffic to your site and everything... but it might also make it more attractive to women who are 50% of the population everywhere in the world. The important thing though is that this problem of female celebrities (some of the highest status women in the world) being treated as if they've got zero rights... which totally creates the impression that women generally are worth nothing compared to men, and that all of us girls are basically only there for mens' sexual gratification (or partly there for that, as if it's one of our roles even if we don't want to do this)... this problem isn't gonna go away unless we stigmatize people sharing, looking at, and enjoying leaked nudes of female celebrities.

So please completely stop hosting any leaked photos and videos of celebrities. I'm not just a sex slave for men's sexual gratification, you know? And neither are the female celebrities. We all have rights. And they deserve to have high status as well; not to be treated like all they are is whores. It's a really strong "bad" word, but what other way to say it you know?

I really like your forum. I hope you are gonna be nice to me. I'm not afraid, you understand -- but it's a big thing for me to make this post, because I've been worrying about what your reactions might be. BECAUSE I DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO BE THIS AWFUL!!!! Please be nice with whatever you say, so the world isn't so awful that I get abused for complaining about being abused. I've got a good reason to write in all caps!

Here’s the post in the forum list at Phun.org — but it was never actually approved as far as I know. It always said “Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly.” when I clicked to view the post itself. Lame!!!! You misogynist abuser douchebags!

My username at Phun.org — “OGirl NN” — was supposed to mean Overgirl No Nazi (facepalm, LOL!!!! I ought to have explained that better, but I thought I might not be allowed to register the name “Overgirl No Nazi”). I was really annoyed at the time, and I still am. Hence “Overgirl” as an expression of my anger in the form of a username. All I’m saying here is I’m not villainous, OK! I’m not taking anything I said before back.

I used to lurk at Phun.org forums, downloading photos from the “Celebrity Extra” forum (not nudes, and not leaks), and downloading photos from the “Models” forum or something like that: the part of that website that has only softcore glamour modelling photos. I didn’t use the rest of the website because I didn’t want to — but I wasn’t against the website existing, since I like USED TO BELIEVE IT WAS A “DECENT” WEBSITE FOR SOME REASON BECAUSE OF READING COMMENTS WHEN MEN HAD SPOKEN OUT AGAINST USERS WHO ABUSIVELY OBJECTIFIED US CELEBRITIES. IT WAS A REAL SHOCK TO ME TO FIND OUT THAT ALL THEIR NICE RULES ARE ONLY THERE FOR SHOW, AND THAT THE PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE IS TOTALLY TO KEEP PEOPLE THINKING OF US FEMALE CELEBRITIES AS BEING ONLY FOR SEX, AND THAT IF I EVER CHALLENGED THIS CULTURE THAT THEY WEREN’T EVEN GONNA LET ME SPEAK. Like I said, the network of agents doing this fake brainwashing stuff on every level of Western society (because that’s the only society I’m really familiar with) is probably always doing it because of the mafia’s need to try to hide my existence. It’s really weird for me to keep remembering this… but I’m like, really, really important. I’m Goda. LOL! Anyway. When I wrote that part in the all-caps just now, I was speaking from the heart about how it feels to be on the receiving end of all of this sexist misogynist horror. Of course, it like, might be that the Phun.org forum is a spoofed version of the forum that is only there for me and no one else uses it — no one except agents, and formerly, me. Like whatever the truth… agents are surely running pretty much all the “celebrity websites”, which generally seem to be “porn websites”. And “celebrity” nearly always seems to mean “ONLY GIRLS AND WOMEN, FOR SEX ONLY”.

I want you to know that I stopped using the Phun.org website because of their reaction to me thoughtfully and politely reaching out to them, to ask them to stop posting leaked rape nudes and leaked rape videos of us celebrities who are girls and women. FYI, I mean “stop posting leaked nudes and videos”, when I say “stop posting leaked rape nudes”, etc!

So like, I tried really hard to find other good celebrity news and pictures forums (forums specifically, since I want to support long-form uncensored critical thought communication with my Goda powers). I resolved to do my best to never mix celebrity news and pictures with my porn “needs”, which aren’t actually “needs” at all and simply like, part of the unnecessary added value that comes with modern technological civlization or something. They did torture brainwashing on me in the past, to try to change political beliefs and behaviours — but I don’t want to use that as an excuse for me previously viewing us celebrities as being like the same as porn in some way, like masturbation fodder regardless of the context of the pictures of important status celebrated women and girls arriving at important status events, fully clothed (even if they might’ve been in a low cut dress, or with bare arms and legs with heels on, for example: WHICH DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE BECOME THE SAME AS PORN). I remember being uncomfortable and resistant to online celebrities-as-porn culture a long time ago — like in the early noughties or whatever — but I was probably also being a hypocrite at the same time, because of horniness that isn’t an excuse for supporting such a damaging culture. I am gonna remember what my real story is. At the moment it’s often trying to make sense of memories that I know can’t have happened like that! Anyway, I’ve been remembering more and more things clearly: the real version of events I experienced. 🙂

You are gonna notice, dear readers (LOL), that pretty much all of the celebrity news and pictures forums have something wrong with them — which is like, always the same thing wrong with them, but in new and interesting plausibly-deniable ways (BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL RUN BY AGENTS TO TRY TO ENFORCE CELEBRITY CULTURE AS GIRLS/WOMEN=PORN).

Bellazon forum (one of the best celebrity forums for our rights/dignity/respect as girls and women) has “The Actress Directory” sticky thread always at the top, by user “QBall” with her “giant self-bouncing hand-bra ABSURDLY HUGE breasts” avatar always visible at the top of the forum. So I won’t go there at all at the moment, since I noticed this. Large breasts don’t equal “for sex”… but you can tell from the context it’s supposed to degrade us female celebrities. LAME!!!!

Celebs-Place has a picture of a doll-like woman’s open mouth for it’s banner at the top. Just her lower face, so you can see her mouth but not her eyes — which totally says to the website user “She is only for sex and she’s not even a person really, because her facial features are not important; only her sex whole is important.” I was like, for real? NOT OK. NOT GOING TO GO UNPUNISHED, NOVOKATARDS.

CelebFanForum now has a very large “deliberately sexualized female celebrities” banner below the primary website banner (the primary website banner is actually OK, since the woman’s mouth isn’t gawping open or anything and you can see all of her face). I was like, pfft! I am NOT using this place again until this large banner goes away, or gets replaced with something acceptable to me as girl who has RIGHTS and DIGNITY.

I tried HQCity.Ru and I was all like “Oh please! I can SEE you small cat and large dog thing in the banner, and I know what it means! Le sigh!!!!” Seriously. WTF!!!!?! Support “homeless CATS and DOGS”???? What a lame as hell plausibly deniable narrative that I hope isn’t actually real, and they care more about cats and dogs than they do about 50% of the world’s homo sapiens people and ME: all of us girls and women, with vaginas. (I support everyone who’s part of the girls and women group, but I force myself not to worry about how I say things too often so the gender traitors like Phebe Novakovic, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Marie-Josee Kravis, and Melinda Gates, and the male group, can’t guilt-trip us into spending time supporting things that aren’t our CORE GROUP INTERESTS.)

purseforum does “royal family” posts (which are “officially-supported mafia families” posts). Also, Britain’s official name in the English language is the United Kingdom — so promoting royal families supports patriarchy, on purpose. I was like, no. Just no. I am not supporting patriarchy and offical state mafia families, so I am NOT VISITING purseforum!!!! LAME!!!! >:(

Skinny Gossip is OBVIOUSLY EXTREMELY HARMFUL FOR THE PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF GIRLS AND WOMEN WHO USE IT. Also, the users there are total bullies. I found it quite refreshing and comfortable to use that forum though. I know it’s a CIA-directed psyop (ultimately about me, LOL!!!!) to focus on skinniness, with the forum being run by agents. I just kinda liked finally having a non-pornified celebrity forum to read. I try not to visit the website, so that I’m not like being forced to choose the allegedly “least bad” option from a bunch of really bad options that all harm my interests as a girl. DUH!!!! 🙂

When I found CelebrityParadise, I was like “Yaaay!!!!” Finally I had found a decent-ish, seemingly non-degrading-to-girls-and-women celebrity news and pictures forum. I barely noticed the “Babes & More” part of the banner text because I was so relieved to be there. I immediately signed up for an account, only to discover that there was a hidden porn part of the forum that only members can see (and only members can read threads, nevermind post there, LOL.) So you can like see from this seriously creepy bait-and-switch subterfuge that us girls and women who are resister activists of the feminism movement ARE HAVING AN EFFECT. I know it’s a long and slow and frustrating war that we’re fighting here… but these assholes took the internet from us decades ago, and we’re getting closer and closer to taking it back for girls and women and FEMINISM. We are 50% of the people everywhere in the world — and we deserve more than equal legal and customary rights to protect us from Phebe Novakovic’s men’s violence power force, Phebe Novakovic’s men’s coercive violence power force, and Phebe Novakovic’s men’s rape culture, so that we get EXACTLY 50% of everything in the world for the GIRLS AND WOMEN GROUP… except when WE NEED MORE THAN 50% OF SOME THINGS TO MAKE SURE WE GET EXACTLY 50% OF EVERYTHING ELSE (for example, we DEFINITELY need more than 50% of the power in the world for our girls and women group, so the potential gender traitors who come after Phebe Novakovic are gonna be in a stronger position in their social strata to resist the temptation to sell out the rest of our interests, to try to stave off a revolution led by feminism’s radical revolutionary force that always says no to Phebe Novakovic’s resource: men’s violence that primarily harms girls and women).

I am not associated with that future corpse (because she’s ageing, duh!!!!) Phebe N Novakovic the corrupt corporate mafia leader. I hate her. Obviously she was my forced-mom for a while, and that’s not my fault.

So like despite saying that finding CelebrityParadise was a “Yay!” moment, I stopped using CelebrityParadise also because as I showed you all in screenshots that I posted here in a previous blog entry and stuff, CelebrityParadise allowed a CelebrityParadise forum user Coolguy90 to say “Very few faces have the ability to make me cum hard like her does” about a Hollywood Reporter photoshoot involving various important status celebrated girls/women. I replied “WHAT THE FUCK????!!! Asshole! These are real people who deserve respect you moron! Girls and women are 50% of the people everywhere in the world. We are like, actually people, you know. I know you don’t have a lot of contributing members like forums used to be, from the looks of it, BUT CAN YOU PLEASE BAN THIS IGNORANT GUY FOR SAYING THIS?” I said more things in that post, but it was all OK and everything. They didn’t ban the dude and didn’t even remove his post (which was blatantly against the forum rules), and they didn’t make my post visible. Then they made visible my second post that I stupidly made without waiting to see if the first post was gonna be made visible, to try to control the narrative for the mafia and make it seem like I wanted to hook up with Brie Larson for sex, which isn’t true. I was just trying to fangirl for her, because I wished I was allowed to use websites like a normal person (I’d like, just joined the forum, didn’t recognize the names of the celebrities and thought “Oh, there’s a thread about Brie Larson. That’s as good a place as any to start posting here as a fan and as a feminist.” So I posted in two Brie Larson threads saying a bunch of resister activist stuff that was hard not to say because of how awful everything is.) I posted as Rosa Polis: a crappy pun on the names Ana Solis and Athena Polias, that I was like “Meh, that’s good enough because I just want to start posting here even though I hate the Athena character now honestly LOL!”

I seriously ought to mention that I probably met Brie Larson in Saltburn-by-the-Sea in 2022, or in another location under different circumstances that I’m going to fully remember at some point if that’s the case. In the confused/dissociated memory, she played the role of a nurse unexpectedly filling in for the usual doctor and administered an unnecessary anti-androgen syringe (unnecessary since I’m not even transgender and I’ve always been a girl — so she’s unlikely to have been doing that unless the syringe didn’t contain any active ingredient on purpose). She hurt me, but she didn’t rape my butt because I seriously don’t think it’s possible to not notice what these assholes suggested happened involving someone, or whatever they’re trying to say about me. My butt was totally fine. I don’t think she penetrated my vagina either, but I can’t be totally sure since I need to remember what happened. I don’t think she raped me. I didn’t touch her at all: I remember that VERY CLEARLY. I didn’t want her to be there, and I remember very clearly that when I recognized her, I made the decision to act as if I hadn’t recognized her and behave as if the whole situation was normal, then get out of there: escape from whatever they were trying to do, instead of get trapped in some conspiracy to gaslight me and claim I’d misidentified a normal non-celebrity person. I’m 90% certain I met Brie Larson in this way I just described.

I’m 100% certain I met Melissa Benoist because I remember meeting Melissa Benoist. She had her tattoo on her left wrist, and her face and body and voice, and everything. It happened the way I said it happened. Melissa Benoist didn’t rape me and didn’t do anything wrong. Reread what I said happened with Melissa in my previous blog entry, because that’s what happened.

I don’t know if Brie Larson did anything wrong or not. I don’t think she raped me. Both Melissa Benoist and Brie Larson are gonna be victims of coercive violence, and it’s not either of their fault really if people think they did anything wrong. I invited Melissa to visit me and have lesbian sex with me. I didn’t invite Brie Larson to visit me and I didn’t want to see her, and I didn’t want to do anything sexual with her at all (and I don’t think anything happened).

When I met Brie, for some reason she said “Gorgeous!” as soon as I entered the room. I found this really really difficult to process and tried to come up with all sorts of explanations, like in my mind as I was talking to her — but she totally simply said “Gorgeous!” at me as soon as I entered the room. It was weird. As I was sitting down for the routine thing I thought was happening, I recognized her, and she nodded in a really discreet way and said “Yeah.” out loud to nothing at all since I hadn’t spoken and had like simply recognized her after looking at her face. I was confused because I thought she was short, and she seemed too tall. Not VERY tall for a woman… it’s just obviously I’m 5’1″ and Brie is actually taller than me, so I found that hard to process. I refused to say anything about recognizing her — not even “You totally look like Brie Larson.” — because I didn’t want to get tricked and gaslighted. I remember things as her hurting me when she did the syringe really badly, and if the syringe had no active ingredient then that might actually be exactly what happened. I don’t know.

I know right!?!!! This is sooo fun to discuss… NOT!!!!

For a long time after this happened I didn’t want to even see Brie Larson’s face or have anything to do with Brie Larson. I thought the mafia had like taken the Marvel movies away from me because of this happening to me. I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to see The Marvels right up until I decided to go see it shortly after it was released, after avoiding everything Brie Larson for a long time (I used to be her fan or something. I don’t know. They torture-brainwashed me, so I’m gonna remember who I’m actually a fan of. But I became a fan of her at some point. Just a fan though. I don’t wanna get with her or anything AT ALL, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with her looks because there isn’t.)

So basically I decided in the end that, as I said, whatever Brie Larson believes about why she visited me in an extremely inappropriate way — the truth is definitely that she was forced to do this, in some way AT GUN POINT, by the fucking General Dynamics level mafia people. You know?!??? So I allowed myself to be a fan of her again and I forgive her. I didn’t want to have The Marvels taken away from me, when I really love superheroine movies and TV shows and everything.

I just wanted things to be normal when I tried to fangirl for Brie at CelebrityParadise, basically. That’s the truth. I didn’t want to talk about this, because what was I supposed to say? When you didn’t ask someone to do this, and they’re all trying to make it look like you’re corrupt then talking about it is really awkward in a million ways. I don’t think this looks bad for me really because I’m just telling the truth, and what I remember happening with Brie Larson is pretty boring. I don’t think she raped me. I actually remember the whole encounter with her, without any gaps in the memory or anything. I didn’t feel like I got raped or like anything bad or scary happened, except in the way I already explained it was bad/scary.

Let’s face it, Brie Larson probably intended to rape me in some way. Brie Larson tried to rape me, and was conspiring to rape me. But Brie Larson for some reason didn’t rape me. I think that’s, like, the truth! Seriously people. Just to clarify: I think that’s the truth.

I’m really sorry that now everyone who reads my blog is gonna understand how many female celebrities are captured by the coercive violence of the mafia in sex slavery and forced corruption that’s not criminal since they’re not guilty (only the people doing the coercive violence are guilty). Please continue to believe in Brie Larson as Brie the important feminist actress, and as the important feminist character Captain Marvel.

There’s no reason for anyone to doubt Melissa Benoist anymore than any other female celebrity because she did nothing wrong, and it wasn’t criminal when she hooked up with me as a fellow lesbian celebrity because I specifically invited her to meet me using the internet.

I didn’t start writing this blog post thinking I was gonna talk about the Brie Larson thing, but I like had a “Duhhh!!!!” moment recognizing that a ton of people are gonna know she was in this shitty town Saltburn-by-the-Sea (unless it happened someplace else, like what with the torture-brainwashing and everything creating confusion and dissociation LOL). Sooo… I talked about this to protect my own reputation even though I don’t want to harm Brie Larson’s reputation.

It’s weird how you can be thinking about something a lot, but also think you’re NOT thinking about it somehow. I really didn’t want to think about when I met Brie Larson at all, but I never stopped thinking about it really. So like, I feel vulnerable saying this thing. Really vulnerable because I don’t want to appear confused. It’s just it might help people reading this to understand how we actresses cope with the horror situations, you know?. That’s all.

OK. This is my user thingy at Wikipedia. So like I totally added some important info to the Mean Girls 2 wiki entry over at Wikipedia, previously, using the exact same user IP address. I’m saying this because hopefully it’s gonna still be there if I talk about it.


Here’s what I put at the bottom of the Wikipedia entry for Mean Girls 2. 🙂 Every positive perception of my work helps with relaunching my career, you know. I’m serious people!!!! I don’t see why I have to give up on getting back to Disney or whatever after all of this is sorted out to my satisfaction and everything. People get what I mean when I say that, right? I’m talking no compromise at all here. I am not a loser. Girl does not mean loser, LOL. (I don’t want to say the thing at the moment, LOL). You know which thing, AdMaiaras! LOL! You didn’t before, but you do now!

Seriously though. I wanna act and sing and everything again, and it’s not even about prevailing or losing or anything in that way is it! Like, Hellooo!!!!! If I’m not gonna be corrupt WHICH I’M NOT then it totally DOES help to get every piece of positive perception of my work that I can! So please make sure that this stays in the Wikipedia entry for Mean Girls 2, thanks!!!! (I made sure to write it in the most positive way for my star and career and everything. For all our stars and careers!!!! Thanks Nicole for resisting also, I guess!? Maybe she was doing the same thing on her personal Wikipedia entry, which is the place I got the info from!)

However, the film was TV’s most-watched movie of the 2010-2011 season among viewers aged 12-34, and was especially popular with girls and women aged 12-34 (according to [[Variety (magazine)]]). On its original air date, Mean Girls 2 “was cable’s most-watched program from 8 to 10 p.m. in all key demos and No. 2 in overall viewers (3.4 million)”. {{cite web|last=Weisman|first=Jon|title=ABC Family’s Debut of “Mean Girls 2” is TV’s Movie of the Week/2010-11 Season in Key Demos|url=https://variety.com/2011/tv/news/viewers-nice-to-mean-girls-2-11483/|archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20211027164957/https://variety.com/2011/tv/news/viewers-nice-to-mean-girls-2-11483/|url-status=live|archive-date=October 27, 2021|publisher= Variety|date=January 25, 2011}}



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