Was This Me Threatening To Expose What They Signposted They Planned To Do To Me In 1995, To Get Them To Stop Changing Personal Story Details On My Public Information In 2011?

Sooo… I know this is like really weird and everything, but I think “masturbation schedules” refers to this “Marky Mark’s busy pant dropping schedule” line in the 1995 Clueless movie. You know, Mark Wahlberg as a code for Maiara Walsh. LOL. “Toe length” is […]

View Clueless, Barely Lethal, Homeland 2011 episode with Melissa in, Supergirl TV Show starting in 2015, and all my work as well as all the stuff my name’s attached to.

Clueless (1995). W sign. All the feminist activism and attitudes, the “Amnesty International” shirt, the other do-gooder stuff that the girls get up to in that movie (like the charity work, and I think there’s some environmentalism and animal rights anti-cruelty stuff too… BACK […]

I Need The Right To Reply To These Seriously Evil, Grimy Lies About Me. WTF World????!

Phebe Nevenka Novakovic: played the role of gaslighting fake mom. CEO of General Dynamics. CIA. Michael George Vickers: the original abductor in the early 1990s, I think. Played the role of gaslighting fake dad. Government defense official from two administrations I think. CIA. David […]