So like hey, people. How are you all doing? LOL. 🙂

Maiara here (as always, LOL!) …so maybe I ought to change the name of this blog to MaiaraReign?!??? It looks pretty cool now that I wrote it out like that, instead of just saying it in my head — so I think I might totally go ahead and change the name of my blog in the pink letters. But I’m not sure if it’s easy or not to change the website address (I wasn’t thinking of the whole website when I said that, LOL!!!! But at least it’s got “val” in the middle of the name, right? Haha!) I AM STILL A PREVAILER THOUGH!!!! 🙂 Reign and all of that, you know? REIGNNN. >:( THE PREVAILERRRR!!!! Kay? (You better get it, seriously.)

So like anyway. 🙂 I’m here to say something really, really important OK!? Which is that I don’t approve of the degrading over-sexualization of AEW’s wrestlers in recent weeks, and I didn’t ask for anyone to do this. Please stop it, because it’s actually promoting sexual assault as normal and not illegal within the in-universe rules of the fictionalized version of AEW in its own storylines… which is really, really bad for the rights and interests of our female group, since we are overwhelmingly the most likely victims of sexual assaults, sexual violence, and violence generally. It is not OK. I’m talking about all the kissing in the women’s matches.

I support more lesbian storylines in professional wrestling if there are gonna be romantic stories between different gendered wrestlers — but I honestly prefer wrestling and sports entertainment to be about the wrestling and about the storyline feuds or whatever, instead of it being about sex and stuff. That’s because I really, really, seriously do NOT want professional wrestling to return to the bad times of WWE’s “Attitude Era” when it comes to women’s contribution to sports entertainment. It used to be really terrible for us back then and we need to make sure that it never goes back to the way it used to be.

So like I used to be a huge fan of a series of matches between Mickie James and Trish Status. Umm… at least, I think I used to be fan of these matches. :-/ I only really remember one of these matches from a DVD set I got at some point (maybe about two years ago?) But I might have seen their other matches too? Did I like wrestling back when I was in the USA? I don’t know if my interest in wrestling comes from the torture brainwashing, or if I already liked it and they built off of that. Anyway… I noticed the Mickie James/Trish Stratus lesbian kiss was also an example of a fictional sexual assault, so I’m not a fan of that feud anymore because it’s bad for the rights of lesbians if we’re positioned in fiction as sexual abusers and bad people. I’m rambling because it’s easier than facing the whole trying-to-make-sense-of-my-own-personal-herstory thing. This is totally what it’s like for me though. 🙁 I’m like, did I even like wrestling? (I like it now, but I don’t enjoy it as much as before since being targeted by the mafia through the storylines.)

Basically, I wrote this blog post to let everyone know that I STILL HAVEN’T JOINED THE MAFIA AND I AM NEVER GOING TO JOIN THE MAFIA. THE MAFIA DOESN’T CONTROL ME AT ALL, PERIOD. (I figure that the lame inappropriate and too-much kissing thing in AEW is the mafia trying to control the narrative again, like they tried to do with her coerced photos on that other website that I stopped commenting at because I don’t want to do PR for the mafia when I hate them and am never gonna work for them, ever. Personally, I don’t believe it’s fair to say I ever worked for them in the past either… because companies like Disney and Viacom are officially supposed to be legitimate companies and not criminal mafia organizations. What happened to me, I believe, is that the CIA forced me and other actresses to do degrading and misleading things in TV and movies work, and they also forced us to accept them basically making up our interviews and writing the scripts for our off-screen “celebrity personalities” with hardly anything at all being real basically… and then not allowing us to talk about any of this, with them threatening to harm us and/or our loved ones and destroy our earnings potential and destroy everything with no one to turn to for help at all, with them making it seem like EVERYONE was part of it and no one was gonna talk or help you.)

So they’re saying I’m a Du Pont or something now, right? Well my name’s Maiara Walsh, not Du Pont. I don’t think I’ve ever been a Du Pont. I’m not a Rothschild and I’m not a De Rothschild either, if anyone’s wondering.

I think my family was probably mafia but whatever!!!! I’m not mafia. It’s not my fault, is it?!!!! I’m gonna remember at some point and then I can confirm what’s true and everything. 🙂 I’m here on my own doing everything to fight and defeat the mafia on my own. If I was “part of the mafia” because of them being my family or whatever, I’m not part of SHIT anymore am I FFS. Not that I’m complaining. I’m totally like Megan Markle if it was the US American royal family and she completely left it on her own instead of marrying a mafia prince (or princess). And if she was like, half-Brazilian or whatever.

All I wanted to do is act and SING.

Anyway people, what is totally LAME and NOT OK AT ALL is people trying to erase your whole identity and career AND THE FACT THAT YOU’RE A SINGER TOO, and then act like the world is just going to go on without you… with everyone shutting up about it and acting as if some other person is you… like the whole thing is too big to fight or whatever, and it’s a “fait accompli” or some shit BUT IT’S NOT. You can’t get rid of me assholes. I want my identity/citizenships/everything back!!!! This is not going to go away, world!


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