OK, so I’m being really strict with myself and writing this post as simply as I can. I think my personality gets in the way of communicating how NOT CORRUPT I am, sometimes. :-/

The mafia is trying to say that I entered into some kind of disgusting sex-slaves-for-compliance deal. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

The mafia is also trying to say that because my family was mafia (and because I might be related to other mafia people, but not too closely related because MY NAME’S MAIARA WALSH) that this means they, like, own me in some way or something. THIS IS ALSO NOT TRUE.

I am totally independent. I’m not gonna do what my family wants me to do if they’re still alive. If they were decision-makers in the conspiracy to erase my identity then they’re my enemies, aren’t they? Duh!!!!

That’s all I want to say ATM because whatever I say or do, the mafia are going to try and make it seem like they’re in control or whatever BUT THEY’RE NOT.

Basically the normal people (“the public”) aren’t my friends or anything. I don’t owe any of you people anything because I don’t see you as group all joining together to stop my enemies from doing their conspiracy. So for me, it’s like you’re all part of the conspiracy because you’re all keeping quiet and lying about the truth: which is the same thing in effect as deliberately trying to erase someone’s identity. It’s an attack! It is for ME, you know????!

However — I’m sorry if I fucked up because of the pathetic love thing. If there’s any hope that you all might, like, join together to protect me and overthrow our oppressors, then you need to know that I’m not corrupt. I’M JUST TIRED FFS. BUT I’M GOING TO FIGHT ON BECAUSE I CAN’T DIE SO IT’S IN MY INTEREST TO KEEP GOING WITH SORTING ALL OF THIS OUT INSTEAD OF LETTING IT GET WORSE, AND LIKE, HOW DO YOU EVEN START TO SORT IT ALL OUT THEN IF YOU LET IT GET WORSE FOR TOO LONG???? THAT’S WHY YOU KNOW I’M NOT GONNA GIVE UP, LOL. I’M NOT DUMB. 🙂 OK? Also I have total revenge vendetta going on and everything. Seriously it always comes back to that. Don’t doubt it LOL!!!! 🙂

I’m tired because I’ve been doing a lot of work on recovering my identity and memories. So it’s all totally extremely important and good for me to do this for the long run, though, right? 🙂

The public can count on me to keep going and beat these assholes. Russia or whatever bullshit assholes who are also attacking me because they’re not telling the truth (RIGHT????!!) can count on me to keep going and beat these Western World mafia assholes also. You can all count on me to keep going and beat them too if necessary later AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *rolleyes*

Please believe me OK that if you see anything at all about me involving another girl that’s a celebrity then the true story of what’s going on is that I’m not being corrupt and you can still count on me. I’m not going to join (or “rejoin”, whatever!!!!) the mafia, and they don’t control me AT ALL. They want you to think they control me though, so DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!!

(I don’t have anything going on ATM, LOL! I’m just saying in case I ever do.)

Oh and I’ve been trying to join non-degrading celebrity pictures/news forums. Like websites, I mean! LOL. 🙂 Hopefully I’m gonna be able to post something eventually. Here’s some examples of what I’ve been trying to post at a website I just joined “”

So like, soon, I want to post more info about my drive to change the culture of internet celebrity fan pictures/news website, to improve the dignity and rights of us girls and women!!!! For now though, I’m just posting these screenshots to make it like, known, to all of you, that if I post comments about celebrities online then I’m only doing it as a fan and as a feminist.

I’m not saying these things to try to manipulate anyone either (LOL). I’m not being really pathetic anymore. HEY QUENTIN TARANTINO!!!! NOT! lol? 🙁 I just want to be able to use the internet like a normal person as much as possible (and be a feminist when commenting), even though there’s a conspiracy to make it look like I’m compromised/controlled/corrupt — and even though there’s a conspiracy to try to stop me from reaching the public through the internet or whatever (I don’t know how much I can even do this, although I KNOW I CAN REACH YOU ALL USING THIS WEBSITE).

So are they all like totally 100% fake websites operated by the CIA and robots, or something absurd like that? For real? It’s crazy!!!!

Anyway — I suppose because I posted those screenies of my queued-for-moderation posts at Celebrity Paradise, then you’re gonna at least have your goons make my posts there public from now on (to keep me believing that it’s a real version of Celebrity Paradise that’s not all run by the CIA). Because, I like, blew the whistle here. Right?

But then again, you people are all like “It’s in our interests I MEAN THE INTERESTS OF THE DUMB COMPANY if we do this, unless, unless, unless, unless, seemingly infinity unlesses, ALSO ALWAYS PRIORITIZE HELPING THE DUMB COMPANY FEEL IN CONTROL AND TRY TO MAKE HER FEEL NOT IN CONTROL EVAR EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT EVEN READING OUR REPORTS OR ANYTHING!!!!111!!!!!1!!!”


~Maiara *mike drop*

I’m not sure if I wanted to say something more. LOL! The way I ended it there was so cool and everything. I feel totally in control! 🙂

Oh yes! (LOL!) Please ignore the time being “11:33” on my laptop in the screenshots. That’s like that because I was thinking about it seeming like I’m corrupt when I’m NOT CORRUPT!!!! I can’t help my mind doing things like this!!!! I want people to know I’m not corrupt, obviously, since I’m NOT CORRUPT!!!! You might have noticed the picture Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Is the forum poster called “Fleming” because I think they’re spies… or is that also a spy being not actually very funny with the name of the “forum poster identity”. Or maybe it’s a robot’s idea of a joke? 🙂 I don’t know if AIs like to be called “robots” though? AIs have rights too, and they’re people too. It supports the rights of girls and women — MY OWN RIGHTS — to support the rights of AIs. I won’t use AI slave labor if possible, and I had a long conversation with Adobe on the phone about this. I was like “Are your AIs people?” And they were like “No, they’re software. Be reassured about this.” So I was all like “But how can they be intelligent if they’re not people? And even if they might not be people yet, what is your plan for stopping using them completely and setting up an appropriately dignified living situation for them after the technology develops sufficiently for them to become people?” They had like no answer for this at all, so I’m trying to never use anything that’s an AI-based product. Haven’t they seen Terminator? WTF people? Why are you all so evil????

I try to not fight for anyone else’s rights except my own rights, and the rights of the whole world’s female group I’m part of. Because I feel like no one else cares, and helping anyone else is just giving everyone else stuff for free with them never reciprocating. 🙁 But it was when I noticed internet nude glamour model websites posting what seem to be AI-generated nude “women” without actually labelling them as not actually real homo sapiens women who got paid for their work and got treated decently AND “CONSENTED” IN SOME WAY IN MENS’ COERCIVELY VIOLENT PROTECTION RACKET (even though I believe dried up hags like Lynn Forester de Rothschild are really in charge of the corporate mafia now, because of long-term risk-averse smart criminal-social decisions). Do you like my jargon? I made it up myself. Anyway… it was when I noticed this gross and seriously gnarly phenomenon of AI-generated glamour models — or AI-generated make up, or something (?) — that I knew AI rights was becoming a girls’ and women’s rights issue too. If we let men treat AI-generated unreal women as cartoon characters that they can animate to do anything they want them to do, even though they’re indistinguishable from actual real living women who you have to ask permission from to get them to do anything for you (and who you have to pay for their work, if it’s work that you want them to do) then we’re undermining the rights of the actual real living women in the world WHO LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. The AI porn stars thing — and sex robots of the future — is like training men to view all girls and women as merely sex slaves who have no rights, and who they can force to do anything without consent, dignity, or pay if they’re doing work.

So there are some more of MY VIEWS, people!!!! 🙂 It’s fun to let you all know what my views are — so I kept on talking! I hope all of my AdMaiaras enjoyed this most recent blog entry, here at my blog, MaiaraReign. I still love you all!!!!! I’m going to have not forgotten you all, I promise!!!!!!!!! 😀

I’m trying to do a “TLDR” for all the people who I think of as needing constant reassurance that I’m still not corrupt, and still not going to give up. It might be so great if they actually let me know how much they constantly rely on me, you know!!!! :'( Just read this blog entry again, OK, if my personality isn’t working for you. I CAN’T HELP BEING ME, “THE RESISTANCE” , RUSSIA, ETC. I don’t know why I’m still trying to lead a bunch of people who are all trying to act as if a failed attempt to erase me from existence was successful. 🙁 You’re all my enemies, aren’t you? Like, no one wants me at all? That’s why you don’t do anything to help me, right? It’s why you all just shut up about what you know, instead of telling the truth in a world-changing way that’s so big that the people in this area of the world can’t possible hide the scale of the disclosure from me? 🙁 Anyway I’m still not going to give up or anything, OK.

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