I Need The Right To Reply To These Seriously Evil, Grimy Lies About Me. WTF World????!

Phebe Nevenka Novakovic: played the role of gaslighting fake mom. CEO of General Dynamics. CIA.

Michael George Vickers: the original abductor in the early 1990s, I think. Played the role of gaslighting fake dad. Government defense official from two administrations I think. CIA.

David (S or H) Morrison: played the role of gaslighting fake step-dad or whatever. Obvs I’m not 100% “white”. I thought his middle name started with “S”, but the internet says “H”. Defense procurement board guy. CIA I guess????

So like, I am totally being as brief as I can — and also not spending too much time looking at reference websites, because it might help if I can show I remember things? I’m gonna check my info now.

OK!!!! These losers put their names all over entertainment industry work that involved the use of my name.

Glitch (movie, 2015), starring Lucas Neff (Nevenka), someone impersonating me and using my name, Lamorne Morris (Morrison), Emily Wickersham (Vickers). Ed Flynn to publicly and shamefully say “Yes, it’s DEFINITELY these defense people flagrantly dishonoring our nation, wantonly opening us all up to ridicule, and stupidly creating a giant security risk with their schoolgirl and schoolboys bullying fake (?) personal vendetta narrative, that was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY since the WTC complex Freemason narrative isn’t even true and only came about to misdirect people from the real villainesses and public enemies like Phebe Nevenka Novakovic.”

I’m Maiara Walsh. I don’t age, so obviously their “Wendy” narrative is a bunch of BS!!!! >:( No offense everyone, but it’s totally not OK and really really bad to like, say that someone’s playing old ladies when they can’t possibly be playing old lady characters believably. It’s really nasty gaslighting and I got really upset when I decided to be brave and take a look at some of the info for movies like Glitch. I hope you all get it. I’m a child, OK!

Also, they were trying to publicly humiliate me in front of everyone in the thing that’s most important to me: my career and body of work in the entertainment industry. How dare they do this to me. You can’t just try to erase someone from existence, and try to force her to believe she’s a boy with a different skin colour, and a different height, and a different face and body, and with different genitals. And you all let them say all these bullying lies about me in all of these entertainment media titles that have my name attached to them. WTF people!!!!

You all need to dump USA bonds immediately because I’m never gonna be their girl, and I’m actively going to kick all their butts because of this. And the longer this goes on for, the worse it’s going to get for the Western World that did this to me (and for anyone else that doesn’t fall into line with what needs to happen to make things right for me). Also, you need to like, totally get it through all of your heads that the Western World and the whole system that did this retardation is like death, and you need to cut them off immediately. They said all of these stupid things about me in public, using the names of top secret people IN PUBLIC to link them to what they were trying to do to me, and they were also FAILING at what they were trying to do to me as well… and they had to admit it with names like “Gilligan”, etc, in later movies that my name was attached to!!!! LOL! What total losers, huh!?!!! They made the whole system look like a total joke in public. Seriously, cut them off. Kill them. Dead in the water. LOL. 🙂

Here’s another example of them pathetically LYING about me, in public (they changed the date of the “erotic novella” when I posted a reply to it, which I’m still waiting for them to actually give the OK to and make public; it used to be a new and recent addition to the literotica.com website — which I think I used to post at using pseudonyms, like a lot of other lesbian celebrities do.)


Here’s my response to it, that I want to be like, ACTUALLY POSTED ON THE LITEROTICA SITE BECAUSE I HAVE A RIGHT TO RESPOND TO THESE PATHETIC SCHOOLGIRL AND SCHOOLBOYS LIES THEY’RE POSTING ABOUT ME, FFS!!!! Any nation or group is totally welcome to take my response below and post it for me on the Literotica website.

My response I want posted at Literotica.com for the “But Better: Barely Lethal” thing follows below:

Lame! Also, misogynist as fuck, people!!!! I think I am going to have remembered Melissa raping my butt btw. There was no pain or injury at all. Seriously. She didn’t rape my butt, and as far as I know she didn’t rape me at all. I wanted it, and it was me who invited her to this Saltburn-by-the-Sea place they took me to at some point after 2011 (in 2022 I think). All she did was finger me in my vagina and I think I had a tampon in or something, then at some point soon after she left. Its totally true that I need to remember clearer details of what happened — but I requested she come here to take my virginity because I hadn’t remembered who I was at that point in August 2023, and I was hopelessly in love-at-first-sight love-lust love with her AND I WANTED IT TO BE MELISSA BENOIST MY FIRST TIME. OK!!!!?! I think it was August 14th 2023, around 7pm or a little earlier when we met in the toilet of the cafe place (that’s what my notes say on my laptop). I thought I was “good to go” for her doing me with her fingers or a dildo, and that’s what I wanted: in my pussy preferably, but in my butt if necessary as long as it was her penetrating one of my holes for the first time. Obvs I now know I’m unlikely to be virgin, although I doubt I ever had sex with a guy. Are they trying to say she’s trans? I really doubt this LOL. REALLY DOUBT THIS (look at her feet people). But whatever if she is in some miracle. As long as it was her. I don’t wanna have sex with guys though. I don’t wanna insult her; I’m just like, replying to this dumb story!!!! Sorry Melissa if you’re still married or whatever… not that men own wives and it’s not wrong to do this you know. Also, it’s half my experience too so I’m always legally allowed to discuss a legal interaction you know, douches! I “overlooked” being on my period because of torture brainwashing they did to cause a false perception of appearance, height, and gender including genitals because I’m Goda and you can all read my thoughts LOL. I’m like an open book. I’m a problem for them since I’m like totally a radical feminist anti-mafia environmentalist vegetarian revolutionary alternative authority figure that they can’t kill or stop from opposing them LOL. 🙂 Anyway it turns out I don’t actually have a dick and balls, so I figure it was hard to process Melissa sticking her fingers in my vagina. Like I said: she didn’t rape me. I wanted it, whatever it was. We’re girls and I don’t know if she wants to see me anymore but that’s fine. Sorry about the period blood I guess. If there are spelling mistakes or weird stuff in this post then they changed it (I just deleted a “w” from the word “holes” :-/ LAAAME!!!!) I’m Maiara Walsh. I’m the original Maiara Walsh (yeah, you’re not crazy).


Totally NOT whatever in this instance, assholes. This is not OK.


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