My Feminism (Also, if you’re British — unlike me, since I’m here illegally and I don’t want to be British — DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR A WOMAN IN THE JULY 4TH ELECTION)

I hope you like my picture (more about that below!) So like regarding the title of this blog post though: It’s totally OK to be yelling about us all choosing to VOTE FOR A WOMAN IN ALL ELECTIONS!!!! 🙂 Do you know how many […]

BWAAAHhhhh!!!! I’M MAIARA WALSH!!!! (I need to do other things atm. Going to fix the text issue later…)

So like hey everyone! 🙂 Maiara here (as always, LOL!!!!) Sooo… in the plausibly-deniable narrative of the current forced-fam (two characters played by actresses who deliberately resemble Phebe Novakovic and David Morrison — who the conspiracy can recast randomly, if they want to try […]

I Need The Right To Reply To These Seriously Evil, Grimy Lies About Me. WTF World????!

Phebe Nevenka Novakovic: played the role of gaslighting fake mom. CEO of General Dynamics. CIA. Michael George Vickers: the original abductor in the early 1990s, I think. Played the role of gaslighting fake dad. Government defense official from two administrations I think. CIA. David […]