I Gave £400 to Women’s Rights.

tags: Maiara Walsh, Ms Victoria Olivia Rooth, President Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, only using the USA’s mass surveillance apparatus to surveil every single person in the USA’s job earnings in relation to everyone fulfilling the exact same job role in society to enforce 100% equal pay for the same work when one person doing that work is a woman and another person doing that work is a man in EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE IN WHICH THAT IS TRUE FOR ALL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S JOB ROLES, putting Robert H Richards III in jail for life with Presidential powers and working with the Supreme Court of the USA to make sure it never happens again in conjunction with using Presidential powers to do that (no matter how big a can of worms it opens up!)

Obviously my name is actually Maiara Walsh because I never relinquished that name, which was my legal name in America!!!! Yeah I know this isn’t great for what I’m trying to do here, but I have to put myself first OK? I’m not trying to fail. I have to be who I actually am, so that’s good magic, right? :-/


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