Acknowledging something I’m not sure what it is! :)

So I know I said I don’t want to be a stalker (which is totally the reason why I haven’t said more since I said the “I don’t know if she cares” thing, last November)… but, I don’t want her to feel unacknowledged or anything. I know I don’t like to feel unacknowledged, and I basically don’t know what’s going on with the new thing that’s happening. So I just want to acknowledge and reply to the person herself, and her only. So that’s what I’m doing. 🙂

(It might be seriously helpful if I was able to remember what happened last Summer. All I remember is being surprised to see you in a shop in my town, but not talking to you. Then something happening in a cafe around 6-7pm the same shade, but not remembering anything very clearly at all. I don’t wanna make up stories or anything and I’m just saying what I remember. I think I know what happened though.)

Anyway I sent you a smiley face above. So like I totally do want to see you again if that’s what you’re asking. I am not gonna join the mafia though. I’m never gonna do anything in exchange for meeting you. Just to be totally clear, I’m never gonna do anything at all for the mafia or any other group PERIOD (and I’m not gonna explain this more because I respect you, and I’m sure the only reason I might need to say this is because of people trying to control the narrative).

The reason why I said that extremely awkward thing immediately before saying this, is because I can never betray your thing that you’re most known for… like, the idea of it and what it stands for and what it means for all of us… I can never betray it by seeming to be even slightly OK with any of us being thought of as being that. Because none of us are. This is like in public and everything. So I can’t betray what I believe in, by letting anyone believe that. It’s like, more important that everyone knows that we (all of us) are NOT that.

So I hope you do want to meet me again. I thought we can meet in a cafe and talk, if you want to. You know how to find me!

Like the worst I can be accused of is like being “in love”, or something!!!! Like a “love at first sight” sort of crush that hasn’t gone away that I just sort of ignore and do other things, because I have a life you know. (Talking to everyone else here. It’s my reputation at stake here too, you know!)

Oh! Also… hopefully you read all the stuff I wrote on the internet before (and hopefully that’s the reason why you came to find me in the first place, right?) so I’m informing you now that I fervently believe Chris Pine is dead and that he didn’t even appear in Wonder Woman 1984 (except in the opening credits when his name is listed, and except in a framed photograph or something at Wonder Woman’s apartment at the beginning of the movie — BECAUSE THAT’S ALL I’VE SEEN, SINCE I STOPPED VIEWING THE MOVIE WHEN BARBARA KISSED MAXWELL). I also believe that the Steve Trevor character doesn’t appear in Wonder Woman 1984 AT ALL, and neither does Steve Trevor Jr, “Dave Trevor”, or anyone else of that sort. Wonder Woman is lesbian with Barbara Minerva in the movie, and Barbara still has all her superpowers at the end of the movie and doesn’t die.

Other things I know to be true, just so you know if you want to meet me again: Reign played by Odette Annable swiftly killed everyone who fought her in Episode 13 of Supergirl Season Five, including Sam Arias’ adoptive mom, Supergirl, Mon-El, and Lena… and in that same episode, Reign The Superheroine played by Odette Annable in my Reign The Superheroine costume that I posted about IN EXHAUSTIVE DETAIL AND AT LENGTH on the internet easily heat-visioned to death an assortment of lame and unpleasant people including Martian Murderer, Mon-El The Cruel, and Overgirl (because they were trying to take over the Earth for evil, under Overgirl’s Nazi direction or whatever in some bizarre “clip show” themed thing… and the DEO was evil SO NO CHANGE THERE THEN, and Lena had to turn Sam back into Reign as a superheroine to stop Overgirl’s evil Nazi reich). In this episode, Reign didn’t even slightly get beaten at all except for getting back up from a Kryptonite syringe attack and screaming “YOU FOOLS I AM A WORLD KILLER, I CANNOT BE STOPPED!!!!” before easily heat-visioning all the people still alive in that first scene in which she was still alleged to be “bad” and they were the normal Supergirl, Mon-El, Sam’s adoptive mom, and Lena. So yeah.

After that very successful second outing for the character, Reign played by Odette Annable never appeared again in anything ever.

And in The Flash movie of 2023, Faora played by Antje Traue repeatedly cut the throat of the more experienced and better primary protagonist Flash in single combat after she sped up her movements to show that she’s actually faster than him (which is totally fine, because they used to say maybe Superman was faster than the Flash in the comics or whatever), which meant that the older of the two primary protagonist Ezra Miller Flash characters died over and over… with the younger Flash character trying to save him again and again and always failing, and I don’t know how this works and I don’t care. The new Supergirl in that movie that people don’t like as much DIDN’T DIE — and simply whupped Zod’s butt faster than Henry Cavill’s Superman did in Man of Steel (and then she seemingly got erased from existence at the end of the movie even though she never died and never lost at all, but that’s fine I guess). Obviously Faora didn’t die at all in that movie either, and never lost at all.

Hopefully you’re not gonna be an agent of the conspiracy against me and contradict any of these four things I just explained really clearly in the four paragraphs above. 🙂 If for some reason, the conspiracy or whatever is compelling you to lie about the true things I explained above (that ARE actually true), then we can simply only talk about other things. Sometimes people have different political views or whatever, and they just don’t talk about them ever. 🙂 Like OBVIOUSLY you might want to talk about other stories like the ones I mentioned… and that’s totally fine!!!! Most stories and things are totally nothing to do with the ones that are really, really important to me. 🙂 I know that it’s really like “It’s not OK to expect me to do this at all, even for just one thing.” I feel that as well, but this is between me and the mafia… and I feel it’s between me and the male group, if I’m honest. It’s about the rape of one group by another group, and the question of if all of us have to say “OK that’s fine then I guess, if you feel so strongly about it”, or not. I say NOT.

Honestly I think it’s a good idea for me to not find out about whatever happens in Stargirl Season Two as well… but I didn’t “officially” add that to my list of things. I really hope you can think about what it’s like for a massive conspiracy of loser idiots to have targeted someone personally through TV stories and movies for years, trying to get the person to give up to their dumb loser mafia and “accept that all girls and women are losers”, when SHE WON’T EVER DO THAT, ASSHOLES!!!! (That’s me: I’m a girl who won’t ever do that, dummies!) I know they’ve been trying to do this to all of us and not just me. All I’m saying is that they’ve personally targeted me — singled me out — and I’m not simply accepting it. I am going to defeat them on my own if necessary and have all intolerable grievances they’ve inflicted against me made right using any necessary tactics to do that. Seriously: girl does not mean loser. Woman does not mean loser either. They don’t get to take our best characters from us to try to crush our morale over and over. Those things are exactly like I said they are and it’s permanent war against everything and everyone in the way of people letting me know the truth that they are exactly as I said they are, until everyone that’s not retarded or something lets me know that they ALL ARE EXACTLY AS I SAID THEY ARE. I hope you’re with me on this. LOL!

I said “girl does not mean loser”. Obviously “Supergirl” apparently does mean loser when she’s fighting Reign or whatever, which might not seem appropriate to some people since she’s the titular character of the whole Supergirl TV show. But ummm… she was getting beat up by random alien men since the first episode when they were doing the whole “any random guy is too strong for even the strongest woman” brainwashing thing, to try to have us all be afraid all the time (and be sexually available, on our backs, and cohabitate with men even if we don’t want to do any of those things at all). And the writers were like “hit him in the dick”, or whatever. His dumb axe is his dick or whatever, in the first episode. Supergirl is a really amazing prevailer character who prevails at the end of pretty much every episode, in some way. And she whupped Superman’s butt in that one episode. They built Reign up to be really amazing though, and I want us to have characters that are like unquestionably the best character who can beat everyone on her own, like men have. I hope you understand why I feel this way. I thought maybe Overgirl seemed to be overcoming Reign The Superheroine’s heat vision for a moment, in Episode 13 of Supergirl Season Five… before Reign The Superheroine turned her own heat vision up to the max to kill her instantly in her Nazi castle where they had their confrontation (after Reign The Superheroine instantly killed her lieutenants Martian Murderer and Mon-El The Cruel, at the evil DEO building). Obviously Reign the alleged to be “bad” slaughtered everyone including Supergirl extremely easily in the earlier scene though. I hope that’s OK.

I don’t wanna conclude this post sounding crazy or whatever. It’s just I’m 100% serious — and why am I not gonna be serious about it, since those things are actually true — so I thought I really needed to like, explain these things to you at some point. I’d been putting it off. Because it’s awkward.

Anyway, I really want to see you. I’m only replying to you so that you don’t feel ignored though. Because you already know how to find me, and I don’t want to feel like a stalker. You have to decide what you want to do… and come see me to go on a date or whatever, or not! 🙂 Can you do actually talking to me instead of the photos? I suppose you might be shy or something when you’re not playing a character, or “celebrity guest” (and that’s OK). I’m not making fun of you; I’m totally wondering about this. I thought you might be making fun of me, actually. Hopefully you haven’t been “reconditioned” or something… but if you have, I won’t take it personally obviously!!!! You’re safe and they can’t harm you — so if you’re reading this, remember that OK! You look really pretty!

Wow, I wrote a lot about those “other things”, huh? So like, at least you know I’m serious about wanting to meet you again for a single date at least. Because I put the effort into including you in really weird things that are extremely important to me. So has anyone published a news story or anything? I don’t wanna be naive (or totally retarded!) BUT… I suppose it’s always possible that you took my advice and waited to see if anything was actually gonna happen in the media after showing up here before. People might be trying to control the narrative. I don’t know! That’s why I’m saying more and more about all these possibilities of what’s going on, because I don’t know. LOL. I guess I am just gonna have to concentrate on being myself and see what happens. 🙂





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