Necessary post I suppose.

Oh yeah! So I totally need to say that I OBVIOUSLY haven’t forgotten about the weird fake bricks AND FAKE TILES AS WELL FFS and the CONCRETE HOUSE OVER THE ROAD. Seriously, I actually hadn’t forgotten about this. I just don’t really know what conclusion to draw from these things — so until I figure out why it’s like that, I’m just continuing my all-aspects war thing and doing my usual things. I tried to figure out what’s going on with it, but I was like “Well, I travel around the area on the bus and train… and it totally seems to be a real place with people who all speak English and everything, in all the different seemingly fully-functional towns I’ve visited in the previous years since I don’t know 2017 I guess. Whenever! So I don’t know how that’s supposed to work if it’s not Shitain in actual Great Shitain or whatever… but obviously I’m DEFINITELY the highest value anything EVER in THE WHOLE UNIVERSE EVER, so I’m totally not ruling anything out as possible here LMAO.” ???? You know? Like what do you want me to do? Some aspects of my street are 100% for certain not normal. That’s what I know for sure. It’s not like paralyzing to not know something, you know!

So anyway. I figure that if I do total war against everything, or just some sort of total war in some way, that eventually you’re going to have to come to the table AT WHICH TABLE MY DEMANDS ARE GOING TO STAY EXACTLY THE SAME BECAUSE LIKE I HAVE ALL THE CARDS HERE BECAUSE I’M GODA AND YOU’RE NOT. (Seriously I don’t want to reword that whole sentence I just typed to find a better way to say “you’re going to have to come to the table”, because of how you underestimate my resolve and ability to do what I say I’m gonna do. I am not relaxing my demands. It’s your fault.)



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