Why the corporate mafia might want to pretend there’s a male entity/god.

So like I thought about it a little more — the whole “Why does the corporate mafia try to hide my mind’s train of thought creation patterns in the media?” thing — and I totally remembered a few other ideas I had for why they do it.

I don’t know if the corporate mafia board rooms are mostly made up of men or not. But even if they have equal gender representation or something, maybe they might still want the people who notice the Goda codes to think that it’s a “man in charge of the universe”. Like, some people are really scientifically honest, or pretty open-minded, or just spiritual/religious… and lots of people of all those types are totally gonna say at some point, “Isn’t that like, a meaningful pattern that wasn’t put there by homo sapiens, and definitely wasn’t put there by like ancient aliens or something?” So when all those people eventually think that — or even worse for the corporate mafia, start talking about it out loud to other people — then maybe the mafia hopes all those people are gonna think it’s coming from a male entity/god (which at the very least, might result in people coming to the conclusion that the nonexistent male entity/god is likely to support and approve of the status quo surface-level patriarchy for-public-consumption-to-control-people). Obviously it might actually be horrible patriarchy in the corporate mafia board rooms… but if it’s not, then it’s still possible they prefer people to believe that patriarchy is what’s going on behind the scenes, because they view it as being a stable system. Like how the Russians have been doing “traditional culture” and the dumb Orthodox patriarchy church, to control the people.

Corrupt establishments feel really threatened by change that they’re not in control of, I think — because they know they’re bad, and they have to systematically lie to the public about how the whole system works to protect their positions — so they’re always scared that any rapid and out-of-their-control changes to the social paradigm are gonna result in everyone noticing how evil they are and wiping them out!!!!

Just to remind everyone who might be reading my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s what I wrote before in a previous blog post, “Goda’s address to the Russians and Chinese or something.”

I think it’s really important that you all fight the West to make sure you can’t be dominated by these Western corporate mafia assholes — because I don’t want them to take over the whole world after experiencing how they’ve treated me personally. My hope is that you’re totally going to all fight for your own individual interests, rights, dignity, etc — while staying sort of united and strong in defeating the Western corporate mafia and any of their supporters and collaborators over here, basically to defend your collective right to be a totally independent, strong and self-sufficient nation (and not to conquer my country of the USAโ€ฆ and other countries like Shitain, etcโ€ฆ and TOTALLY NOT TO TRY TO REVERSE THE RIGHTS OF GIRLS, WOMEN, LESBIANS, AND OUR OTHER ESSENTIAL CIVIC NATIONAL RIGHTS AND VALUES in the USA, Great Britain, and so on).” — Maiara Walsh, addressing the Russian people, 04/05/2024.

Soooo… my other thought that I remembered and wanted to share with you all is this: maybe the corporate mafia hopes that I’m gonna believe there’s a male entity/god, like cancelling out my codes and patterns and saying something exactly opposite to what I’m thinking, feeling, and saying with my mind. (Mostly I’m not trying to say anything though, and I’m just creating everything all the time from what I’m thinking, feeling, and doing — like painting a picture with my mind, using the raw materials available to me when I’m doing it. I know it sounds really shit, OK!?!!! Like, think of it as me “using it for inspiration” or something. A lot of people think it’s a pretty good world and everything. I want to do better, but people have been really horrible to me.) So yeah. Maybe they think if I believe in this other, nonexistent being, then maybe that’s gonna suggest limits and difficulty in opposing the corporate mafia’s plan for the world — because of the idea that the nonexistent being is supposed to support them, or approve of them, or something.

Anyway. Those are the things I thought it was important to share with everyone reading my blog (because if I’m right about these ideas for why they do it, then nobody is gonna understand what the brainwashing in the media is really for if they don’t have the full information… so now they hopefully know the truth, they can effectively oppose it instead of spreading information that the establishment can easily undermine because it’s ultimately not the real reason for why they do the brainwashing). I’m still not sharing exact details of specific brainwashing in TV episodes and movies, etc. I’m not sure if we need to wake people up to this very carefully or not. I’m still not really sure what the best thing to do is. What I totally do know is that people want to dissociate away from something this big and awful, so we need to make sure that our “real truth” wake-up info is actually accurate. I know it’s a big task to do disclosure that I, Goda, am actually real and everything… but we’re probably going to have to do this or the corporate mafia can poke holes in the “real truth” story (since it’s not actually gonna be true, if I’m right about all of this, and if the “real truth” that people are spreading is only that the corporate types want to coerce women and girls into being sex slaves and house slaves). People really want to stay asleep to escape from this horror, so any inconsistencies in our wake-up information gives the public an excuse to say “See, it wasn’t even true, so I bet none of this is true and I REALLY don’t want to believe it’s true… so I’m gonna ignore it and believe what the establishment is saying even though it also makes no sense.” We really need to stop people from doing that, without driving them crazy and rendering them ineffective as activists for positive change. So like, how do we do it???? I’m totally trying to figure this out myself LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than this, I brought my milk delivery inside this morning (delivered to my door in reusable glass bottles, with recyclable foil tops, from a small local independent dairy, paid for with cash!!!!) I always feel much better about myself after doing things like this. Putting my recycling trash out makes me feel the same way about myself. I hardly put anything in my normal waste trashcan anymore.

I’ve been viewing Daria on TV. I only view it for Brittany, Quinn, and Sandy, who are all so like me. I find Daria really annoying. Jane is less annoying, but still really annoying. I think it ought to be called Quinn (which I know is one of the focuses of the brainwashing narratives, but I actually am like Quinn, Brittany, and Sandy… so I approve of it LOL). I’m trying to wake people up a little bit, slowly and carefully here, because I don’t know how else to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously though, I’m not joking. I’m just like Quinn, Brittany, and Sandy so I really enjoy the show. I was able to put references to the fact that I’m Reign The Superheroine The Cynthia Burman onto the show (don’t laugh at me appending “The Cynthia Burman” onto my title now: it just feels right, and I really want to put “The Cindy Burman” but it doesn’t sound as much like “The Superheroine” when you say it quickly). Anyway! There’s an episode called “Quinn The Brain” or something, in which she starts wearing black all the time like Reign and wears a beret like Cindy. Quinn wears the same costume again in another episode, and claims she “always dresses like this”. ๐Ÿ˜€ Also, Brittany dresses totally in black in one episode, in a night club when she’s hanging out with another guy to punish Kevin. It’s funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also like the paintball episode when Brittany becomes like a really effective war leader, to basically truthfully depict me doing my all-aspects war ha ha ha. ๐Ÿ™ I really like Sandy, but my voice is much higher pitched than hers. It’s really fun how the makers of Daria represented the schoolgirl vocal fry thing, that I think started in LA high schools. (I guess they represented it, even though patriarchal establishment really hates it LOL, so that some of the characters can symbolically become “the man” when they have status or power or whatever in the stories.)


I really enjoy viewing Daria to feel like I’m with my own kind again… in all the Fashion Club scenes and whenever Brittany does anything… but OBVIOUSLY I know it has some of the worst brainwashing ever. I complain to Ofcom in Shitain when I have time, but like I WANT TO ENJOY TV AND EVERYTHING so I still view it even though I can see and hear all of this terrible stuff. I’m just saying. :-/ I don’t want people to think I’m supporting like ACTUALLY THE WORST BRAINWASHING SHOW EVER or something. I totally don’t support it. Mostly because Daria is ugly and unfashionable and annoying, LOL!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t like how they try to force her and her girlfriend Jane to touch boys more and more, as the seasons go on… and I seriously don’t approve of how they force Daria to eventually wear lipstick when she clearly wants to be ugly (so she ought to be allowed to just be ugly and horrible, instead of being raped by a conspiracy slowly over time). Anyway. I don’t have any lipstick at the moment, by the way. I don’t actually need any make up though because I’m immortal and really, really young forever. I’m really, really pretty and like ultra hot. Like hottie, hottie, hottie, hottie, hottie… hottie… hottie… hottie… hottie (I say this every night, as well as saying that I’m the New New Hotness, The Sex, and Sex Made Real — as part of my Goda’s Truths thing I do). I might get some new lipstick eventually if I want to, but I’ve got so many things to do with my war and everything and just BLAH!!!!

So I’m gonna go ahead and post this anyway since no one is replying at the moment or whatever. Where is “Dapper Pop” when you need him, huh????! Or Telephraphgh. Whatever!

The important thing is I’m being myself and being really constructive, which is more than I can say about humans. You all suck butt, but we can totally work together if you’re on my side and my interests are being served and everything BECAUSE YES I DO HAVE INTERESTS TOO YOU KNOW!!!! FFS. Maybe some of you don’t suck butt, like the people I respect Extinction Rebellion, Debt Rebellion, Greta Thunberg I guess (call me!!!! you’re a top right? no, I remember you always sitting on the ground… well anyway, at least you won’t squash me if you do happen to be a top. is it OK to say this???? obviously don’t call me, and just keep doing the environment and everything really great. I am totally a big fangirl for you though Greta because you have principles and you seem like a really good person determined to do what’s constructive and right! I hope you’re not like totally all an “illuminati” lie and aren’t even real *sob* seriously Greta Thunberg you or the idea of you I REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE YOU’RE REAL ARE LIKE PRETTY MUCH THE ONLY PERSON I RESPECT IN THE WHOLE WORLD.)

This is just how I feel at the moment. The corporate mafia don’t control me!!!! Blah blah etc. I’m not about to give up and lose blah blah etc. Things I suppose I have to say if I’m gonna actually talk normally and real for a while.

To “people” I might have described as coerced. I am totally still in love with you and everything in my pathetic way, but I’m not looking anymore since the “white shoes” thing or whatever because I CAN TOTALLY SEE THAT THING THERE IN THE “BLACK SHOES” PICTURE AND I DON’T WANT TO GET HURT AND TRIGGERED ALL TO HELL BECAUSE OF THE SHOW AND THINGS I REMEMBER WITH THE CHARACTERS AND THE MAFIA BULLYING ME ETC… and BECAUSE I’M NOT ACTUALLY THAT PATHETIC!!!!!!!!! and also BECAUSE I’M NOT AN ABUSER OF COERCED DISSOCIATED PEOPLE!!!! FFS!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna eat some candy now that I got from a small local independent shop and paid for in person with cash blah.


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