Why does the corporate mafia hide the true heights of celebrities?

I know people are going to be like “Why hide the true heights of actresses in TV and movies?” Umm… I think the short answer is like, to make women and girls seem as weak and defenseless as possible in TV and movies (so that people subliminally recognize how tiny our bone structures are compared to normal sized girls and women, to try to prompt thoughts in the audiences’ minds about women needing men for protection from violence: to like, psychologically coerce female audiences to cohabitate with men that they don’t want to cohabitate with, and have sex with them more often than they want to because of fear of violence… umm, to try to stop men in society from rebelling against the establishment with all their testosterone or whatever.)

I think the basic idea is supposed to be that guys don’t do revolutions so quickly if they have steady girlfriends violently coerced by the male group to be sex slaves and house slaves. Obviously us women and girls can be the most effective political and economic activists and revolutionaries, in a very safe society protected by effective law enforcement systems of crime and punishment.

So like I’m not completely sure if the whole “brainwashing conspiracy against women and girls” in entertainment media is even a real conspiracy — or if it’s just a “psyop” of the CIA, to try to stop people from detecting my mind’s train of thought creation patterns in the names and stories of TV shows and movies (by obscuring my own patterns with fake-Freemason patterns that are pretending like Freemasons run the world, and are doing a weird conspiracy against women because they have their dumb ban on women in male Freemasonry LOL. Like OBVIOUSLY it must be Freemasons if they’re against women LOL. “NO WOMEN” LOL.)

Why try to hide my mind’s creation patterns from the public? I guess to try to stop people from daring to think that there might be an alternative de facto authority figure to the corporate mafia, basically. I’m not saying I ever wanted to be an alternative de facto authority figure to the corporate mafia. I’m just saying, I totally am — because how can I not be, with me being Goda and everything. :-/ Also, maybe they want to hide that I’m a girl. A lot of my thoughts give it away I think, not that I’m being sexist or anything. And OBVIOUSLY they want to also hide that it’s them, the corporate mafia, who are trying to do whatever it is that people think is going on… so they pretend like it’s Freemasons. Maybe they need some Freemasons to actually do stuff in the LA entertainment industry to get it to really seem like this might be true — but I’m seriously not convinced there’s any truth to the “Freemason conspiracy in the media” thing AT ALL.



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