Quick blog post about my clothing sizes LOL. (OK, so it turned into a longer post…)

Soooo… I found my size for pantyhose in Britain, which is girls’ size “small-medium” for pantyhose (these ones are called tights here) from New Look’s 915 Generation clothing line for schoolgirls. New Look does a bigger size for schoolgirls, which is “medium-large”, but that’s too big for me — so it’s confirmed that I’m TINY then, LOL.

Also, the New Look 915 Generation girls’ age 12-13 size bralets fit me (but I have to adjust the adjustable straps quite a lot to make them much shorter than the default). I totally do have boobs though.

Primark girls’ age 11-12 size dresses fit me PERFECTLY.

I just wanted everyone to know this.


P.S. I somehow remember everyone on Cory In The House being very short people. It’s like the memories I have of people like Madison Pettis, Raven-Symonรฉ (I know she was only in one episode), Kyle Massey, Jason Dolley, Lisa Arch, etc got transferred to fictional British people I never really met, because of brainwashing torture or something — but I’ve more and more been able to remember some things from my career and personal herstory. The director and camera crew look ridiculously gigantic compared to all the cast, in the behind the scenes featurettes on the DVDs. They were like trying to hide this though!?!!! Like, sometimes they’re totally trying to hide how short all the cast are… then other times they’re pointing it out really obviously, on purpose. And you often can’t see the people’s legs, or there’s weird camera angles and perspectives going on. I think the idea was to make people think “It’s impossible to know the heights of the people involved with all this conflicting data, so just accept you can’t ever know their heights — and don’t ever question the official heights of celebrities”.

I believe I’m 5’1″. I’m very sure this is true — even though I’m having to guess my own height because of whatever horrific brainwashing torture happened to me for years, since 2011 or whenever. I’m nowhere near 5’5″ like they say I am (even though they’re saying an imposter is me at the moment, FFS), and even 5’5″ is not tall obviously. But I’m 5’1″. I remember this really clearly, even though in the false memories it’s a height of 6’1″ that’s a really clearly established figure LOL. Obviously I’m not 6’1″. I’m 5’1″. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really short, and really really slight — which is taking some accepting, but I’m getting there. ๐Ÿ™‚

One really weird thing is I totally remembered an actress called Brittany Finamore… and there was NO fake memory of knowing someone in Britain who looks like her, or is like her in some way… and there was NO memory of seeing her in anything else on TV in Britain. It’s like, I recognized her name really clearly — and my mind tried to find some explanation for how clearly I recognized her name, like trying to say “Oh yeah, Brittany Finamore… I saw her recently on TV in… umm… nothing… I didn’t see her in anything.” and then I looked up her filmography, and there was still nothing I remembered seeing her in recently in Britain or at all, ever… except Cory In The House. It doesn’t mean I know her well or anything. I just recognized her name really clearly. I have no idea why her name was so recognizable to me, but it really was. The only reason I’m saying this is because I want to remember who I am, and I thought it might help. I really might not have known her at all and I just remember working with her in two episodes… and maybe that’s why I remember her, because she was in more than one episode????


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