Goda’s address to the Russians and Chinese or something. Also, blog post!

So like what is there to say? I totally want to say something on my blog, so I’m just going to write whatever things I feel I want to say at the moment.

Umm. So in case everyone in the world is reading my blog right now or something — I want to say I really like the Russian people for some reason (even though I’m nothing like the stereotypes of “the Russian people” I know about). I think it’s because I respect them for standing up to the people who I KNOW FOR SURE abused me lots: the U.S. American corporate mafia and the British. :-/ I’m U.S. American though, not Russian. I don’t think I’ve ever been a Russian spy or anything, as far as I know LOL.

(Don’t make fun of me for saying “U.S. American” because that beauty pageant contestant said that same thing once. Because I’m gonna say U.S. American now — since I think it’s seriously important to change the USA’s civic national values so we don’t act like we’re the only Americans in the American continents that are worth caring about. Seriously! Don’t you think that saying “American” to mean United States American is like having civic national values that implicitly establish a sexist and racist hierarchy of personal importance and worth? It’s like saying “We’re American. You’re Brazilian, and you’re not important and we own you, slave. You’re not American.” I really don’t want US civic national values to be like this at all, so I’m gonna refer to myself and others as U.S. Americans when I remember to do it. I’m not sure how Brazilian I am — but I might be Brazilian in some way — and it really got me thinking about this in the first place. But like, when it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter if I’m Brazilian or not for me to know it’s right to say U.S. American instead of American. Really, it’s like saying U.S. American is the same thing as believing that U.S. Americans aren’t intrinsically better and more valuable people than South Americans or whoever — even if you might also believe that parts of U.S. culture and our civic national values are objectively superior to parts of South American national cultures, or parts of other national cultures. I am REALLY REALLY against Catholicism because it’s one of the worst strains of Christianity for its misogyny and sexist segregationist discrimination, like in the ban on women in any type of leadership role in the church: so I support a ban on Catholics emigrating to the United States, and a ban on anyone from unacceptably sexist nations emigrating to the United States — to stop inferior civic national values from taking away the rights and dignity of 50% of the United States’ population. I know we’ve totally got some retarded strains of Christianity in the USA though. I support a ban on ALL Christians from emigrating to the USA and Britain, as well as a ban on ALL Muslims and ALL Jews from emigrating to the USA and Britain (for the reasons I explained just now: because they’re misogynistic, sexist, segregationist, discriminatory religions that are harmful to 50% of the US and British populations that are girls and women!!!!)

So like, yeah! Those are my views and everything. 🙂

So to the Russian people, I know you have your nasty Russian Orthodox church thing that I hate. The leaders of your church are called patriarchs FFS!!!! It’s patriarchy, like the rest of Christianity is disgusting and evil patriarchy. Yours is not very well disguised though, since the leaders are called patriarchs and everything. So I suppose I support a ban on all Russians from emigrating to the USA and Britain, to protect my own rights from being harmed by your patriarchal religion and “traditional culture”. No offense though — because I know that you have feminism in Russia as well, and the church and “traditional culture” are like control mechanisms of the state to control the public (that a lot of people totally understand, and don’t support I HOPE, LOL!)

Anyway, I don’t know FOR SURE that you people abused me or anything, so I like you more at the moment. 🙂 Especially since you’re all (of all genders/sexualities/identities) like really strong and brave in standing up to these assholes over here in the West, and you’ve been able to kick their butt quite a lot which I really appreciate. I think it’s really important that you all fight the West to make sure you can’t be dominated by these Western corporate mafia assholes — because I don’t want them to take over the whole world after experiencing how they’ve treated me personally. My hope is that you’re totally going to all fight for your own individual interests, rights, dignity, etc — while staying sort of united and strong in defeating the Western corporate mafia and any of their supporters and collaborators over here, basically to defend your collective right to be a totally independent, strong and self-sufficient nation (and not to conquer my country of the USA… and other countries like Shitain, etc… and TOTALLY NOT TO TRY TO REVERSE THE RIGHTS OF GIRLS, WOMEN, LESBIANS, AND OUR OTHER ESSENTIAL CIVIC NATIONAL RIGHTS AND VALUES in the USA, Great Britain, and so on). These are totally my hopes for any other peoples and nations that want to help Russia kick the West’s butt, so the Western corporate mafia can’t abuse and bully me anymore. You are all welcome to help out… even if you’re the hated Muslims or something, LOL. I mean, it’s your countries that you peoples are hopefully in charge of running yourselves — since if you don’t do a revolution against your governments and establishments, then I guess that means you’re basically OK with how things are and that’s up to you peoples to decide how you govern yourselves. If you’re hated misogynist sexist Muslims and Christians then I’m just gonna advocate for you to be banned from entering Western countries, and I’m gonna do my best to completely stigmatize all the religions and cultures like yours within Western countries until they change or go away. Like, please don’t include Israel in your alliance though because Jewishness and Judaism is the worst source of misogynistic sexist segregationist evil in the herstory of the world, in my opinion, and I feel like it’s totally unsalvageable even simply as a nasty culture and not as the nasty religion. I feel like all Jews ought to leave Jewishness… especially if they’re female, because it seems like everything about Jewishness has no respect for girls and women — and the less culturally Jewish something is, the better it is for female people’s rights and dignity. Can you just go around them or something? (LOL.)

I used to identify as Jewish, but I don’t anymore. 🙂

ANYWAY. 🙂 The reason why I felt it so essential and necessary to reach out to the Russian people and everything is totally because you might have read the whole “Dugin’s second expired daughter” thing that somehow happened before. So, I want you to know that the reason that happened is totally because I thought I might have remembered being sent to Russia, or Ukraine, to be tortured and brainwashed sometime between 2011 and 2017. I’m not sure if that actually happened though. 🙁 I am gonna remember everything at some point, but it’s really upsetting thinking things like this might have happened to you… and I thought maybe everyone might have ganged up on me, including the Chinese people as I might have referred to at some point in a different context! 🙂 Basically, I’m just letting all the normal non-mafia/establishment Russian and Chinese people know that I respect you as people like me with rights and dignity, who don’t deserve to be bullied for no reason. My warning to all the world’s mafias and establishments is totally not rescinded though… and I don’t apologize to Russian men and Chinese men for anything I said (if any of you had chance to read it) because thousands of years of patriarchal oppression that still continues to this shade equals a right to let off some steam every now and again, as a girl. I think Russian and Chinese women are pretty though. Not being weird, I’m just saying! I’m a big supporter of women and girls everywhere, so I really don’t want to have offended normal Russian and Chinese women and girls AT ALL. Please fight for your rights like I’m doing here in Shitain!!!!

So I guess that said what I felt needed to be said to the “normal” citizens of the world who aren’t, like, terrible evil mafias or their henchpeople trying to get me or something. (I put the word normal in speech marks because you’re all totally not normal or whatever. I’m not assuming you’re like, less worthy people than me just because I’m Goda. Obviously I’m special and everything… but that doesn’t mean I’m a nicer, kinder person that people are going to like the most if not for being afraid or wanting something from me, you know?)

I’ve been reading a lot about my home, Los Angeles and that whole area. I want to remember everything about who I am. I think Thousand Oaks is in Ventura County, not Los Angeles County… but it’s really close to the San Fernando Valley (as is Simi Valley). So like, I might have resided in different places or in more than one place!!!! Thousand Oaks is actually near where the Kardashians live, and Miley Cyrus! The traditional guides to places and landmarks like Burbank, Studio City, Mulholland Drive, etc all seem to talk about male celebrities’ homes and just nothing but male celebrities and what they did… so I want to mention some of the famous women. I was wondering if I knew them or not. I was in one of Miley Cyrus’ music videos, but the articles on the internet show the wrong girl as me LOL.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel about any family I might still have in the USA (or Brazil). I want to feel something, but I don’t know what to feel or how to feel it. Also — I totally don’t want to feel anything until I remember something clearly, and until I can do something about whatever I feel.

I want to write more about everything I’ve been doing to defeat the Western corporate mafia, and to defeat patriarchy, as soon as I feel up to writing more. Talk to you more later, people! 🙂



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