So like I decided to upload some photos of my street.

Photos taken with my Nokia X2-00 (mine is black, red, and silver LOL). I really love my phone which has the coolest design ever. It’s got this cute little hidden micro USB port with a hinge that swings up and out when you open it with your fingernail… and it’s all made of a single piece of plastic (well the hinge is, anyway). It’s a really clever design the way the hinge works and everything because it’s so simple and it looks pretty. But anyway — enough about that!!!! 😉 LOL!


So I thought the photos of my town are interesting, right? The first two are of the houses over the street from my apartment. They are really interesting-looking, aren’t they? This town — Saltburn-by-the-Sea — is supposed to be over 100 years old or something, but the bricks are all so sharp and seem like they’re invincible or something. They are totally cool and very interesting buildings, even though I hate Shitain (that’s what I call this place that I don’t want to be in, because I’m excited to return to the San Fernando valley area in Los Angeles County, California as soon as possible… and hopefully to a place called Thousand Oaks which is the area of LA I’m sure my house was at).

You can see that some of the house over the road has had some of it’s bricks replaced… or some of them are different looking, or whatever. One side of it’s got a kind of princess tower that’s not in my photo because I was taking a picture of the bricks that had interested me. It’s like it was supposed to have a princess tower on both sides — but for some reason, one side has a more boring looking corner with newer looking bricks instead.

The next pictures are from the stairwell that connects my apartment to the street. So like, there’s no one in the apartment below mine — and that weird plaster wall is all I see of the first floor apartment other than the permanently closed door. I tried knocking on it and it’s definitely made of plaster or something because it sounds hollow; it’s not concrete, and it’s not plaster over bricks. I don’t really know why it’s been left like that.

Most of the pictures are totally of my apartment block — or “terrace”, or whatever!!!! Do we call them “townhouses”? That’s what I’m reading on the internet at the moment. Is mine a townhouse? Or is it the wrong style? I’m trying to re-learn how to speak American, LOL! (And just so you know, I’m not trying to sound “dumb” or anything. I’m just being myself without much of a filter, basically. Totally trying to figure out who exactly I am. Obviously I know I’m Maiara Walsh and I’m from the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California — just like I knew I was!!!! Obviously I wasn’t actually born though, since I’m Goda and everything… so I’m not really “from” any place… but I like being from LA, and I am from LA. 🙂 I might also be from Seattle and Sao Paolo, Brazil, as well… because I might have resided in both of those places. I might have!!!! LOL!)

You can see in the next photos I took that there’s like, a row of facade bricks or something, on my side of the apartment building. Mine is the top floor apartment, and the weird empty apartment is the one with the ugly-looking green bay window. My house number is 23, and it’s the only part of the building with a painted sandstone frame around the front door. (I think it’s sandstone, isn’t it?) The sandstone frames around the other doors I took photos of from the opposite far end of the building are looking in really good condition, aren’t they???? I was really shocked at how pristine they look, considering Saltburn is supposed to be like over 100 years old. I suppose paint protects the stone though — and you can remove the paint later, or whatever.

The whole facade of the building at the front is in really, really good condition too. All the bricks look pretty much pristine, with some weathering… and in places, some clean lines suggesting that the occupants had cleaning work undertaken (or had bricks replaced or whatever)… but overall, the facade of the building’s front is pretty consistent looking all the way along on every level as if it might all be dated to the same time period. Weirdly though, on the far end of the building’s front all the way down the street from my apartment, the facade looks like it’s actually made of thin tiles and not special facade bricks (unlike on my side of the building, at which front corner of it you can clearly see it’s like special facade bricks). I don’t know what’s going on there.

For some reason a large load-bearing part of one of the houses over the street seems to be made of concrete for some reason. Like, most of the front of the house is made of concrete with stucco applied over the top of it? That’s what it looks like to me anyway. I don’t get it. The whole front of the house seems to be made of concrete even though I thought it was a Victorian house from 1900 or even earlier. It seems like it’s gonna have been difficult to replace an original brick section of a house that large with a single slab of concrete. Maybe they put up temporary load bearing walls to keep it all up, and then somehow poured the concrete in (like I’ve seen on “Help! I Wrecked My House”, LOL! They put these little wooden load bearing structures up in the American houses when they’re taking other load bearing house features out).

I don’t really know what’s going on with the weird half-removed brick (that’s not really a brick) section of the facade, down at the bottom of the numbered section of the building immediately adjacent to my house number 23 part of it. You can see it’s like, just over the little wall to next door from my part of the building, down at the bottom of the front facade wall. Weird!!!! You can also see that the facade there DEFINITELY isn’t full bricks at all, and is actually just thin tiles applied over the top of some other weird materials.

So these are totally some photos of my town I know as Saltburn-by-the-Sea in Shitain, Great Shitain or whatever. The photos are of Windsor Road, specifically. Let me know what you think in the comments below, people!!!! 🙂

UPDATE: So I totally added an extra photo that I’ve just taken, to show you all the beautiful princess tower over the street. Just in case anyone was thinking there wasn’t a princess — because I totally am a princess! 🙂 Trying not to accidentally upload my nudes here, LOL. Which I take for myself, obvs!!!!



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