Was This Me Threatening To Expose What They Signposted They Planned To Do To Me In 1995, To Get Them To Stop Changing Personal Story Details On My Public Information In 2011?

Sooo… I know this is like really weird and everything, but I think “masturbation schedules” refers to this “Marky Mark’s busy pant dropping schedule” line in the 1995 Clueless movie. You know, Mark Wahlberg as a code for Maiara Walsh. LOL.

“Toe length” is about the “Mentos Better, Mentos Fresher” thing from the same movie. Maybe I was bargaining with them because I was seeing them changing all the info on Wikipedia and other websites. I guess I was threatening to expose the fake brainwashing narrative in all the media, but I didn’t want to lose everything. Duh! 🙁 It sucks butt figuring this out, because I’m not corrupt. Anyway, it certainly looks that way to me. I think I used to routinely edit my own Wikipedia info and stuff. I probably added an extra exclamation mark, like I “probably” made deliberate “bad writing” in my other edits of my own Wikipedia info LOL.

Anyway. I figure that what happened is I noticed the hidden code in the movie Clueless at some point between 1995 and 2011. Maaaybe the mafia people like my forced-Mom Phebe Novakovic promised me that things were going to change if I just kept quiet publicly about whatever I thought I’d figured out they’d been trying to do to me in all that time, and if I did the same thing as all the other celebrities and kept quiet publicly about the fake brainwashing narrative in all the media that actually harms all of us girls, women, and lesbians A LOT. I don’t know. I don’t want to make myself look bad without knowing all the facts about my own choices or anything. I know I’m a good and decent person though, and I’m not corrupt. I’m sure I never joined the mafia even though they were my forced-family. I’m sure I’ve never worked for the CIA even though my forced-family were CIA (I don’t wanna say “were and are CIA” because I don’t consider them my family in any way anymore).

Knowing myself, I’m 100% totally DEFINITELY sure I was doing my best to help people and make the world a better place without losing everything. Anyway — maybe I wasn’t able to keep quiet enough, and wasn’t able to stop trying to be the superheroine I know I am enough, to stop them pulling the trigger on trying to take everything away from me… and trying to erase my existence or whatever, to try to solve their problem of having an unkillable girl who wasn’t completely shutting up and who was constantly trying to do something to end all the conspiracies. It sure is kinda hard to protect the mafia “fear factor” that keeps everyone in line if there’s even a single person saying and doing whatever she wants to some extent, I guess. They had to do something.

So like, I’m totally guessing they went for the “neutralize and publicly humiliate/punish” approach — while also trying to see if they might be able to finally gain effective control of personal choices and beliefs. Because I don’t know if they ever had control before (although like for sure they must have ALWAYS been trying to have everyone around me in conspiracies to see if they were able to do just that!!!! There’s like zero chance they weren’t always trying to do this with like everyone they were able to enlist around me, right!?!!!)

Look at me being the detective or whatever. LOL! 🙂 What do you think, everyone?

So I’m totally not pointing fingers and accusing specific people of being agents between 1995 and 2011. LOL. (Laughing really seems inappropriate I guess, but I think it’s funny. I’m sorry.) I’m just saying, I’m not dumb! Like I said before and everything. 🙂 I’m totally not dumb. I’m really smart, I think. It just sucks royally, is all. IT SUCKS BUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure the mafia were never able to have every single person around me be a controlled agent — especially during my career in the entertainment industry THAT TOTALLY ISN’T OVER FFS — because that’s a lot of moving parts to control when you’re retards who can’t talk to anyone in plain English ever, like the espresso blowjob mafia from Mulholland Drive. They have to keep it all secret because they’re weak, and they’re not actually all that much in control of anything!!!! Most people think they’re doing everything but working for Phebe Novakovic of General Dynamics or whatever lofty position in the CIA she had before LOL!

(I was gonna post all of these jokes including a sweet picture that might partly be my own really really sexy face, but then I totally didn’t do that because I’m not allowed to have fun in case I seem like a fun person or something!!!! I’m only allowed to seem like what I am, which is NOT CORRUPT!) 🙁


MY NAME IS PRONOUNCED WITH A SOFT “R”, SORT OF LIKE JAPANESE PEOPLE TRYING TO PRONOUNCE THE LETTER “R” IF THEY’RE NOT VERY GOOD AT ENGLISH. IT’S NOT PRONOUNCED WITH A “D” SOUND AT ALL. THIS REALLY ANNOYS ME!!!! I mean I totally don’t care if people say Mai-aRa with a normal English speaker’s “r” sound. But it’s not pronounced like a “D” or a “T”. If anything the only other sound in the English language that it comes close to sounding like is an “L” — but it’s not an “L”, it’s an “R” sound somehow. OK! Got it everyone?!!!! >:( I don’t care about how Brazilian people might say it or anything like that at all. It’s MY NAME.

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