I’m Maiara Walsh.

So like, hey everyone. I want to let everyone know that I’m actually Maiara Walsh. I played the character of Mandi Weatherly in the movie Mean Girls 2.

(I know the name of the character is like really bad PR for me… but whatever!!!!)

I viewed the movie on DVD really recently and noticed it was me in the movie. Like, actually me in the movie this time and not just an actress or character that seems similar to me.

There’s another person impersonating me, calling herself Maiara Walsh. But she wasn’t in the movie. You can see that she’s got a different, thicker nose compared to me, and she doesn’t have a cleft chin like I do. In the movie, you can see my thinner nose and cleft chin. I guess I was really tan at the time, and I had a lot of make up on (probably to hide my pimples, since I don’t age).

I don’t know much more than that at the moment since I only just noticed that it’s me in the movie. I hope I remember more. I must have been moved around a lot (like the story in the movie, LOL), because I don’t age.

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS, I TOTALLY NOTICED ALL THE BRAINWASHING IN THE MOVIE AND I KNOW THAT I ACTED OUT SOME “FUNNY SLAPSTICK COMEDY”. I KNOW THAT THE MOVIE IS “AN INSULT TO ALL GIRLS AND WOMEN” (IN LIKE, A MILLION ZILLION WAYS). I put the insult thing in the speech marks because I feel it’s close to being the best movie ever, since I’m in it and I’m totally the hottest girl who ever existed (and I still am, and always am going to be the hottest girl who ever existed). That’s what I care about most, I guess…

But I also totally care about prevailing. My all-aspects war for my rights, dignity, and emotional safety is still a thing that I’m totally still doing. It was just acting, OK? I know I kissed a boy in the movie. I’m still lesbian. Please don’t laugh at me. I look away from the screen when it happens, when I replay the movie.

I mean, it’s totally fine for me to pretend to do stuff that I don’t personally like doing. That’s what being an actress involves unless you can get full creative control over every single thing you ever do. And yeah, I know that I’m the Creatress of everything. I’m Goda, obviously… so… please refer to stuff I said before about all my issues. I’m writing way more about this than I need to I guess, but yeah.

I try not to blame the imposter Maiara Walsh for STEALING MY IDENTITY. Because she’s definitely gonna have been a victim of men’s violence and coercion of women and girls. Like, the mafia and stuff. But I do want my identity back, because I’m Maiara Walsh and she isn’t. You know!!!!!

No one has “gotten one over on me” or whatever, with this movie existing. I’m proud of it because I’m really hot, and famous (LOL, Paramount Famous), and I’m actually a really good actress. I know my performance is the best in the movie. They lowered the volume and did bad dubbing on my second scene (the one with Coco Chanel in the bag), on purpose, to complement their dumb brainwashing thing to say nobody listens to/nobody can hear high school queen bees. To pathetically try to say that we’re low status, and have “no status after high school”, because the first movie was such a cult hit… with Regina being such a popular character who tons of girls wanted to be like, because she has power and prestige. They ought to have reshot the scene as well, if I said my lines “Coco Chanel” and “Prada” too quickly for the dubbing. I think I’m using the right terms, LOL.

Anyway, the Fraudulentmasons are still losers and don’t control me or anything. Especially since they’re a dumb two-bit rotary club patsy organisation for the CIA (that’s a losery lame front organisation for the walking fat corpses of the Western World’s biggest corporations… lol they call their companies corpses, don’t they! Losers!!!!)


That’s all I have to say about this at the moment. Later!!!! 🙂

Edit: So the movie is only an insult to all girls and women, in like a million, zillion ways, if you can read all the CIA brainwashing (which I’m not gonna explain for everyone right now, because I’m not sure it’s actually helpful for the morale of other girls and women in the world to be forcibly undissociated about this phenomenon… like I said at my other blog: we are doing really well right now, with more women graduating from universities than men all around the world… and more women than men in management positions all over the USA). I think it’s a really fun movie for us girls, despite all the issues. I’m really proud of my role in the movie. I hope a lot of you enjoyed it.

Umm… because I can see all the brainwashing in all the things now (LOL), it’s not as easy for me to process movies like I assume a lot of normal people still do at this point… but I think this movie is one of the worst examples of really obvious brainwashing in plain sight. That’s why I felt it was necessary to say the thing about it being an insult to all girls and women. 🙂 I need people to know that I haven’t turned into a dumb “doll” or anything who’s oblivious to what it’s gonna look like for me to reveal my role in this movie to the world (not that there’s anything wrong with being a doll, in the sense of being like, really, really pretty! I am totally a doll in that sense, OBVIOUSLY.) I suppose some people might also think this movie role means I work for the CIA. I don’t work for the CIA. Obviously I acted in a movie that was basically run by the CIA as a brainwashing operation against the public, but I don’t know if I worked for the CIA in 2010/2011 or at any time in the past. That’s all I know at the moment, like I said. I’m not with the mafia. I’m totally 100% independent of anyone, and if anyone ever tries to say that I’m with them or that I work for them, then you know it’s not true. It’s not like any of you people are my friends or anything, though. I don’t owe any of you anything, but I’m telling the truth. 🙂


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