E! Entertainment’s anti-feminist brainwashing is no longer available in Britain. :)

So hey everyone! 🙂 I won a big victory recently, because I got the E! TV channel taken off the air in Britain. The E! channel (which mostly focuses on so-called “reality TV” shows, that are not actually very real at all… since they’re pretty much 100% scripted like professional wrestling) features a lot of shows similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians: a really evil TV show that is totally stuffed full of VERY NASTY brainwashing designed to harm the rights and dignity of women and girls, and to keep men in control of society as much as possible. Keeping Up With The Kardashians exists to try to keep us girls and women “in our place”, as submissive second-class people, subservient to men and afraid of men. Just view the first two seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to see what I mean. It’s like, really, really bad! 🙁

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is also full of all that extremely dumb pretend-Freemason symbolism I talked about before — such as black-and-white checkerboard patterns all over the place (like Freemasons have on their floors in their buildings, which a lot of people have read about now, I guess). Black-and-white checkerboard pillows at the Dash shop, black-and-white checkerboard patterns on people’s clothes… and the whole Kardashian house has an absurdly in-your-face black-and-white checkerboard floor for the whole downstairs of the house at one point! LOL! It’s so dumb. The people on the show wear black and white stripes a lot — which isn’t even a Freemason thing… but it’s obviously supposed to be suggestive of Freemasonry, or whatever. Kylie Jenner even has black and white tiger stripes or something like that, for her bedroom carpet, when she’s like 10 or 11 years old! It’s like they’re laughing at all of us girls and women, saying they control us all, and that we’re just dumb sluts who don’t understand anything (and that we supposedly can’t do anything about it, even if we do understand what they’re saying about us and our place in the world, compared to men).

Soooo… like, please remember everyone, that it’s not actually the Freemasons who “run the world, behind the scenes”. It’s actually the Western World’s richest corporate shareholders who are behind it: just a bunch of rich, mostly male, mostly caucasian corporate shareholders of the biggest and wealthiest companies around. And it’s probably agents of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (the CIA) actually co-ordinating the anti-feminist brainwashing and making sure that it goes onto the TV shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If it’s not the CIA, it’s gonna be some different agency or other of the United States government — and it’s probably the CIA, even though they’re not supposed to do anything like this… so I’m just going ahead and saying it’s the CIA. I’m not gonna be gaslighted. They might try to, like, do everything through private contractors so that it seems more legal or whatever… but I doubt it. I bet it’s as simple as the CIA doing it IN SECRET, and then denying that they’re doing it.

They say that it’s Freemasons, even though it’s not really them behind all of this bullshit, to try to deflect attention away from the real culprits (the male corporate shareholders with the most money, and the CIA which works for them and not you). I wrote a whole lot more about this phenomenon in this blog post I’m gonna link to again, below:

I remember reading a while back that it’s supposedly legal for the United States government to propagandize the US public via news and entertainment media, and that it’s been that way for quite a long time now. But I figure it’s still not legal for the United States government to promote pedophila and child sex work in TV shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, like when a guy asks Kris Jenner if she’s trying to pimp her two youngest daughters to him… and like when Kendall pole dances on the “stripper pole” (which is what the guy in that episode calls the pole dancing pole, when Kendall dances on it). The “stripper pole” guy jokes about managing Kendall’s career in that same episode, when she’s like 11 or 12 years old or something, and when the “career” he’s envisioning for her involves pole dancing on a “stripper pole” (i.e. being a child stripper, or child prostitute, or something??? WTF!??) Seriously, this casual promoting of pedophila and child prostitution thing isn’t even the worst aspect of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Like I said: just view the first two seasons like I did, and be amazed and angered by the huge amount of anti-feminist brainwashing in seemingly every single episode!

Anyway, I mentioned the promotion of child sex work thing just to point out that I’m sure the rich men’s groups and the CIA behind the making of Keeping Up With The Kardashians can quite easily be brought to justice, and get convicted to serve very long jail sentences, on the strength of all the United States laws they must have broken in the process of making these brainwashing TV shows — even if it’s technically legal to brainwash the public with TV shows. I want these people to go to jail for a very long time, for laughing in the faces of girls and women like me… and for calling us to our faces (through the TV shows that we want to love) losers, and stupid, and nothing more than whores who only exist to serve men.

So yeah. I said I won a big victory when I got the E! channel taken off TV in Britain. Obviously this is exactly what I’ve been fighting to achieve with all my feminist activism I’ve been doing, targeting Nickelodeon and Virgin Media specifically. Nickelodeon because of all the anti-feminist brainwashing in its TV shows for kids, and Virgin Media for showing those Nickelodeon TV shows on its cable TV service in England (which is the part of the world I reside in). I ought to be really happy about this big victory that I won, for myself, and for the rights and dignity of all girls and women like me. And for lesbians like me, too (because it feels like lesbians don’t exist on the E! channel, even though gay men do!)

I haven’t felt very happy about this situation though, because, well… I’ve been viewing a LOT of E! to reconnect with my culture, which is from like, a wealthy part of Los Angeles (I’m not sure exactly where). Actually I’ve felt on the verge of crying about this situation a lot, ever since I found out that the E! channel was closing in Britain on 01/01/2024. The only reason I haven’t been sobbing about E! closing over here, is because it’s really hard for me to cry anymore after all the trauma I experienced previously. It really, really sucks. I actually enjoy viewing Keeping Up With The Kardashians, because it’s like remembering being with some other family in the LA area, at some point — and I just wanna go back to being that girl who I was then. I know that this is actually true: that I used to reside in Los Angeles, some place over there. I think my family had a lot of money (although, obviously they weren’t actually my family, because I’m Goda — so I can’t ever have a real family, only some kind of pretend story of who I’m supposed to be instead). Obviously I don’t age, so I think I must have been updating my fake background story on Earth, and relocating to different places with a new identity for as long as possible. Something like that. I don’t know how long this has been going on for. I don’t know if humans have found out about this at some point, and like, gotten involved with the process of moving me around like this. I really don’t know at the moment.

Other TV shows I’ve been viewing, to reconnect with who I am and who I used to be in some “past life” that I can’t really remember at the moment (and I don’t know how much information still exists about it, unless I just create the information so that I’ve got something to remember, LOL)… other TV shows that I’ve been viewing for this reason are like, “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”, “Beverly Hills Pawn”, “Flip or Flop”, and anything else that I can find like that which doesn’t have “housewives” or “WAGs” in the title of the show. “Flip or Flop” is MUCH better than the other shows in the sense that it has hardly any obviously noticeable anti-feminist brainwashing (and maybe doesn’t have any at all… I’m not sure). But… it’s mostly about construction workers digging holes inside people’s houses and assembling and disassembling wooden frames and stuff — which I find really boring compared to looking at finished interior designs of homes. I like listening to the people talking, looking at the establishing shots of all the houses and beaches and stuff, and seeing what the houses look like when they’re finished. I feel like I ought to only view “Flip or Flop”, and not view any of the other shows which I’ve recorded on my Virgin Media box… but the E! shows like Kardashians and Rich Kids are the ones that help me remember this past life in LA much better, so I’ve been viewing them over and over again. I can’t bring myself to view them without constantly complaining to the TV about everything that’s wrong with them though. They are so anti-feminist… it’s really, really bad. 🙁

What’s really, really nice about “Flip or Flop” is it totally reminds me that most people in Los Angeles and California aren’t terrible misogynist, anti-lesbian, anti-feminists like the E! reality TV shows suggest. LA has a really big LGBT community and it’s a very socially liberal place. “Flip or Flop” isn’t about feminism, anti-feminism, or lesbianism or whatever… but the people on the show are just nice-seeming, normal-seeming people, who I feel very comfortable viewing. I never got really angry and shouted at the TV viewing “Flip or Flop”. And I’m sure that the very wealthy parts of Los Angeles and the surrounding area are full of really nice people, who, similar in this way to the people on “Flip or Flop”, aren’t terrible misogynists, anti-lesbians, and anti-feminists. I know the E! channel deliberately presents a skewed, untrue, and unfair idea of LA’s culture — because it’s like, doing exactly that ON PURPOSE, to brainwash everyone viewing the shows into thinking it’s normal for things to be that way. The rich male corporate shareholders want things to be that way, so the CIA makes it look like things are that way in these fake, scripted, “reality TV” shows for them.

Something that upset me SO MUCH, viewing seasons 3 and 4 of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, is the fact that there are TWO gay men and NO LESBIANS AT ALL. :-/ This made me SO ANGRY. I mean, granted, I’ve only viewed those two seasons and I haven’t searched for any information about other seasons of the show — but TWO gay men and NO LESBIANS???!!!!! That is NOT OK!!!!! Not OK. AT. ALL.

It’s completely unrepresentative of actual self-reported sexualities of women and men. Hardly any men at all identify as gay, but a really really REALLY large number of women identify as being at least bisexual… WHICH IS HALF LESBIAN!!!!! Even if there was like one lesbian each season, in seasons one and two of Rich Kids (which I doubt), it’s still completely unrepresentative of actual demographics and it’s 100% wrong and NOT OK. I mean, we lesbians are literally one of the most marginalized and oppressed groups that has ever existed, everywhere in the whole world… including in the “First World” West. WTF!!!!!? If anyone deserves “positive discrimination” on TV, it’s us lesbians!!!! And if you bastards do actual population demographics representation instead of “positive discrimination”, THEN IT STILL OUGHT TO FAVOR US LESBIANS!!!!!!!!!


Seriously. Give us lesbians.

Anyway!!!! So like… I said before a couple of times, I got the E! TV channel taken off the air in Britain. Some of you are probably wondering how I did that. Well, it happened because I’m Goda, the Creatress of everything — as I’ve explained before here at my blog, and at other websites — so the world naturally reflects and represents my choices and so on. It’s totally complicated and really boring for me to explain how this works over and over again, so I’m not gonna do that. But like, suffice to say: I wrote a blog post, made a telephone call, and sent a lot of emails with the intention of getting Nickelodeon and Virgin Media to do internal reviews of their TV output to stop the fake Freemason anti-feminist brainwashing in Nickelodeon kids’ shows (even if it meant Virgin Media removing all Nickelodeon programming from its cable TV service until that happened)… AND BECAUSE OF THAT THE WHOLE E! TV CHANNEL THAT’S FULL OF FAKE FREEMASON ANTI-FEMINIST BRAINWASHING IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN BRITAIN.

So I guess I achieved my overall goal of getting fake Freemason anti-feminist brainwashing taken off TV in Britain. I mean, I achieved that overall goal to a ridiculously huge extent, huh!? 🙂 Nice going, Victoria, I think!!!! (Despite me wanting to cry about not having Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, on British TV anymore, for the reasons I explained above).

The really narrowly specific thing that I wanted to happen when I did all of that work was to get Nickelodeon and Virgin Media to stop allowing anyone to see Haunted Hathaways, in any way, on every kind of service/media that they offer to people. And I wanted them both to do internal reviews of all their content, to make sure that they weren’t, like, deliberately (or unknowingly in the case of Virgin Media, maybe) harming the rights, interests, and dignity of girls and women as part of a conspiracy to advance the rights and interests of “ultra rich” male corporate shareholders in America. (I put “ultra rich” in speech marks because I’m sure they’re not as ultra rich as they used to be, LOL!!!! Assholes!!!!) Anyway, I’m just saying I achieved my overall aim to a MUCH LARGER EXTENT than I expected was going to happen… primarily because, I like didn’t even know that the E! TV channel was so full of the same type of fake Freemason anti-feminist brainwashing. I only started viewing it after I complained about the Haunted Hathaways thing, LOL.

I’m totally ready to continue with my mission to stop Haunted Hathaways being seen by kids ever again, and to stop Nickelodeon from harming the rights, interests, and dignity of girls and women! And I’m gonna keep going with it as soon as I can. I did pretty good already though. So I’m just reporting that for all my fans. 🙂 I know there are plenty of people out there who support me, Reign The Superheroine (or Reign The Cynthia Burman as I’ve been calling myself more recently, as a joke). I’m still Reign, and I’m still a superheroine!!!! You might all get nuclear bombed at some point — or suffer some other kind of horrible fates — but at least all my fans out there know that I’m still basically good, and doing my best regardless of how I feel and everything that’s happened. Is anyone even still alive out there? I have to say I’ve been wondering about that. Anyway, anyone can comment on my blog. I set it so you don’t even have to register with Vivaldi to comment. You don’t even have to enter a username, LOL. You can just write a comment and click to post it, with no other information necessary at all.

(Vivaldi is really cool in allowing us to make it as easy and anonymous as we want to make it for our commenters, or as moderated and protected as we want it to be for ourselves.)

I’ve known for a really long time that I don’t even have to interact with people to change the world in a big way, with very finely tuned and accurate outcomes based on what I intended to make happen in the world with my mind’s focuses. I’m just saying. I literally create the world with my mind, so it’s always gonna be like that. I know I have my issues and I’m a little girl and everything, but I have serious power and I’m using it. USING IT FOR GOOD, YOU KNOW!?!!!?! REIGN THE CYNTHIA BURMAN, BITCHES!!!! (Saying “bitches” is part of my culture as an annoying and wealthy school girl from Los Angeles someplace, so I hope people are gonna be OK with me saying it and everything.)

I hope some people still like me, but I can’t help being me. I literally can’t help being me… and saying what I’m saying… and doing what I’m doing. And if I can help it, I don’t want to. Y’know? I like who I am. It’s not like anyone I care about has asked me to be someone different — but I still wonder if people stopped liking me because of the way I talk and act, now. I don’t know if anyone really liked me to begin with, though. Everyone likes a girl who’s “nice”, don’t they? But that’s not the same thing as really liking someone. If you like someone for being “nice”, you basically only like them for being compliant, passive, submissive; for making you feel good, even if it doesn’t make her feel good doing it. I don’t wanna be like that anymore. I wanna feel good myself. And what’s wrong with that? Countries go to war if things get too much not-to-their-liking, so I don’t see why a person can’t do the same thing. And it’s not like I’m doing anything illegal. 🙂 All I’m saying people, is don’t blame me for doing whatever I have to do to make sure I’m gonna be OK with the mafia being such nasty people and all. I don’t have to give in to the mafia or anyone else if they’re bullies, so I’m not gonna — and I hope some of you respect me for it, even if it means I’m not very “nice” anymore and really bad stuff happens in the world you’re all in. Getting E! taken off TV in Britain was pretty good, wasn’t it?

So like anyway. I’m gonna finish this blog post with the first paragraph I wrote, shadebefore evening — before I decided to begin the post totally differently. (I felt it didn’t read right, considering how important the E! thing is, so I chose to lead it with that instead.)

I just got myself some really great takeout from one of my local takeout pizza places. I got a triple-cheese vegetarian burger (the burger bun is out of this world), and a side of fries. The fries from this place are really, really nice. It’s simple food, but it’s all so good to eat that I wanted to write about it! I never knew that one of those mixed vegetable patties can taste so hamburger-like until I asked for three slices of cheese on it. It totally has the whole cheeseburger taste somehow — even though it’s like, not even meat at all, and it’s just a bunch of veg mashed together in the shape of a burger and not, like, one of those fancy soy burgers or anything (that are supposed to be just like real meat). I guess it’s because a lot of the cheeseburger taste comes from the taste of a quality burger bun and the cheese. Here I am talking again about how you’ve gotta add cheese to food to make it better, but I guess people say that sort of thing for a reason, huh?! 🙂 So take it from me: if you’re going to have one of those really basic vegetarian burgers from a fast food joint, ask for THREE slices of cheese in there (at least!), and you won’t regret it vegetarians!!!!


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