I’m a feminist and I’m against all immigration. Am I wrong?

So like, I’m a feminist and I’m against all immigration to the country I reside at (which is Britain). Am I wrong?

The reason I’m asking if I’m wrong is because I’m like genuinely unsure if my new political position is what’s best for my interests as a girl… and I’m like, inviting you to comment: to share your opinions with me about this. Try to change my mind, or maybe even agree with me?! 🙂

Before I explain my reasons for my new political position, I wanna say a few important things first. I noticed that there are a lot of people from all around the world who write blogs at Vivaldi Community. I think this is really cool, and I’m glad you’re all here, because it means we can share ideas with each other and learn more in the process. I don’t want you to think I’m a racist because I’m not! 🙂 Also, I wanna say that I’m not associated with the Vivaldi company at all. LOL!

I viewed the videos of Jon von Tetzchner being interviewed at Web Summit 2023, and he said that the original purpose of the internet was the exchange of information — and that he wants to get as many people online as possible with equal access to information and services. He didn’t say anything like what I’m saying here, obviously. LOL again! 🙂 But I hope it’s gonna be OK for me to say what I’m saying now (since internet censorship, and outside pressure to censor, is still something we all need to be concerned about, sadly). I like, especially hope it’s gonna be OK for me to say all this, since the reason I’m saying it has to do with my interest in equality — to do with equal rights for us girls and women in this case — and to do with my interest in free, uncensored exchange of ideas, to help us all make up our minds about what to believe.

OK. So like I hear you asking, why am I against all immigration to Britain? And like, what does that have to do with feminism?

So here’s the answer: I recognized, nowshade, that there are pretty much no countries in the whole world that have better rights and respect for us girls and women than Britain (except Iceland, Sweden, and maybe the other Scandinavian countries that I haven’t heard so much about). This means pretty much all immigration to Britain from other countries is only gonna be bringing in people from comparatively backwards cultures, in terms of how progressively feminist they are, who probably believe in us girls and women having less rights and respect in society. And I figure that most people from countries that are as good as Britain aren’t going to want to emigrate here, since they’re likely to be happy enough where they are already!

My recent experiences — like when I discovered the CIA agenda to brainwash multiple generations of children to grow up with internalised anti-feminist ideas about what it means to be girls and boys, to try to roll back feminism on behalf of “elite” mens’ groups in the USA and other Western countries — these recent experiences have taught me that us girls and women have to start focusing on the rights of our girls and women group EXCLUSIVELY, above all other people’s rights and TO THE EXCLUSION of us devoting time and energy to fighting for the rights of any and all other groups!

There are people out there with a lot of money, resources, and socio-political influence, who are actively working to roll back many of the rights that we girls and women won for ourselves at great cost to us and our group. And quite simply, we can’t afford to be fighting for anyone else’s rights when there hasn’t even been a woman President of the United States of America yet (the so-called “leader of the free world”). This is not a joke people!!!! It’s like feminism as a political force — and as an interest group — has gotten too strong for the rich men’s groups that try to hide in the shadows of Western society, and now they’re like, trying to completely reverse all the gains that feminism has won for us. I’m not talking about Freemasons or whatever, remember! I’m talking about “elite” corporate shareholders, and the CIA that works for them!

Maybe these rich men’s groups used to feel that feminism was actually helpful to their agenda before… like since getting more women into the workplace wasn’t exactly unhelpful to promoting consumerism, to keep their consistent exponential growth of the economy Ponzi scheme going for as long as possible (to try to siphon away all the wealth from the public, through inflation and all of that). Also — I guess they probably found women’s rights movements to be useful in keeping the general population divided and fighting amongst itself, instead of uniting as a single interest group against the rich men’s groups.

In the last decade or so, though, Harvey Weinstein went to jail, Jeffrey Epstein died in prison awaiting trial, and everyone knows all about Epstein’s list of important contacts who probably all partook in the rape of trafficked young girls. Everyone knows all about Robert H Richards III, too! Feminists, and all people interested in protecting the rights of us girls and women to decide who has sex with us (or if we wanna have sex at all!), have been getting closer and closer to taking away the ability of these rich men’s groups to use and abuse some of us in secret… because we’ve been exposing what they’ve been doing to us!!!! And that means other people have been like calling for it to stop!!!! Obviously the rich men’s groups don’t like that very much. They want things to continue on as before. They’re only interested in feminism — and our rights — when it serves their interests… and when feminism starts working against their interest in having unrestricted access to the “best females'” vaginas, suddenly the rich men’s groups and the CIA are against feminism. What a surprise, huh!!!?

It’s not a surprise to me anymore 🙁 but I suppose it might still come as a surprise to some of you.

So! I decided that because of the situation in the world, with the CIA actively trying to roll back feminism on behalf of rich men’s groups in The West, I have to put the interests of my own girls’ and women’s group first. Like, put girls’ and women’s interests first in every way… even if that means prioritizing what’s best for our rights as girls and women ahead of what’s best for the struggle of all of us together, regardless of gender, against “inequality” in a general sense. Because I don’t see many people caring about the things that I’ve been saying matter to me as a girl. I guess I don’t have that much faith in other interest groups standing up for my rights reciprocally, if I invest time and energy in standing up for their rights.

I’m not sure that I believe in “feminist allies theory” anymore. 🙁 <— non-sarcastic and very deeply felt sad emoticon.

I’m not sure that I believe in “multiculturalism = feminism theory” anymore either.

So like just to make this totally clear, I’m not sure that I believe in those two staples of popular modern feminist thought anymore because I feel like both of those things are urging me to invest time and energy in fighting for the rights of other interest groups who aren’t gonna invest the same amount of time and energy in fighting for my rights. And to be honest, I don’t believe anymore that they’re gonna invest ANY time and energy in fighting for my rights. I feel like any time and energy that I invest in their rights results in a net negative improvement in my own rights (as part of the girls and women group), because I helped improve their rights and my own rights stayed the same. They didn’t help me at all in return, I now believe. 🙁 So yeah. That’s basically why I’ve turned against supporting immigration and multiculturalism, to the extent that I’m now against all immigration to Britain… and I’m basically sort of against multiculturalism too, which I’m gonna explain more about below so people don’t think that I’ve turned racist. It sucks butt. I don’t wanna feel this way — but I have to put my own interests first when I know they’re under attack from “elites”, and if other interest groups don’t care about my rights even when I’m helping them.

So to like reiterate what I said already: when it comes to immigration, because I guess that only Iceland and Sweden/Scandinavia have better rights and respect for girls and women than Britain does, ANY immigration at all is only gonna be bringing in people from outside Britain who probably believe in us girls and women having less rights and respect in society. I also guess that the amount of immigration to Britain from Iceland and Sweden/Scandinavia is negligible, compared to the amount of immigration coming from nations and cultures that are always gonna have worse rights and respect for girls and women than Britain does. So pretty much all immigration to Britain is basically harmful to the rights of us girls and women, here. So I’m against all immigration to Britain.

I want there to be no immigration to Britain AT ALL — until girls’ and women’s rights and respect in other countries are as good as they are in Britain. Maybe that sounds unrealistic, but it’s what’s best for my rights and respect as a girl… so like that’s what I’m calling for!

It occurred to me that it’s in my interest as a girl to call for the emigration of British people to other countries though. So I’m in favour of that! LOL. Kind of funny, huh? I have a real example of how this works in my interest though. I’m a fan of women’s pro wrestling in WWE and AEW (I view WWE and AEW only for the women’s matches, because of my PTSD to do with aggressive men… but I used to like viewing all pro wresting matches and storylines, not only the women’s divisions.) A few years ago, WWE started doing an annual pay-per-view show in Saudi Arabia called “Crown Jewel”. So like, when Crown Jewel started, Saudi religious-oppression-of-women rules meant that the female WWE wrestlers had to wrestle in baggy pants and baggy long sleeve tops, that completely hid the shapes of the women’s legs and breasts in all of this excess clothing material. It was ridiculous… especially since the male wrestlers were coming out practically naked, the same as they do in the USA!!!!

I used to think that supporting WWE Crown Jewel was against feminism (because the Crown Jewel pay-per-view is shown all around the socially liberal world, including in the USA, Britain, and Western Europe — so it feels like being forced to accept the backwards and oppressive rules that the Saudis have enforced on women and girls in their nasty country, if you view the show in a Western country). I was like, WTF WWE???? Why have you even agreed to do this show in Saudi Arabia if it means forcing your female wrestlers and your female fans in the West to accept the oppressively sexist rules of the Saudis towards us girls and women???? I was like, doesn’t WWE give a shit about the rights of us girls and women as long as it’s making dirty sexist Saudi money? And I still feel that way about Crown Jewel and WWE’s decision to start doing that specific annual show in the first place.

BUT — I noticed when fast-forwarding through the televised highlights of this year’s Crown Jewel show, that the female wrestlers of WWE now wrestle in skintight body suits when they go to Saudi Arabia. And these skintight body suits very much DO show the shapes of their legs and breasts… even though the only actual bare skin made visible by these outfits is at the hands and face/neck of the wrestlers. So that’s a huge improvement in the attitudes of the Saudis towards women, probably directly resulting from WWE’s decision to put on an annual wrestling event in Saudi Arabia. I still feel that the show ought not to be shown here in The West at all — but noticing the huge improvement in a handful of years made me recognize that socially liberal Westerners traveling to less socially liberal parts of the world can force an improvement in our rights as girls and women, in those parts of the world that still treat us as second class citizens with few rights. So that’s why I’m in favor of Western emigration to less feminist countries, LOL! It sounds kinda dumb saying it out loud, but it’s actually true that it’s in our interests as girls and women to support it. So it’s actually not dumb at all. We ought to support activist groups that voluntarily travel to less feminist countries, specifically to improve the rights of girls and women around the world. Like non-Christian feminist missionaries, I suppose.

I wrote to a group like that (Plan International) seeking help with the “Haunted Hathaways promoting sexist abuse of girls” issue! I also wrote a letter to Ms Magazine. And I wrote to the largest domestic violence support organisation in Britain, Women’s Aid. If anyone here feels like helping me with this issue, then like, please do!!!! What I’m trying to achieve is for someone to ask Nickelodeon to comment on why it continued showing the “Haunted Cookie Jar” episode for ten years, when a little boy angrily shouts “NOW WOMAN!!!!” in a horribly aggressive and sexist way at a little girl (who doesn’t challenge this, and actually runs away in fear to carry out his command to do something). And why Nickelodeon continued to show “Haunted Camping”, in which the same little boy says “woman!” in a similarly sexist way to an older teen girl (who also doesn’t challenge his abusively sexist behavior). If I can get someone to at least contact Nickelodeon or the TV providers that show Nickelodeon for comment, then I can say to my TV provider Virgin Media that this happened because of me — so they ought to take me seriously, and listen to me when I demand they stop showing this sexist kids’ show that’s trying to brainwash kids to turn against feminism in the future. Getting Virgin Media to stop showing Haunted Hathaways, or cancel all Nickelodeon programming because of Nickelodeon sexism, is better than nothing!!!! What I really want is for Nickelodeon itself to carry out an internal review of its programming to remove all of this anti-feminist brainwashing, though!

I’m fighting on every level for my interests. And I’m not going to stop.

It’s worth pointing out that the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards take place in Abu Dhabi this year. So that means Nickelodeon is acting as a net force for good over there (like, with respect to the rights of us girls and women — since it’s good for us to have more rights, you know!?) when Nickelodeon acts as a non-Christian missionary to Abu Dhabi, speaking overwhelmingly with its programming in favour of feminism to the Abu Dhabi audience — that I guess must be consuming Nickelodeon content like The Thundermans and Danger Force, featuring female superheroic characters that are strong and confident leaders of society. I haven’t forgotten Super President Kickbutt, LOL! 🙂

So like about The Marvels again, which I enjoyed sooo much at the movie theater recently: I loved the Ms Marvel character and she’s totally my favourite part of the movie — but like, upon reflection after seeing it, I wondered if I ought to be against the character being featured so prominently in Marvel movies since she’s Pakistani American. This is because I’d also recently seen this feminist documentary on TV that was about a woman traveling on Indian trains to interview Indian women about their experiences as women in modern India. The documentary made India seem like a pretty oppressive place for girls and women to exist in, even now in 2023… although the attitudes of the younger women was much, much better (the young women seemed to be pro-feminism, mostly — with the middle-aged and old women being anti-feminist, or basically defeated/apathetic about their rights as female people). I know that Pakistan is a different country to India since a long time, LOL. Buttt… I figured that since it’s still a similar culture to India, compared to Britain and the USA — and since it’s also a mostly Muslim culture, which I guessed to be worse for us girls and women than Indian culture, then I thought it might seriously be against my interests as a girl to support the Kamala Khan version of the Ms Marvel character in any way. (This isn’t something that I ever thought about before, until I viewed The Marvels, for some reason.)

But after I went to multiple showings of The Marvels, I began to recognize that Ms Marvel’s family in the movie are extremely Americanized in the way that they behave and dress. They’ve retained very few elements of Pakistani culture, as they’re simply Americans living in Jersey City, and Kamala Khan is an American girl. Honestly I don’t care if they’re Pakistani or American, as long as it’s good for the rights and respect of girls and women like me!!!! And supporting the Kamala Khan Ms Marvel of The Marvels movie specifically is not much like supporting anti-feminist Pakistani Muslims in Pakistan, or anti-feminist Pakistani Muslims in America either. She doesn’t even seem to be a Muslim character in this movie. There was no suggestion of her being a practicing Muslim in the movie, and no suggestion of her family being practicing Muslims in the movie either. Are they supposed to be Muslims in the movie version? Is Kamala a Muslim in the movie, even though it’s never mentioned by the script in any way? I know she’s a Muslim in the comics — and I’m against that, because it seems to me that supporting Islamic culture as being equally valid alongside feminist Anglo-American culture is pretty much supporting the oppression of girls and women. If she’s supposed to be Muslim in the movie then I’m against her being Muslim (because I’m not gonna support people who aren’t supporting my rights as a girl… even if they’re not fully practicing Muslims, and only tacitly supporting the oppression of us girls and women by legitimizing it when they self-identify as Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc).

Honestly I ought to stop self-identifying as partly Jewish like Rachel Weisz’s character does in that lesbian movie, Disobedience. I guess I’m doing that now, saying what I’m saying. I’m not Jewish.

I really, really like the movie version of the Kamala Khan Ms Marvel. I hope she’s not supposed to be Muslim in the movie, so I can keep supporting her. I’m not going to look up the information because I’m happy, and I don’t want to know. As far as I know she’s not Muslim. Anyway, at least I think her costume is OK because it’s basically just a form-fitting standard superheroine costume basically the same as most of the other non-Pakistani superheroines in Western comic book culture have now — except the movie Ms Marvel is a bit like some traditional Pakistani dresses I guess (but it doesn’t look much like the ones I’ve seen). We girls and women don’t always have to show flesh, so I don’t have a problem with the costume. That’s something positive to say after wondering if I need to stop supporting the character completely, LOL! The costume’s basically no different to the Captain Marvel costume from the first Captain Marvel movie, except it has like two layers to it. It’s still very form-fitting though, and not oppressively “chaste” or whatever.

One really nice thing about The Marvels is that Kamala’s mom is pestering her to do her science homework — which is totally like a positive stereotype of a different culture, instead of a negative stereotype. It’s more of a stereotype of Indian Americans, I thought, instead of Pakistani Americans? Like, Indian American parents expecting their kids to become doctors or whatever? Anyway… it’s a good thing in this movie, because Kamala is a girl. Her mom expects her daughter to become a scientist or something, even though their family comes from a mostly Muslim country (and I was under the impression that Muslim cultures are pretty much always oppressive to girls and women, even if they’re not the Islamic State kind of head choppers or the Saudis that I really don’t like!) It’s good for my rights and respect as a girl that Kamala’s mom wants her to be a scientist — or maybe a doctor — because scientists and doctors are respected, “high rank”, well-paid, and culturally influential people in American society!!!! I’m all about my rights as a girl and not anyone else’s rights, these shades! 🙂 Maybe I can be more of a philanthropist again when I have enough rights and respect!!!!

Weirdly, I searched for a neutral “anti-immigration” free licensed picture to use here in Adobe Stock free images search, and the search bar asked me “did you really mean anti-immigration?” I clicked yes, and it returned a single picture which is a “No KKK” picture with one of those red circles with a diagonal red line through it to say “No” to something. WTF? I’m not KKK!!!! LOL! There are legitimate reasons to call for no immigration as a national policy, and it’s not always racist. I just explained a perfectly legitimate reason to call for no immigration in this blog post! We girls and women are 50% of the population, and it’s OK to be concerned about anti-feminist cultures arriving in Britain and America and being promoted as equally valid here, with the multiculturalism political philosophy. I believe in civic nationalism, and I’m not a Nazi. The Nazis were 100% TERRIBLE for the rights of my girls and women group.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of civic nationalism: “Civic nationalism, also known as democratic nationalism and liberal nationalism, is a form of nationalism that adheres to traditional liberal values of freedom, tolerance, equality, individual rights and is not based on ethnocentrism.”

(Generally I don’t lazily post Wikipedia’s heavily CIA-influenced consensus definitions of things, but in this case it’s like really helpful to show people that the CIA hasn’t been able to say civic nationalism is evil or whatever!!!!)

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