Went to see The Marvels. It’s awesome!!!! (And talk about food!)

So like, what has Goda been doing? After all, I am the Creatress of everything… so someone’s gotta be interested, right? 🙂

Let’s see. So I went to see The Marvels at the movie theater four times so far. At two different theaters actually! If you guessed that I enjoyed it, then you’re right!!!! It’s awesome!!!! I had so much fun viewing it — and there are a ton of scenes in the movie that had me smiling like a deliriously happy person. It’s very good.

Like, I’m not completely happy with the movie for personal reasons, and for some very specific reasons… but I don’t wanna talk about that now. The important thing is that, overall, it’s TOTALLY everything I wish for from popular culture and entertainment. Like, speaking overall it is. A seriously, seriously GOOD and AWESOME and TOTALLY AMAZING movie that it’s hard not to want to shout about from the rooftops how good it is — even if there’s some parts of it that you don’t like or whatever — speaking as a girl, specifically. Movies like The Marvels are everything I’ve been fighting to have, as a normal part of cinema and not as a rare and special thing, you know? It’s great! 🙂 At the moment I feel like it’s the best movie ever. LOL!

(Ms Marvel is my favourite thing about the movie, if anyone’s wondering!)

So yeah!

What else have I been up to? Well, doing my usual thing of creating everything that exists with my mind, since I’m Goda and everything. 🙂 At some point I might want to explain how I created all of the different parts of The Marvels with my mind — and like, what all of the different parts of the movie mean from the primary perspective of my thoughts and feelings — but I don’t wanna do that at the moment either. It’s a lot of work to do that, and I’m very focused on my all-aspects war against the mafia for my emotional safety and dignity. So like, I sooo used to love writing about how I created things like TV shows and movies, though. It was totally my passion to write all those things down on the internet, back when I used to do that at this forum called SAS.

Anyway… hopefully everyone relevant knows that my position is still the same as it was on 24th September 2023. Like, all of it is still the same. Everything I said on that shade, and everything I said leading up to that point on SAS. I thought it might be useful to make this clear.

Like, after everything I said back then — what with it seeming so final and all — I decided to concentrate on writing a more fun and free-spirited blog… because what is the point in saying the same things over and over again when I can do my best to have fun in the situation I find myself in, ya know? 🙂 Especially after I wrote up all of that information and put it at my other blog, and there wasn’t much left to say. Obviously I had other motivations for writing that stuff too — but I can’t keep going over that again and again, or it’s creepy. LOL. 🙂

I guess I’m always the pragmatist though. So that’s why I’m saying my position is still exactly the same, huh?!!!! Because, like, it is.

So like I was saying, what else have I been doing!? 🙂 I had a very good afternoon, nowshade, actually. Obviously the variety of meals I cook for myself at my home is kinda limited now… because of my all-aspects war requirement for all of my meal ingredients being locally-grown and locally-made products of small local independent businesses, paid for in person with cash at the small local independent shops. But nowshade I had some fun experimenting with adding small cubes of mature cheddar cheese to my 50/50 English-grown quinoa and English-grown lentils mix, then warming it all up together in a pan after the quinoa/lentils mix was already cooked — so that the little cheddar cubes partially melted (but not fully dissolved into liquid) to make a gorgeously delicious cheesy substitute for rice. I then ate the cheesy quinoa/lentils mix alongside English-grown broad beans that I’d warmed in a small local independent British company Indian jalfrezi curry sauce. I had some hot lime pickle with it on the plate too. With a cup of English-grown black tea with milk. (The milk was delivered to my door by a small local independent dairy, partially in reusuable glass bottles with recyclable foil tops!!!!)

So you see, people — Reign The Superheroine lives on!!!! I mean, she simply keeps existing on. Because she’s me, and I’m still doing all of this ****. LOL. I’M HERE TO HELP! >:)

“I never wanted you to see that side of me!” 🙂 That’s a line from The Marvels, haha! I guess I’m trying to like, let people know that I’m still the same Victoria, even though I’m being more honest with you all about who I am or whatever. It’s like still me who wrote all of that stuff before. I was just pretending to be British. I’m trying to stop being British. Especially trying to stop being dumb British… like a dumb Jane Austen character. Just don’t laugh at me for drinking so much tea and constantly talking about drinking tea grown in England and all of that. Because it’s not funny. Also, I like tea!

Anyway, the curry I made for my lunch was really nice. I’ve totally started liking jalfrezi — which I used to think was too hot. But I like it now! Oh… also, I know that you can totally get English-grown rice these shades — however, I’ve been using my English-grown quinoa and lentils mix instead of rice for my curries because it’s so easy for me to get these long-lasting dried foods from my local shops. It’s definitely better with some cheese, or some seasoning, though!

Speaking of cheese, I’ve been using my locally-made cheddar in larger-cut cubes in curry sauce like paneer, too!!!! You can melt mature cheddar as much or as little as you want in curries, and it works well for all sorts of different things (and tastes great). That’s something I discovered! It’s so simple but I never thought of doing it until recently.

What else is there to say? I got myself a pair of sweet berets. Very cute looking (especially on me, since I’m so hot and sexy, etc). I got one pink beret, and one black beret. It was too hard to get only the pink one because of my I AM REIGN obsession… WHICH IS TRUE. I am Reign. I’m glad I got the black one too though, because it looks nice as well. I also got a smaller black hat; like a bucket hat style sun hat, like for going to the beach or something (except I have it for walking around on the streets). I still have my big black hat though. BUT… I got one of my fresh unused ones out of my attic, so it doesn’t look all beat up anymore!!!! 🙂 I am totally doing flat shoes now too. And I feel so short. Because I am short.

I’m like so much happier now that I’m dressing in clothes that are actually my size. So much happier. I feel really good in skirts with pantyhose too. Thin leggings at the moment because it’s December — but leggings that actually fit me, instead of looking like two black leg-shaped accordions. :-/ Oh… and I got two very cute little cropped jackets for the Winter that I look great in!!!! I look so good in them with my beret, skirt, pantyhose and flats. I seriously do.

I wish I was able to find some nice black dresses, minidresses, skater style or even gothy style, like I used to have. But they don’t have anything like this at the shops in my size! 🙁 Like, nothing! Nothing at all. I’m sure I can find something eventually. 🙂

So that’s my blog post for now, people!!!! Like, YEEAAAHHH!!!! You know? Totally!!!! 🙂 Let’s do this! Like, whatever it is that we’re doing, you know? I’m ready for it. I’m ready for anything. (This is what my vibe is right now! Not on drugs though. LOL!)



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