Lesbian Laser Fest!!!!

So I just want say that you do NOT “get curry sauce in the bottom of the tea cup” after drinking Goda’s favourite brand of sweetened masala chai (which comes in powdered form). Not if you stir it properly, anyway. I.e. stir it thoroughly!!!! πŸ™‚

Also, I have NOT been talked to by my sponsors about this. As if! Seriously though… as if I have any sponsors! LOL! But like I want to clarify anyway that Goda’s favourite brand of (made in Britain!) sweetened masala chai is very good and is in no way a bad product. I’m not drinking an inferior masala chai, you know? Not for Lesbian Laser Fest!!!!

I don’t think it has any alcohol in it, does it??? Just a lot of sugar. So anyway! I’m looking forward to Lesbianlaserween — which is like, nextshade (my word for tomorrow). I don’t know if I explained all of my shade words, but I figure you can figure them out pretty easily. You don’t need me to explain them.

What you might need me to explain though, is that when Lindsay Lohan’s character says “grool” in Mean Girls, what it means is “you’re a girl, because I’m a lesbian”. And when the character agrees to the “grool” thing by repeating it back to Lindsay Lohan, it means agreeing to being a girl in the movie. I still don’t look at any of the offending scenes though. Whatever they are. I literally don’t know what happens in any of those scenes. Also, I don’t feel that I’m best represented by Lindsay Lohan. It’s just like a general complaint/direction from Goda aimed at anyone who cares about the demands of interest groups that take direct action when the pace of sociocultural progress is like too slow for them. Because I’m, like, an interest group. An interest group of one. I guess I have power and stuff. Maybe I’m important and it’s a good idea to listen to my demands I DON’T KNOW!!!!?!

So yeah. Also, when Lindsay Lohan’s character says “It’s pronounced Katie not Caddy”, this means “Katie McGrath not Mehcad Brooks, because he’s ugly and gross”. She’s acceptable to me. I don’t wanna suggest any alternatives.

Sooo… something else I need to say is that apparently that thing “towards the end of the movie” isn’t a problem anymore, so forget I said anything. I improved the movie on a second viewing, this Lesbian Laser Fest. πŸ™‚ Hopefully the rest of the movie is OK? πŸ™‚

Like I said people, it’s still Lesbian Laser Fest until the morning of November 2nd. AND IT’S LESBIANLASERWEEN NEXTSHADE!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜› Celebrate???? I’m celebrating!!! πŸ™‚

Like I said: it’s Goda’s OFFICIAL annual celebration.


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