Still celebrating Lesbian Laser Fest!!!! :P (It’s Lesbian Laser Fest until the morning of 2nd November)

Lesbian Laser Fest!!!!

I guess this post is mostly like an extended introduction to me and my values, and the things I care about, and what’s going on with me at the moment. But there’s more about Lesbian Laser Fest towards the end of the post. 🙂 Oh yeah, and I added a picture to the top of my blog, to properly celebrate Lesbian Laser Fest here during this celebratory period! It’s got lasers!!!! They’re red and pink!

So like, I got the masala chai (in powdered form, in little sachets) and it tastes, like, sooo good!!!! 🙂 I was super happy this morning looking at the boxes that the sachets come in — because they say the chai is made in Britain (with a little proud flag and everything). Also, the company that makes the chai puts two telephone numbers on the box — like, one for customers and one for little shops that want to phone the company’s sales department. It’s like the exact opposite of big corporate culture because they’re making it so easy for both the public and very small businesses to get in touch with them. Nothing like Amazon — which I never use anymore — and for which you can never find even an email address to contact the company. Amazon is like a trap for small companies that tries to lure them onto their platform/”marketplace” (away from a real marketplace with actual people to talk to), and then tries to sell its own Amazon branded versions of their products to try to extinct them after trapping them. Amazon is like evil. I am so concerned about the world going that way, like the Weyland-Yutani corporation from the Alien movies… so that’s like the basic reason why I don’t do any internet shopping anymore, and buy everything I want and need from small local independent shops, in person, paying for everything with cash! 🙂 I pay all my bills with cash too.

I am totally a decent person, making the world better. Just because I talk like this… and just because I’m a little girl (like, actually a little girl!) …it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid, or like, selfish in a bad way that’s harming the planet. And I think my selfishness is making things better in the long term, you know!? The big corporate mafia are very bad people and they have to be stopped. They are like Nazis. Corporate Nazis. You don’t wanna be in a corporate concentration camp, do you? People minimise ideas like that, talking about “Godwin’s Law” and saying that anyone who says stuff like that is an Alex Jones crazy or whatever — but I think deep down most people know it’s true that these people are THAT terrible, and they just don’t wanna believe it’s true because they don’t wanna make all the personal lifestyle changes they have to make to win a war against their evil. But I started caring about supporting small local independent businesses and stuff well before I started my all-aspects war against the mafia (because the mafia targeted me… and well, it’s a long story).

So yeah! You’re reading the blog of an actual superheroine. Like Supergirl or Captain Marvel, or whatever (I’m just using examples that most people are gonna know about). I call myself Reign The Superheroine though. I’m Goda. Like, actually Goda. The Creatress of everything — and that’s why I have superpowers (because I’m Goda). But if that’s too much for you to cope with then just think of me as a superheroine like Supergirl, I guess. I use my superpower to force the world to reflect, represent, and respond to what I’m doing, to make the world the way I want it to be. Like that’s what superheroines do, you know? They choose to do good with their superpowers, using force to do it. Forcing stuff to be better, to protect people and to stop the baddies. And obviously they gotta protect theirselves as well, if the baddies are attacking them. If that sounds scary, then you gotta remember that if you feel safe from other humans and their violent behaviour towards you that you’ve got real evidence of actually existing, then it’s because of the system of crime and punishment that you feel safe. But like, there’s a good argument that the only reason the system of crime and punishment exists in the first place is because feudal barons, kings and queens and stuff, set up courts and police and armies to try to control you and to stop you from overthrowing them. And like, they had to have a good story for why they were doing all these things to control you — so it’s like “to make things fair and to keep the public safe”. And like, then it actually had to BE mostly fair, and the public had to actually BE mostly safe, so that too many people didn’t notice the unfairness and double-standards of the system when some people became genuine threats to the feudal leaders’ rule. You don’t need to be so scared of me using my superpowers — like, using force — if you’re not scared of the system you already live in… especially since you know that the Jeffrey Epstein and Robert H Richards III and “Sir” Peter Hayman of MI6 stuff is like the real face of the people with a lot of money behind the scenes of your establishment system, who the system of crime and punishment was set up to protect. I’m way nicer than them, so you don’t have to be scared of me if you’re not scared of them. If you feel pretty safe and everything. I’m not a paedo, I’m not corrupt, and I’m not trying to take your local shops away — and I’m not trying to stop you from having access to cash money. I just have a lot of power, and I use it, to make the world the way I want it to be, which I think is gonna be a pretty nice world and I think you’re gonna like it too. But you’re just gonna have to trust me on that. Maybe it sounds like I’m saying I’m planning to take over from your rulers, but I’m not. I don’t even wanna be the leader. I just happen to be Goda… and it’s not my fault that I’m Goda… and I may as well, like, USE my power to, like, make things better!!!! Like, how do you think it’s gonna go if the way I use my power is decided by some committee of humans, with the way your world works at the moment????

Ohhh… I feel like so uncomfortable with saying all that stuff in the last paragraph, because I feel it makes me sound like such a brute or something. But I guess it had to be said, because I wanna be myself here at Vivaldi Community. LOL that sounds like I’m trying to sell something to someone. “Here at Vivaldi Community”, LOL. This seems like a great place though. I like the values I read about. I want to write a blog here that’s me being the real me, not pretending to be like a human so the world can cope with me and more easily interact with me, you know? I’m a little girl who has superpowers, and it’s real. I have absurd power and I use it. It feels like “little girl” and “power” don’t go together, but they can go together. Like, they do! 🙂

Sooo! I noticed that the “likes” got kinda out of control again, but I don’t care. I’m writing how I want to say it out loud, thinking it in my head just before I write it. Hopefully people can still take me seriously writing like this, huh????!

Anyway, basically what I was trying to explain above (with some of the stuff that I was saying) is I had to go to war against the mafia, because they wanted exclusive rights to use my superpowers for their interests only. Exactly like you might expect the corporate mafia to respond to a real superheroine existing in the world! It’s a long story though, and I’m not explaining it all now. They used to know my identity but I stopped them from knowing it, kinda like Martian Manhunter keeps Supergirl’s identity secret on the TV show using psychic powers to wipe people’s memories. I still need to make the world safe for me to be in it, though. Now I’m at war against them from a distance, with them not knowing who I am specifically. So yeah. I went to war against them at the start of 2022, by completely refusing to use supermarkets anymore and only buying things from small local independent shops, in person, paying with cash for everything (no exceptions). And also by using only grown-in-Britain and made-in-Britain products at my home. All the food and drink I consume at my home is grown in Britain now, and all the products I buy again and again for my home are made in Britain. I don’t buy anything from the internet at all. I get mobile phone credit added with cash, in person, LOL. All utilities bills, TV/internet bills, council tax bills, TV license, every single one of these things I pay for with cash, face to face with another person. I like, completely refuse to use any large company’s shops for anything except one-off purchases that I can’t find anywhere else… or for clothes shopping, because I have standards and I can’t find enough decent clothes looking only in small independent shops. And when I said “large company”, I meant like including national chain stores as being large companies — so what I mean is I only shop at small independent stores that only have shops in my area of England (preferably only a single shop in one town only), unless there’s no alternative for a one-off purchase… or unless it’s for clothes, because I’m not gonna look like a hobo or a badly dressed person.

Thankfully my dissociation about my appearance is getting less and less — so that’s been seriously helpful for me not looking like a badly dressed person.

So like, when I went to war against the Western World’s corporate mafia at the start of 2022, the rest of the world started going to war against them too. I can do other things besides taking personal economic and political choices, but it’s like, how are people gonna react to me if I do more than that if I don’t need to? I don’t wanna be fighting armies on my own, if I don’t need to be doing that, you know? I want people to like me!!!!? Also… I have fear of my own power issues, so it’s like, me trying to say that it’s “other people” doing all of these things — when I know that it’s me creating everything that happens, since I’m Goda (so like, naturally whatever I do is gonna force the world to sort of be that way, somehow).

Listen everyone… I need emotional safety and dignity, even though I’m always safe from actual harm because I’m Goda — so I gotta win my war against these gangsters so I’m gonna be OK. They picked on the wrong person and it’s their fault. Unlike everyone else, I can actually beat them on my own, so I’m gonna beat them on my own (if I have to). I already said they can just give in to me. It’s whatever it takes, however long it takes. I repeat: whatever it takes, however long it takes. You know deep down they have to be beaten anyway, because they’re so awful. I figure a balance of power, or like, let the rest of the world have their go at running things, isn’t gonna be that bad. The other sides still have to try to control everyone, and even if they completely take over responsibility for this side of the world, I doubt they’re gonna try to make places like England and America be like Russia or China or wherever. There are too many people with too many expectations of all sorts of freedoms here now — so that means administrating these areas differently behind the scenes, so that people don’t start a revolution. It might be that they can liberalise over there then too. Maybe they want to. I don’t know. I don’t care too much, even though I want them to be a lot more socially liberal — because I need to focus on getting my emotional safety and dignity, because that’s what this is all about. I mean, I do care (to be honest) but I make sure that I don’t care too much because that’s important to winning. And like, I said already that I don’t want to take over and run countries and stuff. I just want to be left alone to do my thing, with the understanding that I’m unaccountable because I’m Goda (maybe even I don’t want this, but it can’t be any other way really). And I want my token “Cosby show” stuff I explained about before, so I’m happy. Like, NOT LITERALLY COSBY SHOW. Mehcad Brooks is ugly and gross. I’m just saying so people don’t “creatively” misunderstand me again, trying to make it look to the “people in the know” like they control me or whatever. I support black people, you know? The main reason why I don’t find Mehcad Brooks attractive is because he’s a man. It’s just, it was like they said “Here’s the largest man we found. Your message said find the largest man, yeah?” No.

Anyway! The masala chai tastes amazing. If you people don’t know what it is, it’s basically like curried tea or something. Masala chai literally means mixed spices tea — and you get, like, curry sauce in the bottom of the tea cup after drinking it if you use this powdered masala chai. LOL. I’m seriously proud of myself for making the effort to celebrate Lesbian Laser Fest properly this year. Making the journey to Middlesbrough to buy some boxes of masala chai, and getting a whole bunch of all-girls animes on Blu-Ray and DVD.

I also pushed myself to view the movie Carol on Blu-Ray, because I felt it was very important that I viewed an actual lesbian movie instead of only pseudo-lesbian animes and things like that. The thing is though, I have PTSD because of my experiences, and a lot of the actual lesbian movies I’ve seen have themes of repression, oppression, and trauma. Like, especially to do with lesbian girls and women getting terrible abuse from Christianity, Judaism, and men. One movie like that stars the actress who played Regina George from Mean Girls: it’s called Disobedience, and Rachel Weisz is in it as well.

I was trying to decide which movie to view on Blu-Ray from my collection, trying to choose between Thelma (2017) and Carol. I decided to view Carol, but Thelma might have been the better choice. I’m not sure. Both of those movies have pretty traumatic themes, and Carol has a lot of Christmas stuff that I hate. I feel so much resentment about Christmas, and I hate that the movie Carol has so much Christmas stuff, but I needed to view an actual lesbian movie to feel like I was properly celebrating Lesbian Laser Fest — so I viewed it. I’m gonna view Thelma at some point as well, so I suppose it doesn’t matter which one I view first. I need to get some more lesbian movies on Blu-Ray that don’t have anything to do with Christmas or Christianity or Judaism or male violence. At least I have Booksmart on DVD, which is a feelgood teen movie (but what I want are movies that are like primarily about the lesbian relationship in the movie, like Carol, Thelma, and Disobedience — but fun and feelgood like Booksmart, instead of miserable). Mulholland Drive, which I also have on Blu-Ray, is like sombre as fuck as well… and I don’t like the ending, obviously. LOL. :/ I’m fine with art movies, or serious movies, though! As long as they’re not miserable and all about abuse, seemingly. To be honest, I wasn’t that hot on the ending of Carol because Carol’s friends seemed like Freemasons or something and I’m not into that AT ALL. I was like, has she invited her to a fucking men’s club or something? Maybe it’s supposed to be like a gay and lesbian meeting place of that era, and I just didn’t understand it until thinking about it now. I like the ending of Thelma better: the two of them walking out and proud in public, happy. 🙂

I am actually enjoying myself, LOL! The masala chai is great. Also, the movie Carol is such a beautiful movie to look at and to listen to. I always enjoy viewing it just for the soundtrack, and for the sex scene between Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett. I don’t know what they’re actually doing though!!!! It’s like “suggestive”. I think it’s too “suggestive”, honestly. It’s still good though. 🙂

Have a choice Lesbian Laser Fest, everyone out there celebrating it with me!!!! 😛

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  1. There is no truth in your words. What we see here is little more than rambling, meaningless ideas from an immature narcissist. Shorten your entries. Adopt a modicum of humility. Try to make logical sense with verifiable facts as opposed to childish gibberish. I’ve read far better things from children in the 7th grade in a Canadian school. Try again.